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Show Rating: 92

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'The Saviour of Wrestling' Jonathan Faust

We began this edition of NOTBPW Championship Wrestling with NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt in the ring, alongside his Brother Jack DeColt, and his Son Logan DeColt... Alex had a microphone, and spoke to his upcoming opponents at Winter War (Steve DeColt, Ricky DeColt, Dan DaLay and Robin DaLay)... He said that picking a team for the WAR was easy... Jack signed up... Logan signed up... without even being asked... Alex then knew this was a fight that he HAD to win himself, so he put himself on the team too... And then the fourth man came to him... 'The Mind' didn't have to search for someone... He didn't have to 'bury the hatchet' with someone, and forge a friendship...

Alex DeColt: “Because let's face it... Dan DaLay... and Steve DeColt... Do NOT like each other... They're from two different worlds...!! Steve... Steve is like me... He's from ROYALTY!! Whereas Dan... He's a pig... Grew up on a farm... He smells... and he eats... and he eats... and he damn well eats... Those two are different... All we need... is someone to drive a wedge between them... and ladies and gentlemen... I GIVE YOU THAT WEDGE!!”

Alex DeColt introduced POISON as 'The Riddler'... He told the NOTBPW fans that he and POISON are NOT friends... But they have a mutual respect for one another... And they also have a mutual enemy: 'The Outsider' Steve DeColt... Last week, POISON controlled Steve for the second time, and Alex loved what he saw!! His control of Steve allowed James Hernandez to beat down Angry Gilmore!! This of course peed off Gilmore... and tonight, he's demanded a match with POISON for the attack... Gilmore will get his hands on Hernandez at Winter War, but in tonight's Main Event, Gilmore and POISON will go 1 on 1...

Bad Reputation [vs] The Ring Generals [vs] The Mavericks [vs] Primed For Progress (c)

This elimination match was chaos from start to finish. All four teams did well, but somehow Primed For Progress managed to convince The Mavericks to join their side, and help them win. John Maverick and Julian Watson took bullets for Cameron Vessey and Christian Price, and it lead to the elimination of Bad Reputation, who were the shock first team to go! From then on, it was like a 4 on 2 handicap match against The Ring Generals. Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler managed to get rid of The Mavericks when Waldorf hit his 'Waldorf Salad Toss' finisher on Maverick. But it wasn't long after that that Christian Price put Waldorf down with the 'Stud Stopper' while Vessey had Statler held back on the outside of the ring!

Winners: and STILL NOTBPW Tag Team Champions: Primed For Progress
Rating: 74
Finish: 'Stud Stopper' Stunner

A big win and another Title defence for Primed For Progress... In the back, the tag team known as 'Mayhem' were shown watching the action on a TV monitor... Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant shook their heads at what they were seeing on the screen, and said that they should have been in the Tag Team Title Match tonight... They deserve it... they've earned it... and next week, they're going to PROVE it... Aldous told Mutant that it's time to take a stand... and get people talking... Next week, they lay all their cards out on the line...!!


We saw a clip next of some of the action from last week... Number One Contender for the Canadian Title: 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews was in the ring, signing a contract and an insurance waver for his NO COUNT OUT match against Gargantuan at Winter War...!! 'The Monster' then headed to the ring, and Andrews removed his shirt... revealing some heavily taped ribs, injured during their last encounter back at Nirvana In November... The taped ribs was like red rag to a bull, and Gargantuan soon exacerbated Andrews' injuries... The Main Event of Winter War was thrown into doubt, but it seems now that Andrews will be fully fit to compete... However, to 'even the odds' somewhat, Gargantuan is in action tonight... Taking on a former rival of his: 'Cut Throat' Trent Shaffer!!

Mark 'The Anvil' Griffin [vs] 'The Man Beast' Akima Brave

It's been an interesting few weeks for Akima Brave. He lost a closely fought battle against Donte Dunn a few weeks ago, but followed the impressive performance up with a win over Dunn's tag team partner: Erik Strong. He then won again tonight, defeating the youngster Mark Griffin in relatively quick fashion. Brave's 'Samoan Suplex' is a devastating move, and nobody can kick out of it!

