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Thank you so much for all your predictions and comments. No time to get to them all now, but here's the next show...


Show Rating: 93

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'The Saviour of Wrestling' Jonathan Faust

'The Ace' Aaron Andrews kicked off the show by walking gingerly out to the ring... The fan favourite had a great showing against 'The Monster' Gargantuan at Nirvana In November, and came within a whisker of defeating the undefeated NOTBPW Canadian Champion... However, Gargantuan employed a good, sound, strategy after the two men collided heads early on... 'The Monster' decided to keep kicking Andrews out of the ring, in order to regain his composure, and attempt a count out victory... When Gargantuan finally hit his unstoppable 'Ultimate Backbreaker' finisher, he still kicked Andrews out under the bottom rope and won the match via count out...

Aaron Andrews: “Count Out... I fought the undefeated, unstoppable, Gargantuan, and I lost by... Count Out...?! That's something I didn't see coming... I knew my back would hurt after the match, and for a few days after... and that didn't disappoint... But to lose, by Count Out...?! And as an intentional strategy from 'The Monster'...?! Something doesn't feel right... and I'm not talking about my back... See I think... Gargantuan KNEW he couldn't beat me... I think... He KNEW I was a threat... So I want one more shot!! I want Gargantuan at Winter War... In a NO COUNT OUT Match!!”

'The Barbadian Barbarian' Donte Dunn [vs] 'The Man Beast' Akima Brave

Another impressive performance by the rising star that is Donte Dunn. He's now won five out of his last six matches, and looks like he's going to end 2017 on a roll! As for Akima Brave, he's now been beaten twice by Dunn, but the big Samoan looked good out there at times. He was dominant for most of the match really, but that 'Sunny Daze' spinning back fist hits you so hard, it doesn't matter who you are! Nobody kicks out of it!

Winner: 'The Barbadian Barbarian' Donte Dunn
Rating: 69
Finish: 'Sunny Daze' (Spinning Back Fist)

Backstage, Erik Strong was watching the action, when Timothy Weightman walked up for an interview... Weightman asked Strong about his relationship with his friend Donte Dunn, and whether it was stretched at all due to Dunn's success as a singles star, and the tag team's failings as a duo... Strong reacted negatively to the line of questioning... He said that Dunn had blamed HIM for the losses and failings together... but it was all Dunn's fault... Strong said that Dunn needs to look at himself, and stop pointing the finger...

Erik Strong: “Just because Dunn has won, like, TWO matches... Who does he think he is...?! He thinks he's something special, well I'll prove he's NOT special, when I take on the man he beat tonight: Akima Brave... here NEXT WEEK!!”

Elsewhere backstage, NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt was in his office, when 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews, who had been asked to come by the office by Alex, came in... Andrews asked why Alex wanted to see him, and 'The Mind' said that he heard what Andrews had to say earlier tonight... He said that he's enjoying being back in his normal role, and not beating up Dan DaLay any more... That ship has sailed, and that job is done... But his main job, is to make matches and put cards together... He agreed that Gargantuan's Count Out victory at Nirvana In November was lame... but at Winter War, things will be different...

Alex DeColt: “I am willing to give you your re-match Aaron... In a NO COUNT OUT Match... Providing you understand what you're asking for... That means the fight can go anywhere... You could spend 10 minutes on the outside of the ring, with 'The Monster' throwing you around... I want you to think it through... and then next week, I want you to sign a contract... AND an insurance waver... I'll see you in the ring next week...”

Local Enhancement Talents [vs] Mayhem (Aldous Blackfriar & Mutant)

Aldous Blackfriar was in charge of Mutant here, and he ordered his heavyweight bodyguard around. Mutant toyed with the two local enhancement talents as if they were children, and he threw the much smaller men around. An impressive moment came when 'The King of the Wasteland' picked both of his opponents up onto his shoulders, and delivered a Samoan Drop to them both! He then tagged Aldous in, who kicked one guy out of the ring, and locked the other in his 'Batwing' finisher!

