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Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'The Saviour of Wrestling' Jonathan Faust

'Shooter' Sean Deeley acted like a bully for much of this match, kicking and throwing Ernest Youngman all over the ring. He treated Youngman like a piece of garbage that didn't deserve to be in the same ring as him. Even though Youngman beat him one month ago on Championship Wrestling! Deeley was booed out of the building for his actions, but he didn't seem to care much for most of the match. All he cared about, was picking up the win, in dominant fashion, and for a long time, it looked like he would. However, as the crowd began to really get behind Youngman, their chants began to affect Deeley. The experienced fighter took his eyes off of Youngman, and he was caught by a 'Drive By' (shining wizard)! Youngman fell into the cover, but only managed a two count. Youngman followed up with a couple of suplexes, including a Dragon Suplex and a Half Nelson suplex, but Deeley was able to hit a German Suplex of his own, and things settled down into a slower pace. They exchanged strikes to the face, with cheers and boos as the backing track. For the finish, Youngman somehow managed to blast Deeley with his 'The Hit' finisher, and pick up the biggest win of his career!

Winner: 'The Assassin of the Squared Circle' Ernest Youngman
Rating: 78
Finish: 'The Hit' (Pounce)

After the match, 'Shooter' Sean Deeley was treated by medical personnel at ringside... His left leg was giving him some pain, as the announce team encouraged us to watch a replay of how the injury could have happened... We saw 'The Hit' from Youngman, and saw how Deeley landed awkwardly in the step before he was smashed into by Youngman... With his leg planted awkwardly, it looks like an ankle injury... He was helped to the back after the replays aired, and then this symbol (which represented NOTBPW: Anarchy) was shown on the big screen:

Backstage, 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh was taping his fists and preparing for his match tonight, where he will be one of six competitors in the Main Event, for the NOTBPW Canadian Title!! 'The Animal' Edd Stone and 'The Enforcer' Tim Westybrook walked in, and Cavanagh got his back up a little... Stone and Westybrook said that in tonight's Six-Way Match, they believe that Angry Gilmore, Aaron Andrews and Ricky DeColt will be teaming up... On Championship Wrestling earlier this week, Ricky attempted to get the other two on board, but they declined... Similarly, Danny Cavanagh declined, or rather, refused, Stone and Westybrook's request tonight...

Danny Cavanagh: “Why the hell should I team with YOU?! The last time I was teamed with Tim Westybrook, he stabbed me in the back... and I'm smarter than to allow you to do it again... Angry Gilmore said he's gonna get his hands on me... But he won't get a chance... I'll break his back, and then go after the man I, want to get my hands on... GARGANTUAN!!”

This match was well on it's way to being the best match on the card, and eventually stealing the show. Sonny Wildside was his usual energetic and flashy self, putting in a shift against 'Cut Throat' Trent Shaffer. Wildside and Shaffer showed great chemistry, and both delivered some fast-paced and exciting, aggressive, offence. However, the Anarchy symbol showed on the big screen again while Shaffer was on the outside of the ring, and Wildside was considering a dive through the ropes. However, this one was slightly different.

Winner: and STILL NOTBPW Television Champion: 'No Fear' Sonny Wildside
Rating: 80
Finish: Disqualification

The group known as 'The Coast To Coast Connection' arrived in NOTBPW!! We saw a promo for them last week on NOTBPW Championship Wrestling, and now they're HERE, live at Anarchy!! They strolled to the ring, and surrounded Sonny Wildside inside it... One by one, they flew into the ring, and took Wildside down, with a tackle... The largest man of the three (the one on the left) did most of the damage, and he also saw off Trent Shaffer as he attempted to help Sonny Wildside out... The one in the middle seemed to be the leader of the group, and he ordered the other two to hit powerbombs on both Wildside and Shaffer... He the grabbed a microphone... and had a very simple message, for the NOTBPW Locker Room... which he delivered in a scratchy New York accent, through his mask, which made it muffled and deep...

Middle Guy: “WE... are the 'COAST, TO COAST, CONNECTION'... and WE... ARE... HERE!!!”

