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Show Rating: 89

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'The Saviour of Wrestling' Jonathan Faust

We kicked off the first December episode of NOTBPW Championship Wrestling with Gino Montero and Luis Montero Jr. in the ring, for their scheduled 1 on 1 match, in which the loser would be FIRED from North of the Border Pro Wrestling!! Alex DeColt made the match due to Los Monteros' treatment of Alex's son Logan DeColt, but Logan was the antagonist in this story... Many believe that Logan acted like a punk, and got what he deserved... Gino and Luis circled each other in the ring for a moment, as the referee stood waiting for them to lock up... but Gino grabbed a microphone instead of fighting his older Brother...

Gino Montero: “Nooo... Stop this... There HAS to be another way... I love my Brother... and I wouldn't fight him... He loves me, and wouldn't fight me... Alex DeColt... There HAS to be a better way...”

It didn't take long for a furious Alex DeColt to march to the ring, and he brought out HIS brother Jack DeColt, and Alex's son Logan DeColt... 'The Mind' said that the Montero Brothers have done enough damage to his Family in recent weeks, and should be suitably punished... So if they don't want to fight 1 on1 tonight, that's fine... BUT... at Winter War, they WILL fight 1 on 1... The loser will be FIRED from NOTBPW... If at Winter War, the Montero Brothers decide to hijack the show, and not fight, like they did tonight... they will BOTH be fired!!

Alex DeColt's actions and words brought Dan DaLay, Derek Frost, Robin DaLay, and strangely Steve DeColt and Ricky DeColt onto the stage!! Dan DaLay had a microphone, and told Alex that what he was doing was just plain wrong... He shouldn't be allowed to decide the fate of wrestlers... Alex has fired and treated guys like Harrison Hash... and going back further, Johnny Bloodstone... Jared Johnson... Even DaLay and his son Robin, and friend Derek Frost terribly... According to DaLay, it's about time someone stood up to the tyrant and put a stop to his dictatorship... Steve DeColt then took the microphone... Looking a little worse for ware, and sounding a little ill...

Steve DeColt: “Yeah... And I... will be the man to stop you!! Along with The DaLays... and my Brother Ricky... We're going to put a stop to it all Alex...!! We're going to put a stop to ALL of it... House DaLay, and House DeColt will RULE over NOTBPW!! At Winter War, you're going to put together a team... To face Dan DaLay... Robin DaLay... Ricky DeColt... and ME!!”

'The Young Gun' Ricky DeColt [vs] 'The Animal' Edd Stone

A historic match here, and a first time ever 1 on 1 meeting between the two youngest Brothers of their respective legendary wrestling families. Ricky DeColt and Edd Stone are similar performers in many ways, and they seemed to have done their research on one another. Both men seemed to know a counter to the other's moves, and it made for a compelling match. However, Edd Stone went for a low blow late on, and Ricky blocked it by grabbing Edd's arm and pulling it up behind 'The Animal's' back! Ricky spun Edd around, and then unleashed his 'DeColt .45' Super Kick! Edd's chin knew no counter to getting kicked hard, and 'The Young Gun' was able to pick up the win.

Winner: 'The Young Gun' Ricky DeColt
Rating: 76
Finish: 'DeColt .45' Super Kick

'The Hillbilly Heartthrob' Solomon Gold [vs] 'Rapid' Ross Henry w/ Lenny Brown & Sayeed Ali

Solomon Gold was out for revenge here, after Ross Henry clipped his tag team partner and mentor The Natural last week, potentially taking him OUT of the Winter War 4 on 4 Match! The Coast To Coast Connection continued to make an impact here tonight, with the numbers game over Gold. The 290lb Ross Henry won it with a Running Powerslam after 8 minutes!

Winner: 'Rapid' Ross Henry w/ Lenny Brown & Sayeed Ali
Rating: 58
Finish: 'Earthquake Powerslam' (Running Powerslam)

Erik Strong headed to the ring next, ready to prove that his former tag team partner Donte Dunn was a 'flash in the pan'... a 'flavour of the month'... The Coast To Coast Connection passed Strong on the ramp, but as the 'leader' Sayeed Ali walked past, the 31 year old put his hand on Strong's chest, stopping him in his tracks... Strong gulped... He just wanted to fight and beat Akima Brave – the man Dunn beat last week... But Ali had something to say to him ahead of his match...

Sayeed Ali: “Last week... We told Alex DeColt to choose a partner for us for Winter War... and he's chosen... YOU!! Now... We're not happy about it... but he's informed us that the other team (Solomon Gold, The Natural and Sonny Wildside) have picked your old buddy Donte (Dunn)... So... good luck in your match tonight... but come Winter War... Stay the hell out of our way!!”

