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Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'The Saviour of Wrestling' Jonathan Faust

We kicked off the first Championship Wrestling of November 2017 with a pre-taped interview from earlier in the day, with 'The Young Gun' Ricky DeColt... The youngest DeColt Brother said that he is furious with POISON for his post-match assault on his Brother Steve DeColt at Anarchy from this past Saturday night... Ricky said that he's COMING to Championship Wrestling tonight... and he's going to meet POISON in the ring for the first time since they both signed for NOTBPW!! That's our Main Event tonight, but we have a stacked card to get through first... beginning with Donte Dunn and Erik Strong... Dunn is currently on a two match undefeated 'streak'...

Donte Dunn & Erik Strong [vs] The Mavericks (John Maverick & Julian Watson)

Donte Dunn was very concerned a few times that Erik Strong would cost him his very short undefeated streak tonight, and he had to take matters into his own hands late on. He tagged himself into the match, and hit his 'Sunny Daze' finisher on Julian Watson, which Strong didn't seem too happy about.

Winners: Donte Dunn & Erik Strong
Rating: 69
Finish: 'Sunny Daze' (Spinning Back Fist)

Donte Dunn and Erik Strong had their hands raised in Dunn's third victory in a row... Strong looked happier than Dunn did, and seemed to suggest that HE had won three in a row now... Angry Gilmore passed the fan favourites on the ramp, as he stomped to the ring... Gilmore, who was handcuffed to the ropes in the Six-Way Match at Anarchy this past Saturday and couldn't break the final pin up, was furious with the man who cuffed him: 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh... and he grabbed a microphone to call the big man out for not being able to stop him legally...

Angry Gilmore: “Cavanagh... You had to tie be to the ropes to stop me... and fair play... It worked... You stopped me... You stopped me being able to break up the pin, when Gargantuan lifted you in the air, and dropped you on your back, across his knee!! But tieing me to the ropes turned me from 'Angry' Gilmore... to 'REALLY ANGRY' Gilmore!! So Cav... Get out here, and FIGHT ME!!”

It didn't take long for 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh to arrive on the stage, and he mocked 'Really Angry Gilmore'... He told the fan favourite that he wouldn't come to the ring to fight Gilmore tonight, because Cav only has eyes for ONE man when it comes to singles action, and we all know who that is, 'The Monster' Gargantuan... He did say however, that he would give Gilmore what he wants, in a 1 on 1 match at Nirvana in November... IF... it gets Gilmore off his back... Then it dawned on Cavanagh that he could suggest a match stipulation that would do just that... and he challenged Gilmore to put his CAREER on the line!! Cav dropped his microphone, and walked to the back...

The next match was scheduled to be Harrison Hash's final match in NOTBPW... He headed out to the ring first, and as a reward for his tenure with the company, he's been given the opportunity to CHOOSE his final opponent... Or so he thought... Alex DeColt joined him from the stage, and told Hash that there was no way that HE was going to choose his final opponent... 'The Mind' said that Hash would probably choose someone like Wade Orson... but he has some bad news for Hash... Orson already has a match tonight... Against 'The Monster' Gargantuan...!!

Alex DeColt: “I decide who gets the opportunities around here... And the man who'll face you in your final match... will be my SON... Logan DeColt!! But this isn't a 'nepotism' thing... Logan is incredibly talented... And uhh... Hash... I'll be watching closely... To make sure you don't go, 'easy' on him...”

'All Business' Harrison Hash [vs] Logan DeColt w/ Alex DeColt

Harrison Hash taught Logan DeColt a lesson tonight, and outwrestled the young son of Alex DeColt. Hash tied Logan up in knots, and truly was 'All Business'. However, the veteran seemed to have a point to prove, and he kept some of his focus on Alex at ringside. Late on, Alex climbed on the apron and got in Hash's face. Alex then punched Hash, and the referee didn't know what to do! Alex told him that if he disqualified Logan, he would lose his job. Hash tried to retaliate, but Alex jumped down and out of the way! This allowed Logan to blast Hash from behind! He then hoisted Hash up, and dropped him with his Father's finishing move: The 'DeColt Driver'!

Winner: Logan DeColt w/ Alex DeColt
Rating: 64
Finish: 'DeColt Driver' (Brainbuster)

Absolute chaos ensued following Logan DeColt's big victory... First, Dan DaLay, Derek Frost and Robin DaLay came to the ring in support of Harrison Hash... Dan DaLay wanted to kill Alex DeColt, but he and Logan left the ring and stood on the outside... Then out of nowhere, Gino Montero and Luis Montero Jr. arrived through the crowd and clocked Logan from behind... Alex tried to help, but Dan DaLay climbed out of the ring and Alex was run off... He could only watch as his son Logan was beaten up by an angry Gino and Luis, who were angry with Logan for feigning an injury during a tag team match one week ago... Dan DaLay, Derek Frost and Robin DaLay then attacked The Montero Brothers!! Allowing Logan to escape!! Referees and Officials came to the ring to end the brawl...