Backstage, Ernest Youngman was loading his bags into his car, when The Ring Generals arrived at the arena... His former fellow 'Shooters' were here to battle for the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles later tonight, against Primed For Progress, and Youngman didn't hesitate to wish his friends luck, and tell them he hopes they win... Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler echoed the sentiment, as they explained that they were watching the opening contest from their hotel room (presumably, a short distance from the arena), and they were glad to see Youngman stick it to Sean Deeley... Youngman said he'd be watching The Ring Generals versus Cameron Vessey and Christian Price later tonight...

Jack DeColt ordered Logan DeColt to stay on the apron for this match, and he did just that. 'The Wild Man' thought he could take Dan DaLay and Derek Frost out himself, and he seemed worried that Logan would be a little conflicted when it comes to beating up his Uncle Dan and friend Derek. Jack did all of the hard work out there, and allowed Logan to watch as he took Dan DaLay apart! Eventually though, after Derek Frost was knocked flying off the apron by Jack, Dan DaLay delivered his 'DaLay Down' headbutt!! Both Dan DaLay and Jack DeColt were down, and both needed a tag. DaLay had no one in his corner, and Jack didn't want to take the risk of tagging Logan DeColt in, but he had to! Logan stepped through the ropes, as Dan DaLay rose to his feet. For all of Jack's fears and trepidation, it was DaLay who looked the most conflicted. Once he knew he had an opening, Logan DeColt didn't hesitate. He kicked DaLay in the gut, and then somehow hoisted the 320lber up in the air, to deliver his Father's finishing move: The 'DeColt Driver'!! Logan slowly fell into the cover, and picked up the win!!

Winners: Jack DeColt and Logan DeColt
Rating: 82
Finish: 'DeColt Driver' (Brainbuster)

Logan DeColt spent the entire match on the apron, only tagging in to score the win for his team... It was eerily similar to when he tagged with James Hernandez this past week on Championship Wrestling, however in THAT match, Logan did all the hard work, and Hernandez spent the entire bout on the apron, until the finish... At the end, the non-legal man, Logan, feigned an injury which stopped Gino Montero and Luis Montero Jr. from attacking him... His fake injury caused Hernandez to pick up the win, and as a result, Luis Montero Jr. is now banned from ringside for the next match... Gino Montero arrived for his match next, and scowled at Logan DeColt as they passed on the ramp... Luckily for Logan, Jack DeColt was with him, and the young son of Alex DeColt cowered behind his Uncle Jack...

Gino Montero is really finding his stride in NOTBPW, and he looks like a megastar in the ring. Whether it's on his own, or in tag team action alongside his brother Luis Montero Jr., he is up for the challenge! However, speaking of megastars, 'Mainstream' James Hernandez was stood across the ring from Gino tonight, and he provides a challenge for everyone he steps in the ring with. Hernandez's win/loss record in 2017 is fantastic, and is only bettered by the undefeated 'Monster' Gargantuan. For this match, Gino Montero didn't seem to have an answer for Hernandez's offence. He was slow but deliberate with his strikes and kicks. Montero's endurance levels are excellent though, and he was able to fight back into the match late on. For the finish Montero leapfrogged TWO 'Apparition #14' attempts, but on the third go around, Hernandez landed it flush, and nearly cut Gino in half. Hernandez took his time, because Gino was never going to kick out of that!

Winner: 'Mainstream' James Hernandez
Rating: 76
Finish: 'Apparition #14' Spear

Gino Montero will feel a little unlucky that his first pay-per-view match was against 'Mainstream' James Hernandez... He will also feel hard done by that his brother Luis Montero Jr. wasn't at ringside to give him some much needed moral support... However, all of this can come back to what Logan DeColt did to Gino and Luis during their tag team match this past week... Logan faked an injury, which caused Gino and Luis to take him lightly... But Logan wasn't the legal man, and Hernandez took full advantage to pick up the win, and ensure that Gino versus Hernandez was a 1 on 1 match, with nobody at ringside...

