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[b]Announce Team:

Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend

We kicked off the show with the victorious team from The Scramble: Edd Stone, Tim Westybrook, Cameron Vessey and Christian Price... joined by the man who turned on his team, Cameron's Uncle Bryan Vessey... The group crowed about how intelligent they were... that they outsmarted Ricky Dale Johnson and Aaron Andrews, and now the commentator known as 'RDJ' is no more... They also said that Sam Keith would never compete this side of the border again... and tonight... 'The Enforcer' Tim Westybrook would be taking on... and taking OUT, the so-called 'Ace' Aaron Andrews... Edd and co. left the ring full of smiles... But their smiles turned to anger as they were interrupted by the music of Trent Shaffer!!

Shaffer arrogantly walked past Edd Stone and his group, not even glancing at them... He was set for singles action to begin the show, after returning from injury at The Scramble and battling 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt... As Shaffer walked past Tim Westybrook, the announcers confirmed that what Edd Stone had said about Ricky Dale Johnson was true... He's gone... and he won't be announcing on NOTBPW Television ever again... In a few weeks, we'll be introduced to his replacement, but for now, it's on with the show... With just Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend at the desk...

'Cut Throat' Trent Shaffer [vs] 'The Assassin of the Squared Circle' Ernest Youngman

Conspicuous by their absence was Ernest Youngman's group 'The Shooters'. He was going it alone tonight against the returning Trent Shaffer, and he struggled without his confidants to ask for advice, and to assist him physically. Shaffer was fired up, after losing in his big return match at The Scramble, and it was probably the worst time to face the man known as 'Cut Throat'. Shaffer didn't wait when he got an opportunity to put Youngman away. He grabbed both of his opponent's arms, and stomped on his chest to score the win with his 'Heart Burn'.

Winner: 'Cut Throat' Trent Shaffer
Rating: 76
Finish: 'Heart Burn' (Chest Stomp)

After Trent Shaffer's big victory, we took a commercial break... When we came back, the NEW NOTBPW Television Champion: Sonny Wildside headed to the ring to celebrate his huge victory from The Scramble, where he bested a man who has had an incredible 2017 to that point: James Hernandez... Wildside claimed to be the 'better man' in the 'Scramble Match', in which the last man to score a fall would walk out victorious... Wildside made three falls, and Hernandez amazingly made zero!! Wildside didn't mind talking about how badly he thought Hernandez did... Which brought the former Champion to the ring!!

'Mainstream' James Hernandez wasn't happy with Sonny Wildside's comments... and told 'The Man Without Fear' that he is NOT the better man... In Hernandez's opinion, Wildside got 'lucky' in the Scramble Match... and at October Obliteration in three weeks, Hernandez will prove it to the youngster... It's going to be a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match... Hernandez versus Wildside II... If Wildside wants a lengthy NOTBPW Television Title reign, he's going to have to earn it...

Donte Dunn & Erik Strong [vs] The Mavericks (John Maverick & Julian Watson)

Two tag teams looking to build their way up the roster somewhat here, and two teams that really needed a win. John Maverick and Julian Watson seem to click more than Donte Dunn and Erik Strong, despite both teams having six months experience under their belts. For the finish, Dunn thought Watson was legal, and hit his 'Sunny Daze' spinning back fist finisher! But, Maverick was the legal man, and he locked Dunn in the 'Deadly Silence' Sleeper Hold, and Dunn passed out!

Winners: The Mavericks (John Maverick & Julian Watson)
Rating: 72
Finish: 'Deadly Silence' Sleeper Hold

Backstage, 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh was shown watching highlights from The Scramble... More specifically, the Gargantuan Canadian Title defence against Angry Gilmore... Gilmore had the Champ in trouble, and at one point, with both men on the ground, Gilmore was confident of gaining a tap out victory on the undefeated 'Monster'... But Gargantuan's strength is un-matched, even when fighting from the floor... Danny Cavanagh began rocking backwards and forwards on his chair... a demented look on his face...

Danny Cavanagh: “I'm better than Angry Gilmore... I'm stronger than Gargantuan... I'm glad Angry Gilmore lost... because I'M going to be the one to stop 'The Monster'...!!”

'High Energy' Thrill Seeker [vs] 'The Man Beast' Akima Brave

Thrill Seeker and Akima Brave are experienced competitors, and so it was no surprise to see them put on the joint best match of the night here. Akima Brave dominated much of the battle, using his strength advantage to keep Seeker down and in trouble. As soon as the high flyer earned some space, he exploded into life with some flying kicks and a brilliant standing shooting star press. Akima Brave fought back, and delivered some forearm smashes to Seeker's face. But spinning back kick to Brave late on knocked him down to one knee. He followed it up with a running shining wizard, and then ascended the top rope. He flipped over and hit the 'Daredevil Drop' Moonsault, picking up a big win over 'The Man Beast'.

Winner: 'High Energy' Thrill Seeker
Rating: 81
Finish: 'Daredevil Drop' Moonsault

Backstage, 'Awesome' Wade Orson was shown, still feeling the effects of his gruelling war with his rival POISON, which ended in a victory for the young Brit... However, after the match, POISON delivered a 'green mist' spray from his mouth and it blinded Orson, and his eyes still looked extremely sore... The announce team commented that he'd better get his mind focused away from his hatred for POISON, because after his impressive showings in recent months, he'll be competing in tonight's Main Event... against 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt... It's out of the frying pan, and into the fire, for Orson!!