Winners: Mayhem (Aldous Blackfriar & Mutant)
Rating: 71
Finish: 'Batwing' (Crossface Chickenwing)

Backstage, Steve DeColt and Ricky DeColt were talking about Ricky's match against POISON at Nirvana In November... After the match, POISON seemed to have some kind of hold over Steve DeColt, and the veteran was seemingly unable to help Ricky, and stop POISON bouncing a chair off his brother's back!! Steve didn't know how POISON did it, but he was convinced that it had something to do with the green dust that POISON blew into Steve's face... Ricky agreed that it must have been the dust, and said that he trusts his older brother more than he trusts anyone else in the world... Just then, the two DeColt brothers were joined by some unlikely friends...

Dan DaLay, Derek Frost and Robin DaLay walked into the room, and everyone got a little bit tense... But Dan DaLay broke the tension, by saying that he trusts Steve DeColt too... He respects both Ricky and Steve, and wanted them to know that... DaLay then asked if Steve and Ricky had any opinion on Logan DeColt, the latest addition to 'House DeColt'... They didn't... Steve and Ricky said they are staying out of it all, because Alex DeColt is a dangerous man, who can be vindictive... and they don't want to cross their Brother... Dan said he understood, but that he wants to put something by Steve and Ricky... and they were keen to listen... But we cut away before we could find out what that something was...

With Sayeed Ali's identity revealed, the New Yorker was called out to the ring by The American Blondes... Ali headed out, followed by the two other members of the Coast To Coast Connection!! The Natural challenged Ali to a 1 on 1 match, and if Natural wins, Ali's CTC friends will reveal their identity to the world... Natural then said that at Winter War, they should have a 4 on 4 WAR (Elimination Match)... Natural and Gold already have Sonny Wildside keen to join up on their side, and a fourth man shouldn't bee too hard to find!! As for the Coast To Coast Connection, it's clear they haven't made any friends since they arrived... so they could struggle to find a fourth man...

w/ w/
The Natural w/ Solomon Gold [vs] Sayeed Ali w/ The Coast To Coast Connection

A good debut for Sayeed Ali here, as he's finally signed for a major promotion after over a decade of hard work on the independents. The 31 year old was determined to make up for lost time, and he brawled with his veteran opponent. The Natural was a little bit too focused on The CTC at ringside, who were a constant threat, and in the end, he didn't see Ali's Uppercut Palm Strike coming. He certainly didn't kick out of the resulting pin!

Winner: Sayeed Ali w/ The Coast To Coast Connection
Rating: 66
Finish: 'Uppercut Palm Strike'

After the match, Solomon Gold ensured the Coast To Coast Connection couldn't put the boots to his mentor, and Sayeed Ali decided that on this occasion, they would let The American Blondes escape without a beating... Ali grabbed a microphone, and from the stage he said that he and his team don't NEED a fourth partner... But that Alex DeColt could 'assign' them one... He said that The Natural... Solomon Gold... and even the NOTBPW Television Champion Sonny Wildside don't stand a chance... How can they prepare for the CTC, when they don't even know what the other two members are capable of... they don't even know WHO they are... Suddenly, Sonny Wildside popped up behind the group, and whipped the two remaining masked CTC members' masks off!!

Their identity revealed, the two remaining Coast To Coast Connection members were furious, but Sonny Wildside had disappeared through the curtain before they even knew what was happening!! Sayeed Ali calmed his troops down, as the announce team asked questions about his fellow new arrivals... Who were they? Why were they here? Well, to answer the first question, they are 'Rapid' Ross Henry, a former football player who won titles in 2011 and 2012with the Colorado Rapids, but then had to retire in 2014 due to injury... AND 'Bad Bad' Lenny Brown... a youngster from Hollywood California who has a good all-round game... Both men are young, and will be looking to sit under the 'learning tree' of Sayeed Ali!!