So Harrison Hash is done in NOTBPW... We cut backstage, where was saw Hash's friend Wade Orson watching the action on a TV monitor... When the NOTBPW Tag Team Champions: Primed For Progress walked up... We've seen tension between these three in the past, and tonight was no different... Cameron Vessey and Christian Price said that Wade Orson is a very talented performer, but now that his 'only friend' Harrison Hash is gone, he's all alone... Vessey and Price said that success in NOTBPW, is all about friendships... hence why the two members of 'The Animals' are the NOTBPW Tag Team Champions!!

Cameron Vessey: “But hey... Like we said before... You could carry our bags if you like? They're getting real heavy with all this GOLD around... Could do with the help... We'd uh... Pay you back, by helping you win matches and stuff... Might even put in a good word with Edd (Stone) for ya... Whadya say old chum?!”

Wade Orson wasn't impressed with Cameron Vessey's comments... He got in Vessey's face, and then did the same to Christian Price, before walking away with his fists balled... Primed For Progress had a point though... They're the most decorated tag team of 2017, holding the Titles on THREE separate occasions... They are also the only team to make a successful Title defence, as the other teams to hold the Gold were: Thrill Seeker and Jacob Jett (Jett is now injured)... The Natural and Owen Love (Love is on the shelf)... Edd Stone and Duane Stone (Edd turned on Duane when they were handed the Belts)... and Dan DaLay and Derek Frost (have a LOT on their plates)...

'Awesome' Wade Orson [vs] 'The Monster' Gargantuan

An excellent match here, but Wade Orson was fired up by what had just happened backstage involving the NOTBPW Tag Team Champions: Primed For Progress. This was not the night for Orson to have an off day. When you're in the ring with Gargantuan, you can't take your eye off of 'The Monster', and Orson found that out the hard way. He was put away in under 8 minutes by the 'Ultimate Backbreaker'. A dominant display by Gargantuan against the 270lb Brit.

Winner: 'The Monster' Gargantuan
Rating: 75
Finish: 'Ultimate Backbreaker'

After the match, of all people, 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews strolled to the ring, and wasn't afraid of getting in there to join Gargantuan... Andrews stepped up to 'The Monster', and despite giving away almost a foot in height, Andrews did not look intimidated... 'The Ace' had a microphone with him, and he slowly drew it to his mouth... He told Gargantuan that Nirvana In November was HIS time... It was HIS turn, for a 1 on 1 chance, for the NOTBPW Canadian Title... 'The Ace' versus 'The Monster'... Andrews versus Gargantuan... For the first ever time... Gargantuan nodded, and seemed to accept the challenge, but he left the ring without further incident...

Sporting a slightly new look, 'The Assassin of the Squared Circle' Ernest Youngman headed to the ring... He was angry about what Bryan Vessey did to The Ring Generals at Anarchy, and he wanted to fight Bryan Vessey 1 on 1... Vessey headed onto the stage with 'The Enforcer' Tim Westybrook and told Youngman that NO... He won't fight Youngman tonight... 'The Living Legend' said that his first singles match in NOTBPW is not going to be wasted on someone like Youngman... Instead, at Nirvana In November, Bryan Vessey will take on Sonny Wildside for the NOTBPW Television Title!! And tonight... Youngman can go 1 on 1 with 'The Enforcer'!!

'The Assassin of the Squared Circle' Ernest Youngman [vs] 'The Enforcer' Tim Westybrook w/ Bryan Vessey

Incredible work from Ernest Youngman in this match, as the 24 year old continues to improve and impress in the ring. Tim Westybrook knows exactly what he's doing though, and as soon as he was able to knock Youngman down with a big boot, he never really looked in danger of losing the match. Youngman tried a number of impressive and unique roll ups, but he couldn't pick up the win. In the end, Youngman walked onto Westybrook's 'TNT Whirlwind' finisher, and was pinned.

Winner: 'The Enforcer' Tim Westybrook w/ Bryan Vessey
Rating: 84
Finish: 'TNT Whirlwind' (Deep Six)

After the match was over, Tim Westybrook and Bryan Vessey arrogantly stood over the fallen Ernest Youngman, and they began to look like they might take things further with a post-match attack... However, Youngman's friends The Ring Generals (Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler) ran out to the ring, and sent Westybrook and Vessey running... Waldorf and Statler then asked for microphones... They said they were bitterly disappointed to not win the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles at Anarchy... But from now on, they've got Ernest Youngman's back... From now on, they are a 'Team Of Three'... There's no more Sean Deeley... But they want a match, with as many 'Animals' as Edd Stone can find!!

