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Okay... So I did it... I employed the Cheat Code for the 'Hidden Feature' in TEW2016... This isn't common knowledge, so I will post a spoiler to what happened in white... I've wanted to play it for a long time, but was always too scared in-case it affected the company I was playing as!! But thank goodness it didn't!! Crazy scenario, in white below:


The Hidden Feature is...

A Plane Crash!!

A HUGE Plane Crash!!

It claimed the lives of THIRTY SEVEN employees of one of the biggest companies in the game world: TCW!! The ONLY surviving members of their roster are: Dazzling Dave Diamond, Flying Jimmy Foxx, Guillotine, New signing Philippe LaGrenier, and Vita!! The list of names of those who died is unbelievable... It reads as follows:

Skull DeBones (AKA Vengeance)
Killer Shark
Marc Speed
Eric Eisen (made an appearance at the DeColt Wrestle Festival last year)
Troy Tornado
Johnny Bloodstone (Former NOTBPW employee)
Elmo Benson
Primus Allen
Greg Black
Nate Johnson (DeColts smirk)
Mighty Mo
Freddy Huggins (Edd Stone's best mate)
Harvey Robbinfield
Brent Hill
Blonde Bombshell
Frankie Dee
Bradley Esch (rookie year in the business)
Jasmine Saunders
Bart Biggins
Kyle Rhodes
Darryl Devine
Kashmir Singh
Ray Johnson
Eric Tyler
Matt Hocking
Tigre Salvaje Jr.
Robert Oxford
Tana The Mighty
Charles Hapstander
Warlord Pain
Justin Sensitive
Chance Fortune
Shawn Doakes
and Rudy Valasquez

Sad times!! TCW will now require a new owner, and a new booker... and then they can get to work attempting to rebuild their roster!!

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