NOTBPW Tag Team Champions: Cameron Vessey and Christian Price headed to the ring next, and called out their rival 'Awesome' Wade Orson!! The young Brit came out onto the stage, but he told Vessey and Price that he would STAY on the stage... A few weeks ago, Orson felt disrespected by Primed For Progress, and threw their bags in the trash... Vessey and Price got revenge, when they tipped white paint into Orson's bag... Orson then took it a step further... setting Vessey and Price's bags on FIRE!! Orson soon realised what was happening here tonight, and he found himself surrounded by Edd Stone, Tim Westybrook and Bryan Vessey!! But he soon got some help too!!

Ernest Youngman, Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler hit the stage, and they began by shoving Bryan Vessey OFF the stage!! The veteran hit the floor hard, and was in clear pain as the fight continued... By the time Primed For Progress made it to the stage, Edd Stone and Tim Westybrook were down and in trouble too... Cameron Vessey and Christian Price stopped short of the stage, and backed away, deciding it was better to live to fight another day... They hopped the guard rail and escaped through the crowd as Wade Orson thanked 'The Shooters' for their help...

Gino Montero w/ Luis Montero Jr. [vs] Logan DeColt

Gino Montero and his Brother Luis Montero Jr. have been furious with Logan DeColt's actions in recent weeks, and so Alex DeColt granted Gino this chance to battle Logan 1 on 1 for the very first time. They've met in tag team action before, but tonight Gino was able to get his hands on Logan! The Mexican star put his young opponent away with his brilliant 'Destiny Explosion'.

Winner: Gino Montero w/ Luis Montero Jr.
Rating: 72
Finish: 'Destiny Explosion' (Canadian Destroyer)

After the match, NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt headed to the ring, and told Gino Montero and Luis Montero to stay right where they were... Alex told the Brothers that they have attacked and hurt his son Logan DeColt for the LAST time... He also said that NOTBPW has no room for new families... So next week... Gino Montero and Luis Montero Jr. will go 1 on 1... and the LOSER... Must LEAVE the company, and go back to Mexico!! Gino and Luis didn't know what to do with themselves, as Alex picked Logan up, and helped him to the back... The two brothers seemed to agree to not fight!!

'Cut Throat' Trent Shaffer [vs] 'Mainstream' James Hernandez

A co-Main Event to remember here, as Trent Shaffer came so close to defeating the angry James Hernandez here. 'Mr. Cut Throat' was furious with the referee at one point, as he believed the count was a three, but the referee said Hernandez kicked out at two! Shaffer just couldn't let it go, and it cost him in the end. He berated the referee again late on, and then turned around and walked onto the 'Apparition #14' Spear. No complaints about his shoulders being down for three. The referee could have counted to ten and he wouldn't have kicked out!

Winner: 'Mainstream' James Hernandez
Rating: 77
Finish: 'Apparition #14' Spear

After the match was over, 'Mainstream' James Hernandez grabbed a microphone so he could address what happened at Nirvana In November between him and Angry Gilmore... Hernandez said that Gilmore ruined EVERYTHING... He completely ruined his plan... The plan was, for Hernandez to not get into a match at Nirvana In November, but to prepare for a fight against Gargantuan... Then come out after 'The Monster' had had a gruelling battle with 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews... Gargantuan would accept the challenge to have a SECOND match in the same night, and Hernandez would put him away!! But Gilmore arrived on the scene, and put a stop to his plans...

James Hernandez: “Right now... I... should be NOTBPW Canadian Champion!! I get it Gilmore... You should be too, and if it wasn't for Danny Cavanagh, you would be... and that's why you beat him in a career versus career match, and blah blah blah... I want to get rid of you too... But I can think of a worse punishment than losing and leaving... I will KEEP you here, and make you watch me become NOTBPW Canadian Champion...!! At Winter War... We will fight 1 on 1... The winner gets the next shot at whomever is Champ... And the loser, must sit front and centre to watch the match!!”