Winner: 'The Man Beast' Akima Brave
Rating: 59
Finish: 'Samoan Suplex' (Jackhammer)

Speaking of Donte Dunn and Erik Strong, Dunn was backstage with interviewer Katie Cameron, following Akima Brave's victory... Dunn told Katie that he was impressed by Akima Brave's win here tonight, and his win over Erik Strong last week... But he is NOT impressed by Strong!! 'The Shooting Star' has been Shooting himself in the foot lately, and now finds himself on the same team as the Coast To Coast Connection at Winter War... The CTC are making a lot of enemies around NOTBPW at the moment, and now Strong seems to be a sympathiser... Even though, as Katie Cameron pointed out, Strong was chosen to be their partner by Alex DeColt...

Donte Dunn: “I don' care who put him in dis position... Da fact is... He's now in MY way, at Winta Waaaar... And if Strong... Or any o' those CTC guys steps to me... I will give dem summa dat Sunny Daze!! Nighty night... See ya!! Yu know whadda mean Katie...?!”

The Natural and Solomon Gold walked up once 'The Barbadian Barbarian' had finished his promo, and said they were happy to have Donte Dunn on their team come Winter War... Along with Sonny Wildside, The Natural thinks they have the best team heading into their match... and they might go down as one of the best teams in the HISTORY of NOTBPW!! The Natural believed that in years to come, the three youngsters he gets to team with will be considered three of the best of all time... and with his 28 years of in-ring experience (that's longer than ANY of his tag team partners have been alive), they're a real force to be reckoned with...

Ernest Youngman & Wade Orson [vs] Edd Stone & Tim Westybrook

This match was fun to watch, with some interesting dynamics in the ranks of both teams. Edd Stone is the leader of 'The Animals'. He formed the group, and he bossed 'The Enforcer' Tim Westybrook around throughout this contest. On the other team, it's clear that Ernest Youngman still doesn't quite trust Wade Orson. He didn't pick him for his team at Nirvana In November, but did for Winter War. They weren't fully on the same page here tonight, but at Winter War, if they can get their act together, along with The Ring Generals, they could be a formidable unit! For the finish, Orson was put down by Tim Westybrook's 'TNT Whirlwind' (Deep Six).

Winners: Edd Stone & Tim Westybrook
Rating: 79
Finish: 'TNT Whirlwind' (Deep Six)

Backstage, Steve DeColt was sat in the dressing room, coughing and spluttering a little, as his cough continues to trouble him... In walked Angry Gilmore, who was... well... Angry!! Gilmore asked what the hell happened last week, when Steve DeColt had the chance to stop POISON and James Hernandez attacking him, and he didn't!! The veteran DeColt brother could barely get his words out at first, as he continued to cough loudly... Eventually, he said he was sorry... he said he doesn't understand what happened... and he thinks the cough and POISON being able to control him are linked in some way... He just can't quite put his finger on how?!

Steve DeColt: “Thing is... I already know how I'm going to make it up to you... You have a match with POISON tonight... I'd bet a million dollars (Canadian), that James Hernandez has a plan to jump you again... and when he does... I'll be there to stop him!! I've got your back man...!!”

'Cut Throat' Trent Shaffer [vs] 'The Monster' Gargantuan

Trent Shaffer was out for revenge here. The last time he fought Gargantuan 1 on 1 in the ring, 'The Monster' injured him, and he spent over four months rehabilitating an injury caused by Gargantuan's 'Ultimate Backbreaker'. Shaffer had some success early on, going after Gargantuan's knees, and trying to keep him on the back foot. But it didn't last long. Shaffer suffered the same fate as he did all the way back in April, and was pinned following the 'Ultimate Backbreaker'. No injury this time though!

Winner: 'The Monster' Gargantuan
Rating: 73
Finish: 'Ultimate Backbreaker' (Military Press Drop onto Knee)

In the back, 'The Shooting Star' Erik Strong was talking 'at' the Coast To Coast Connection... Strong said he'd heard what The Natural and Donte Dunn had said earlier in the show... That their team could go down in history as the best ever... Well, he wants HIS team to be considered for that same accolade... He said that if the CTC listen to HIM, they'll win the match, and cement their legacies... But Sayeed Ali cut him off... He asked why they should listen to him... Strong said he'd been here in NOTBPW a lot longer than they had, but he soon stopped gobbing off when Ali stood up... 'The East Side Assassin' laughed at Strong's comments, and told him to just shut up, and listen at Winter War...

'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside [vs] 'Gentleman' Lord James King

Sonny Wildside and Lord James King don't have the best chemistry as opponents, but it was still a fun match here. King was in control against the NOTBPW Television Champion for a while, but he soon found out why Wildside is having the biggest year of his young career. 'The Man Without Fear' battled back into it, and used his high-speed offence to good effect. King kept resorting to trying to grab his brass knuckles, but Wildside wouldn't allow it. A springboard flying kick then put King down, and he could have been pinned there and then. Wildside dragged him to the corner turnbuckle, and then delivered his 'Fear Factor'!