'The Shooting Star' Erik Strong [vs] 'The Man Beast' Akima Brave

Erik Strong thinks that Donte Dunn's recent run of form is a fluke, and that he could emulate it, so he challenged Dunn's most recent opponent to a match here, and regretted it almost immediately! Akima Brave wasn't going to be a 'stepping stone' or a 'pawn' for anyone, and 'The Man Beast' proved it with a dominant display here. He finally put Strong away on 7 minutes with a big 'Samoan Suplex'! Strong barely mustered any offence whatsoever!

Winner: 'The Man Beast' Akima Brave
Rating: 72
Finish: 'Samoan Suplex'


Next up, we learned that next week we're going to have a Four-Corners Match for the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles!! The Champions: Primed For Progress (Cameron Vessey & Christian Price), will defend their Gold against Bad Reputation (Dan DaLay and Derek Frost)... The Ring Generals (Dean Waldorf & Marv Statler)... and The Mavericks (John Maverick & Julian Watson)!! Primed For Progress' Championships have never been in more jeopardy... Especially since that Title defence will be just three nights before their Winter War Battle alongside Tim Westybrook and Edd Stone, battling The Ring Generals, Ernest Youngman and a fourth member!!

'The Assassin of the Squared Circle' Ernest Youngman [vs] 'The Living Legend' Bryan Vessey w/ Tim Westybrook

Speaking of Ernest Youngman, he was in action next, taking on one of the men he attacked last week! Youngman slammed into Bryan Vessey during a fight on the stage, and sent the veteran flying off it and onto some backstage equipment. Vessey was furious about it, and called Youngman out for a fight tonight. However, Youngman has been on an incredible run of form, and it continued tonight. With Vessey still injured from last week, he was easy pickings for the 265lb technician. For the finish, Vessey staggered into 'The Hit', and was slammed into the ropes!

Winner: 'The Assassin of the Squared Circle' Ernest Youngman
Rating: 82
Finish: 'The Hit' (Pounce)

After the match, Ernest Youngman escaped an attempted attack from 'The Enforcer' Tim Westybrook... 'The Assassin of the Squared Circle' then grabbed a microphone, and told Westybrook and Bryan Vessey that they're going to want to hear what he had to say... At Winter War, he has chosen a partner for their 4 on 4 War Match... This time, he's chosen a man who hates Edd Stone and 'The Animals' as much as he does... 'Awesome' Wade Orson!! Orson's feud with Cameron Vessey and Christian Price looks set to continue beyond Winter War!!

'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside (c) [vs] 'Shooter' Sean Deeley

This match was 'Shooter' Sean Deeley's last as a NOTBPW employee. His three year stay with the company is over, after receiving multiple better offers at the end of his contract. Sonny Wildside and Sean Deeley have fought 1 on 1 THREE times before this, with Deeley winning every single time. But since this was Deeley's final NOTBPW appearance, Wildside finally got a win against his long-time rival. Deeley attempted a super-German Suplex, but Wildside elbowed him in the face and he fell back hard! Wildside then set himself on the top rope, and hit his 'Fear Factor' to the delight of the fans!!

Winner: and STILL NOTBPW Television Champion: 'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside
Rating: 85
Finish: 'Fear Factor' (Moonsault Stomp)

In the ring next, we got 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews, ready to sign his contract and insurance waver for his match at Winter War against 'The Monster' Gargantuan... Andrews gave Gargantuan a real test at Nirvana In November, but the undefeated NOTBPW Canadian Champion used an unlikely tactic when he attempted to win the match by count out over and over again... He finally hit his challenger with the 'Ultimate Backbreaker' and then kicked Andrews out of the ring, and DID win by count out... Tonight, Andrews was out in the ring to sign paperwork for a NO COUNT OUT Match for the Title at Winter War... But Alex DeColt also wants him to sign an insurance waver... because a match with Gargantuan that doesn't stay inside the ring, could be fatal for Andrews' career... After Andrews signed the contracts, Gargantuan made his presence felt...!!

Aaron Andrews got ready for a fight, and took off his black shirt... Many people believe that small changes can make a huge difference to events... The 'Butterfly Effect', can be huge for a wrestler's career, even if the catalyst seems like a small one... It might not have seemed like it, but Andrews removing his shirt could have been the biggest mistake of his career!! Time will tell if that's true, but when his shirt came off, he revealed white bandages surrounding his ribs and mid-section... Still feeling the effects of his clash with Gargantuan at Nirvana In November... The white bandages were like red rag to a bull... Gargantuan hit the ring, and went straight after Andrews' mid-section with a huge spear!! 'The Monster' overpowered 'The Ace' for a few moments, and then decided to use the table that was in the ring... He picked Andrews up by his throat, and hit a double choke bomb THROUGH the table!!