This was a very closely fought Championship Match between arguably the two top (non-injured) tag teams in NOTBPW. The Ring Generals are still trying to shake the label of 'Sean Deeley's Lackeys', but they are great in-ring performers. However, standing in their way tonight were the ultra talented Primed For Progress. Cameron Vessey and Christian Price don't always need help from their fellow 'Animals', but they almost always use it. Tonight, Cameron had his Uncle Bryan Vessey at ringside, and despite staying quiet for most of the match, he was instrumental in the deciding moments at the end. He delivered a brutal roundhouse kick to Dean Waldorf's face behind the referee's back, which caused Marv Statler to try to chase him off. Cameron Vessey capitalised on Statler's anger by clocking him with a clothesline on the outside of the ring, and Statler landed hard. Christian Price then hit his 'Stud Stopper' Stunner on Waldorf, and the 'Deadly' performer had no one to help him.

Winners: and STILL NOTBPW Tag Team Champions: Primed For Progress
Rating: 79
Finish: 'Stud Stopper' Stunner

NOTBPW Canadian Champion Gargantuan was shown watching the action on a monitor next, when 'The Animal' Edd Stone and 'The Enforcer' Tim Westybrook walked in... Gargantuan got on the defensive, but Stone told 'The Monster' to stay calm... Stone and Westybrook were clearly there to try and recruit Gargantuan to their cause for the Six-Man Main Event... They tried it earlier with Danny Cavanagh, and were turned down... But 'The Monster' didn't turn them down... He just exploded in a fit of rage!! He grabbed Tim Westybrook by the side of his head, and slammed him into a wall... Edd Stone just ran... He got out of there as quickly as he could... The leader of 'The Animals' got away without being hurt, but it looks as though 'The Enforcer' won't be an issue come the Main Event...

A short co-Main Event here, but some very unique action. POISON was in control for a while, using his quickness to stay out of Steve DeColt's grasp. He even had DeColt in his 'Antidote Web' submission finisher at one point, but 'The Outsider' was too close to the ropes! Around half way through the match, POISON decided he didn't want to fight Steve DeColt any more, and knelt down in the middle of the ring with his arms outstretched. Steve DeColt didn't waste time, he just shrugged and then kicked POISON in the face! From then on, DeColt was dominant, and POISON hit hardly any offence at all. For the finish, POISON missed a lariat, and was punished by being slammed into the corner! POISON then staggered back, and was blasted in the face with the 'DeColt Stampede'.

Winner: 'The Outsider' Steve DeColt
Rating: 75
Finish: 'DeColt Stampede' (Big Boot)

The announce team spoke about 'The Outsider' Steve DeColt's win, and suggested that he'll look to move past POISON now, and get back into the hunt for the NOTBPW Canadian Title... They reminded us that the veteran DeColt Brother has stayed away from the Alex DeColt/Logan DeColt/DaLay Family feud that's been happening all around him, and their thoughts were that that will continue... However, they didn't see POISON grab a steel chair as Steve DeColt strolled up the ramp... POISON chased him to the stage, and then battered him over the back with the chair!! POISON continued the attack, hitting DeColt no fewer than eight times before referees and officials pulled POISON away...

This match was chaotic from start to finish. With six men in the match, it was always going to be that way, but five of them were hell-bent on Gargantuan's destruction, and decided to work together to begin with, in order to achieve this. However, after just a couple of minutes of working together, Edd Stone wanted to take out Aaron Andrews, and as soon as that happened, Angry Gilmore went after Danny Cavanagh! This left Ricky DeColt to try to fight Gargantuan on his own, a fact he pointed out might happen on Championship Wrestling this past week. Gargantuan had been beaten down for a few minutes at this point, but Ricky DeColt was no match for 'The Monster' once he got to his feet. He slammed the youngest DeColt Brother into the mat, and then went after Aaron Andrews. Edd Stone managed to escape from Gargantuan though, just like he did earlier on in the show. But it was Angry Gilmore who took Gargantuan down, and locked him in the 'Anger Management' Arm Bar!! The crowd begged for Gargantuan to tap out, as Gilmore wrenched back and tried to get the hold in tighter, but Danny Cavanagh broke the hold up, and stomped over and over again on Gilmore's face and chest!