The American Blondes (The Natural & Solomon Gold) [vs] Mayhem (Aldous Blackfriar & Mutant)

Sporting a new look tonight, with a mullet haircut, Solomon Gold put in perhaps his best individual performance tonight. He's been involved in some fantastic matches of late, but tonight was the first time he stood out individually. The problem was, he stood out the most for a bump he took on the outside of the ring. Clotheslined by the imposing Mutant, Gold did a backflip and landed hard on his face. His arm caught the ring steps though, and he was done for the night. Mutant then softened The Natural up enough for Aldous Blackfriar to lock in his 'Batwing' finisher!

Winners: Mayhem (Aldous Blackfriar & Mutant)
Rating: 75
Finish: 'Batwing' (Crossface Chickenwing)

Just like at Anarchy, newcomers the 'Coast To Coast Connection' hit the ring as a group of three, and tonight, they went after The American Blondes... The Natural had just tapped out, and Solomon Gold had just injured his arm pretty badly, so they didn't put up much of a fight... Mayhem decided to leave, at the request of Aldous Blackfriar... Sonny Wildside and Trent Shaffer were attacked after their singles match at Anarchy, and neither of them are here tonight... After tonight's attack from the CTC, the older looking one (guy in the middle), grabbed a microphone... He spoke with a hard, deep, and muffled voice, due to the face mask he and his group were wearing... He once again delivered the speech in a thick New York accent!

Middle Guy: “WE... are the 'COAST, TO COAST, CONNECTION'... and WE... ARE... HERE!!! Trent Shaffer... Sonny Wildside... The Natural... Solomon, Gold... They've all been taken out by the CTC Connection... Who's next...?! Whoever we want, to be next!!”

The man known only as POISON headed to the ring for our Main Event, shortly followed by 'The Young Gun' Ricky DeColt!! POISON stepped out of the ring when the fired up Ricky got in though, and the man who speaks in riddles and rhymes grabbed a microphone... He said: “Unfortunately tonight, POISON can't fight... Ricky must learn, when it's his turn... In the Main Event, Ricky's time will be spent... Fighting none other, than his Brother!”... POISON pointed to the stage, and Ricky's Brother Jack DeColt's music hit... 'The Wild Man' headed to the ring to face Ricky 1 on 1 for only the third time since they both signed for NOTBPW...

'The Young Gun' Ricky DeColt [vs] 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt w/ POISON

Having spent almost all of 2016 as a tag team, Ricky DeColt and Jack DeColt know each other very well. Never mind the fact that they are brothers, and grew up in the same household. Tonight, Ricky was so fired up that it could have been anyone in there against him, and they would have struggled. He paid a lot of attention to POISON at ringside though, and failed to keep his eye on his Brother Jack at times. Ricky allowed the brawler to get on top of him at one point, and it looked like there would be no way back. The 'Wild Man' wanted to beat some sense into Ricky, but also prove that he is the top active DeColt Brother in the company. However, late on Ricky would find himself back in control, and as he lined Jack up for the 'DeColt .45' Super Kick, he was the favourite to win it! This prompted POISON to hop up onto the apron and deliver his 'Green Mist' to Ricky, blinding the 33 year old, and causing the disqualification!!

Winner: 'The Young Gun' Ricky DeColt
Rating: 93
Finish: Disqualification

Jack DeColt paid no mind to what was happening after the match... He just left POISON to it, and the veteran decided he was going to have some fun with the blinded Ricky DeColt... POISON dodged and ducked as Ricky swung wildly at him, and the maniacal POISON just laughed and attempted to goad Ricky into punching him... Eventually, POISON had had his fun, and he kicked Ricky hard in the gut... The shot he didn't see coming, and he was hurt... POISON then hit a piledriver on the DeColt Brother, leaving him laying as the show came to a close... Before we went off the air though, POISON grabbed two letters, written on post-it note sized pieces of paper... He showed them to the crowd, and it was a 'J' and an 'M'... He then stuffed the letters in Ricky's mouth!! The announce team thought they'd seen the last of the cryptic messages, but it looks like POISON has started again... Steve DeColt will be back on NOTBPW Television next week...!!

Donte Dunn & Erik Strong [def.] The Mavericks
Logan DeColt [def.] Harrison Hash
Gargantuan [def.] Wade Orson
Tim Westybrook [def.] Ernest Youngman
Mayhem [def.] The American Blondes
Ricky DeColt [def.] Jack DeColt by disqualification

Titan Factory Alumni 'American Made' Bob Jones has been offered a contract by FREEDOM Caribbean Wrestling... it's thought that the former American Powerlifter will debut with FCW in the coming weeks...

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