'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside [vs] 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt

If Jack DeColt is every looking for an apprentice to take under his wing, he should look no further than Sonny Wildside. Both men are wild, and they brawl in similar ways to one another. Arguably, Wildside prefers to avoid brawls if he can, and relies on his quickness and flashiness. But he couldn't avoid it here, as Jack showed his brutal side at times. Sonny Wildside stood up to Jack though, and showed his potential with a truly fantastic performance. 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt gained a lot of respect for 'The Man Without Fear' for the way he didn't back down, and he took a beating! For the finish, Sonny attempted but missed his 'Fear Factor' Moonsault Stomp, and landed awkwardly as Jack rolled out of the way. Sonny took a couple of moments to compose himself, but then ran in and got hooked and planted by Jack's 'End Of Days' finisher!

Winner: 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt
Rating: 98 (4th best match of all time, and best match that had a non-DeColt in!)
Finish: 'End Of Days' (Baron Corbin's finisher)

As soon as the match was over, 'The East Side Assassin' Sayeed Ali, 'Bad Bad' Lenny Brown and 'Rapid' Ross Henry – the group known as the Coast To Coast Connection - headed to the ring, and surrounded the fallen Sonny Wildside for his part in revealing their identity to the world last week, and tonight...!! Jack DeColt decided that he'd like another fight, and he stood alongside Wildside, and got ready for a 3 on 2 brawl!! However, Wildside and Jack soon got some back-up, in the form of two of Wildside's Winter War tag team partners: The Natural and Solomon Gold!!

The Natural and Solomon Gold's arrivals scared the Coast To Coast Connection away, and they and Sonny Wildside thanked Jack DeColt for agreeing to stand and fight alongside him... Jack left the ring, and the three fan favourites soaked in the applause and adulation... As they exited the ring though, The Natural was clipped from behind by 'Rapid' Ross Henry, who delivered a devastating chop block which sent the veteran sprawling!! Solomon Gold and Sonny Wildside came to The Natural's aid, helping up onto one foot, and then carried him to the back...!! A brilliant move by the CTC to clip Natural there!! His appearance at Winter War could be in doubt after that one!!

Donte Dunn [def.] Akima Brave
Mayhem [def.] Local Enhancement Talents
Sayeed Ali [def.] The Natural
Gino Montero [def.] Logan DeColt
James Hernandez [def.] Trent Shaffer
Jack DeColt [def.] Sonny Wildside

BHOTWG have signed up NOTBPW target Bear Bekowski... It is believed that NOTBPW never actually offered Bear a contract, they were just keeping an eye on the former RIPW and SWF employee... After spending the entirety of 2016 on the main roster with SWF, he was released in January 2017... Since then, he's made appearances for NYCW, OLLIE, and more regularly for CGC... He's a big loss for the second biggest Canadian company as he now heads off to Japan!

TCW have risen back up to National Size! Despite a rough 6 months, losing star after star, the US company has risen back up to National, and will now go on a 'spending spree'... Their first order of business, was to offer a contract to now former NOTBPW star 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh! TCW will face stiff competition for the big man's services though, as SWF and USPW have both made him offers...

Another NOTBPW star could be the subject of a bidding war, as it was revealed that Edd Stone's 12 month contract is up for renewal... Rumour has it, he's had the same three American companies offer him a deal... The difference between Stone and Cavanagh is that NOTBPW HAVE offered Stone the chance to renew and stay with his family's company...

Stolen an idea from a diary writer and board member named jesterx7769 . His House Of Stone NOTBPW Diary was fun while it lasted, and I LOVED the graphics in there. He used wrestler pics/gimmicks/catchphrases and nicknames to create what I call 'banners' to break up the segments. I'll be using some of these going forward.

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