Winner: 'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside
Rating: 58
Finish: 'Fear Factor' (Moonsault Stomp)

We took a look at The Montero Brothers: Gino Montero and Luis Montero Jr. next... Ever since they debuted in NOTBPW four months ago, Los Monteros have always claimed to be a strong, cohesive, unit... They've claimed that they're the strongest family in wrestling... Their bond is stronger than The Stones... The DeColts... The DaLays... The Vesseys... everyone... But General Manager Alex DeColt is challenging all of that... Alex wants the Brothers to FIGHT 1 on 1... He tried to get them to fight last week, but they refused... Now, at Winter War, their match will be a Loser is Fired Match!! If they refuse to fight again, they will BOTH be fired!!

Angry Gilmore [vs] 'The Riddler' POISON

It's an interesting few weeks for the two men in this match. Both have had a lot of successes in the ring, but both have also made enemies. But Angry Gilmore and POISON absolutely tore the house down in this Main Event! They competed in a brawl out there, and left it all in the ring! Gilmore was in control at the beginning, but POISON soon used underhanded tactics to gain the advantage. He shoved Gilmore into the referee, and was then able to use fingers in Gilmore's eyes! From then on, POISON looked like the only man who could win the match. He tied Gilmore up in knots, and kept him on the back foot, but he couldn't gain that all important pin fall or submission! In the end, with the backing of the fans, Gilmore somehow fought back into it. The building erupted, and Gilmore fed off their enthusiasm. He was able to tackle POISON to the mat late on, and mount him. Gilmore delivered punches and forearms, and as POISON covered up, Gilmore was able to hook an arm and lock in 'Anger Management'!

Winner: Angry Gilmore
Rating: 97
Finish: 'Anger Management' (Arm Bar)

After the match, POISON, who had tapped out to 'Anger Management' (Arm Bar) grabbed Angry Gilmore's legs, and tried to take the fan favourite down!! He had a hold of both of Gilmore's legs when 'Mainstream' James Hernandez slid into the ring behind Gilmore!! As Gilmore turned around, Hernandez hit his trademark 'Apparition #14' Spear!! Gilmore was almost cut in half by the move... POISON still had a hold of his ankles, and Gilmore's landing looked rough... Hernandez's arrival prompted 'The Outsider' Steve DeColt to keep his promise from earlier in the show...!!

Coughing and spluttering all the way to the ring, Steve DeColt ran out, and slid in there with a vertical again POISON, and a fired up James Hernandez!! Despite looking ill, Steve swung for the fences, and began hitting people with right handed bombs!! Both men hit the deck following the big punches, and Steve looked like the dominant DeColt Brother that he is... But as DeColt focused on helping Angry Gilmore to his feet, he didn't see POISON pull something out of his pocket... As DeColt approached 'The Riddler', he BLEW green dust into DeColt's face again!! Steve DeColt didn't know what to do... Temporarily blinded, he swung punches again and again, until he landed one... Knocking Angry Gilmore BACK down with a right hand!!

Primed For Progress [def.] The Mavericks, The Ring Generals & Bad Reputation
to RETAIN the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles
Akima Brave [def.] Mark Griffin
Edd Stone & Tim Westybrook [def.] Ernest Youngman & Wade Orson
Gargantuan [def.] Trent Shaffer
Sonny Wildside [def.] Lord James King
Angry Gilmore [def.] POISON

SWF held their 'Christmas Clash' 2017 show just a couple of nights before NOTBPW put on 'Winter War' 2018... They scored a very good 91 for the show, but it was a bunch of 4 vs 4 matches... Completely pointless... Anyway, Winter War features three incredibly important 4 vs 4 matches!!!

A couple of interesting mid-card signings to tell you about this week... After 21CW disbanded, a number of their talented roster members have been out of work... Rolling Johnny Stones is the latest to sign a contract, and he's followed Phillip Cooper to CGC in Canada!! Meanwhile, heading out of CGC and to TCW, will be the talented man from Quebec: Philippe LaGrenier!!

In slightly more Main Event level news, TCW Star Joshua Taylor has jumped ship to USPW!! Their roster is impressive!!

The next post is a BIG one guys... A real 'game changer' of an in-game event that just happened... It's HUGE!!

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