Angry Gilmore & Steve DeColt [vs] James Hernandez & POISON

All four of these men could be competing in the NOTBPW Main Events for the next few years. Arguably all in their prime, the two teams set about trying to forge some chemistry as partners in order to control the pace of the match. Unfortunately for James Hernandez and POISON, they had zero chemistry out there, and it showed every time they attempted to tag in and out, and/or take control of one of their opponents with a double-team move. The cocky Hernandez and the downright strange POISON just couldn't get along! On the other side of the ring, a tag team based on mutual respect seemed to get along very well indeed. It was clear that Angry Gilmore had Steve DeColt's back against POISON, and he didn't allow any harm to come to the legendary DeColt Brother. But 'The Outsider' looked a little worse for wear out there. Perhaps struggling with a cold, or the flu, DeColt looked a little rough around the edges towards the end of the match. Noticing this, and not wanting it to get in the way, Gilmore took charge, and ended up winning the match for his team with his 'Anger Management' Arm Bar, making POISON tap out!

Winner: Angry Gilmore & Steve DeColt
Rating: 92
Finish: 'Anger Management' (Arm Bar)

The match was over, and the show was coming to an end... it looked for all the world like nothing else was going to go down, until POISON slid back into the ring, and took Angry Gilmore down at the knees!! Steve DeColt began to step in to make the save, but POISON knelt with his hand outstretched, and the veteran DeColt Brother stood there transfixed... Unable to move and help Gilmore!! His head lolled forwards, almost in a trance like gaze!! James Hernandez saw his opening, and burst into action, delivering his 'Apparition #14' Spear to his rival Angry Gilmore, before exiting stage left, unable to process what he was seeing go down in the ring... It didn't last long... Steve DeColt snapped out of his gaze, and POISON followed Hernandez out of the ring... 'The Outsider' helped Gilmore to his feet, but Gilmore pushed DeColt back, and there was a lot of tension between the two fan favourites to end the show!!

Before we went off the air though, POISON pulled out a large piece of paper, and began to write a letter on it with a thick, black, Sharpie... The letter was an 'E'... Adding to the J, I, and M, he's already given to Steve DeColt in recent weeks... Nobody knows what the letters represent for now... The last time he did this, he was asking for a match and spelled out the word: ANARCHY, and he got a match against Steve DeColt at NOTBPW: Anarchy back in October... J, I, M and E don't seem to mean anything at the moment, but it's certain that more will be revealed in the coming weeks...

Ricky DeColt [def.] Edd Stone
Ross Henry [def.] Solomon Gold
Akima Brave [def.] Erik Strong
Ernest Youngman [def.] Bryan Vessey
Sonny Wildside [def.] Sean Deeley
Steve DeColt & Angry Gilmore [def.] POISON & James Hernandez

Since their surprising climb back up to being a National sized company, TCW have been on a bit of a hiring spree... They've signed: 'The Sensational' Kashmir Singh... Frankie Dee... Tigre Salvaje Jr and Flying Jimmy Foxx... with more names expected in the coming weeks!!

After weeks of contract negotiations, former NOTBPW star 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh has signed for USPW, and will make an appearance at their next show!!

Edd Stone has signed a new five year deal with NOTBPW this week!! His 12 month contract was coming to an end, so we swooped to make a big offer... We needed to, as Stone was also contacted by the company we signed him from: TCW... as well as SWF AND USPW!! All three American companies made him offers that he considered... In the end, it came down to NOTBPW and SWF... But Stone decided to stay, despite me deciding not to improve our offer when SWF did and he said he was still considering it!! A huge show of respect to his Family, in what has been a period of transition for the Canadian company... For those wondering why Ricky DeColt versus Edd Stone was a 'nothing' match, with no build up, or meaning, it's because I genuinely thought I wasn't going to be able to keep Edd!! I'd offered him an incredible deal, and he's now my fourth highest paid star (behind Steve, Jack and Aaron Andrews). I offered him all kinds of bonuses, and also FIVE years! But he was STILL considering a deal from SWF. I thought if he leaves, at least I did the Ricky versus Edd match once! But he's staying now, so don't expect this to be their only meeting...

Well done to Satyr for 7/7 for that show!! Impressive... for an Australian!

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