Angry Gilmore came incredibly close to winning the match, and he left Gargantuan down and holding his shoulder as the fight continued between the other five men. Danny Cavanagh knew he had to take Gilmore out, and he pounded his rival into the mat with clubbing fists and brutal stomps. Edd Stone decided that the only way to stop Aaron Andrews, was to handcuff him to the ring post!! Ricky DeColt saw what was happening, and he made sure it didn't. Stone and DeColt brawled all the way up the ramp, while Danny Cavanagh slid out of the ring to grab the cuffs!! He used them to tie Angry Gilmore to the bottom rope, and he left his rival dangling from both arms outside the ring!! Aaron Andrews was able to hit a flying cross body on Gargantuan next, and he scored a close fall on 'The Monster', before he was thrown out of the ring by 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh, and he landed hard as he crashed into the crowd barrier! With the ring clear, Cav then finally got his chance 1 on 1 against Gargantuan, and he charged at 'The Monster'!! However, Gargantuan scooped him up, and dropped him with a Double Chokeslam!! Gargantuan then hit his 'Ultimate Backbreaker', and retained his NOTBPW Canadian Championship!!

Winner: and STILL NOTBPW Canadian Champion: 'The Monster' Gargantuan
Rating: 90
Finish: 'Ultimate Backbreaker' (Military Press Drop onto Knee)

Five men tried tonight, and a number of others have tried since Gargantuan got his vice-like grip on the NOTBPW Canadian Title, but nobody has been able to rip it from his grasp... The question now needs to be asked, who CAN take the Title from the undefeated 'Monster'...?! The entire Main Event scene has tried, and failed, and Gargantuan is actually undefeated in over 20 months since he signed with North Of The Border Pro Wrestling!! Can anyone stop him...?! Can anyone counter, or kick out of the 'Ultimate Backbreaker'...?! The announce team told us to tune in to Championship Wrestling this week, as the Angry Gilmore/Danny Cavanagh feud is sure to continue after Cav handcuffed Gilmore to the ropes!!

Ernest Youngman [def.] Sean Deeley
Sonny Wildside [def.] Trent Shaffer
to RETAIN the NOTBPW Television Title
Logan DeColt & Jack DeColt [def.] Bad Reputation
James Hernandez [def.] Gino Montero
Primed For Progress [def.] The Ring Generals
to RETAIN the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles
Steve DeColt [def.] POISON
Gargantuan [def.] Aaron Andrews, Angry Gilmore, Ricky DeColt, Danny Cavanagh & Edd Stone
to RETAIN the NOTBPW Canadian Title

1). Which match will be Match of the Night?: Main Event 6-Way Match
2). What will the final rating of the show be?: 88
3). Which match will be interrupted by new arrivals?: Wildside versus Shaffer
4). How many Titles will change hands?: NONE

In NOTBPW contract news, this Wednesday WILL be Harrison Hash's final appearance for the company... Hugh Ancrie is also out of contract in a few weeks, and he won't be offered a new deal... The slightly bigger news is that 'Shooter' Sean Deeley will now miss 28 days of action following a calf injury sustained in his loss to Ernest Youngman... He only has 2 months and 1 week left on his contract, and is said to be less than impressed with both Youngman for injuring him, and management for allowing him to lose to someone he perceives as 'lesser' in Youngman!! Finally, Injured NOTBPW star Owen Love has become the subject of a 'bidding war' between NOTBPW, who want to keep him, TCW, SWF, and USPW... Will NOTBPW bend on their rule of offering long term contracts to 40+ year olds for the 43 year old tag team specialist...?!

Benny Benson has defeated Sammy Bach for the TCW World Heavyweight Championship as Bach will now transition away from the company, and begin his USPW contract... Benson's Championship victory is perhaps the biggest sign that TCW is in trouble following Bach's exit... Benson, Scout, Vengeance, Eric Eisen and Joshua Taylor isn't a bad Main Event scene, but they'll miss the star power Bach brings!! Benson versus Bach pulled a 96 rating, which raised the rating of TCW: Threatening Behaviour to 91!! Which of course, beat NOTBPW Anarchy!!

However, this week on SWF Television, Wolf Hawkins and Nicky Champion put on a 100 rated match, and Supreme TV pulled a 92 overall... TCW's show scored just 77, with their best match being the Main Event between Benny Benson and Vengeance at just 79...

Black Canvas Grappling have offered a contract to Titan Factory Graduate: Druss!!

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