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Rosters Accurate as of Monday Week 3, November 2023


"The Butcher" Alexander Vasquez | Ash Campbell | Ballistic | Brett Dewes | Cameron Vessey

"Cool Hand" Casey Valentine | "The Hillbilly Hammer" Clyde Puder | "The Troubador" Floyd Reeves | "Flawless" Franklin Rush | "The Mennonite Mammoth" Jakob Yoder

"The Headhunter" Jeffery Aroma | Johnny Anderson | "Jumpin'" Johnny Needham | KC Glenn

Keith Holly | Kurt Cummo | Louis Tully| "Hawaiian Heartthrob" Luis Cummo |

Matty Faith | "The Evolution" Primus Allen | R.W. Vega| "Whole Lotta Lovin'" Ralph Liotta | "The Cornerstone" Riley McManus

"The Boss" Ross Henry | Sgt. Bison | "The Supreme Star" Spencer Spade| Torment

Moloch | The Acolyte | Barrage | Gabriel Shaw | "The Juice" OJ Morris

"The Latin Sensation" Leon Pena | Bret Heartbreak | Rick Law | "The Red Bear" Král | "Hollywood" Bret Starr [On Loan]


Alicia Strong | Amber Allen | "The Franchise" Brooke Tyler | "The Queen of Hearts" Danielle Sweetheart | Jaime Quine

"Red Hot" Laura Flame | Maria Guest | "Country Made" Pearl Flanders | Selina Svelte | "The Mistress of the Backbreaker" Talia Quinzel

Teresa Newton | Alina America | Queen Amazon | Zoe Ammis | Steph Blake

Nadia Snow| Lauren Easter


Bowen Services - Lisa Bowen, Spencer Spade, Ash Campbell, Cameron Vessey, Casey Valentine, Franklin Rush, Alicia Strong
The Devil’s Rejects - Keith Holly, Johnny Anderson, Brett Dewes, Louis Tully, & February Malaise
American Muscle - Ballistic & Barrage
The Cummos - Kurt & Luis Cummo
C-V-2 - Cameron Vessey & Casey Valentine
The Diaz Cousins - Logan & James Diaz
The Heartbreak Express - Johnny Needham & Ralph Liotta
Ladies Night - Danielle Sweetheart & Maria Guest
Georgia Bulldogs - Riley McManus & KC Glenn
Homegrown - Clyde Puder & Jakob Yoder
Shadaloo - Sgt. Bison & R.W. Vega
The Uprising - Talia Quinzel & Selina Svelte


Father Grim, manager of Torment

February Malaise, manager of The Devil’s Rejects

Lisa Bowen, manager of Bowen Services

OFF TV [Injury, Vacation, Etc.]
Harriet Blais -- Injured.

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