Gino Montero and Luis Montero Jnr. (Los Monteros) headed to the ring next, for their much anticipated 'big announcement' tonight... When they stepped through the ropes, they spoke about how strong their 'Family Bond' is... and how they're a stronger unit than ANY Canadian wrestling family... Including The DeColts, The Stones or The DaLays... They said they're stronger than The Vesseys too... They said they could prove how strong their bond is, by making the ultimate challenge tonight, for 'October Obliteration'...

Gino Montero: “We haven't had enough matches in NOTBPW... Not enough to prove our worth... So at October Obliteration... We want Steve DeColt... AND Ricky DeColt... MONTEROS... versus DeCOLTS... Let's do this!!”

Los Monteros laying down a huge challenge for October Obliteration... But will Steve and Ricky DeColt accept it...?! We're going to see Los Monteros in action next week too, as they take on Lord James King and Hugh Ancrie in tag team action... But speaking of families, still to come tonight, Dan DaLay's sister Romy DaLay will be here LIVE... and she might lift the lid on Alex DeColt's big secret... Could what she says shake the very landscape of NOTBPW...?! Will Alex's job be on the line...?! Nobody has a clue as to what the secret is... But we could find out TONIGHT!!

Robin DaLay and Logan [vs] Mayhem (Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant)

Robin DaLay and Logan are still learning their trade at the moment, but even though they are of a similar age, Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant outshone their opponents here. It helps that Mutant is 360lbs and a pure freak in and out of the ring of course, and Aldous relies on his 'muscle' to help him get ahead in NOTBPW. Tonight, Mutant flattened both Robin DaLay and Logan in the corner, before tagging Aldous back in to lock Robin in his 'Batwing' submission hold.

Winners: Mayhem (Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant)
Rating: 70
Finish: 'Batwing' (Crossface Chickenwing)

There was a commotion backstage next, as The Natural and Solomon Gold stormed into NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt's office!! The veteran Natural said he knows Alex has got a lot on his plate at the moment, with Romy DaLay arriving later tonight... But he can't take his eye off the ball around here... Last week, Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant took Solomon Gold OUT, and the two fan favourites demanded revenge... If it's not given to them, then they're going to have to take matters into their own hands...!! Alex spoke slowly... His mind clearly on other things...

Alex DeColt: “Fine... Okay... So next week... The Natural and Solomon Gold... VERSUS... Mayhem... You can have your match boys... But be careful what you wish for...”

Elsewhere backstage, 'Shooter' Sean Deeley was chewing out his group of fellow Shooters: Ernest Youngman, Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler... Youngman lost earlier tonight against Trent Shaffer, who Deeley suggested should be 'ring rusty', and there for the taking!! He then said The Ring Generals (Waldorf and Statler) should have performed better against, and should have beaten, Steve DeColt and Ricky DeColt at The Scramble... Deeley won HIS match at The Scramble, against a much larger opponent in 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh... So he doesn't understand why his group continues to lose...

Sean Deeley: “I'm obviously too nice to you guys... I offered you all to SIT under the learning tree... and LEARN from me... But maybe I need to show a little, 'tough love'... Next week... One of you is going to learn the ultimate lesson... and fight ME... 1 on 1... I'll get to find out what you're made of... by seeing how long you last in the ring with me... and who knows... If you pay attention... you ALL might actually learn something!!”

'The Ace' Aaron Andrews [vs] 'The Enforcer' Tim Westybrook

Another excellent match here, and a longer one than Aaron Andrews would have wanted after a difficult night at The Scramble. 'The Ace' feels partly responsible for Ricky Dale Johnson losing his job in the four on four elimination match versus Edd Stone's team, which included Andrews' opponent tonight: Tim Westybrook. Westybrook is big, strong, and almost impossible to manoeuvre around the ring. But Andrews only needed a small opening. He was able to hit multiple cross-body blocks, and staggered Westybrook, before finally knocking him over after chop-blocking his knee! It wasn't long before Andrews finally hit his 'Hot Shot' (Spanish Fly), a move the announce team weren't sure he could hit on the big 'Enforcer'!!

Winner: 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews
Rating: 81
Finish: 'Hot Shot' (Spanish Fly)

Aaron Andrews was able to escape a post-match attack by Edd Stone and co following his big victory... Instead, Edd instructed Bryan Vessey and Cameron Vessey to pick Tim Westybrook's broken body up... Edd then ordered Christian Price to grab a microphone, because 'The Animal' had something to say!! He told Andrews to wait on the stage, because 'The Ace' might want to hear what he had to say... Now, stronger than ever, his group of Animals stood all around him... hanging on his every word... He is a cult leader, and he's been able to make these four talents do his bidding...

Edd Stone: “Dan DaLay and Derek Frost... BAD... Reputation... Apparently... Have a lot on their minds right now... Tonight... Dan's SISTER... Romy DaLay is going to exploit Alex DeColt... and reveal his big 'secret'... I would NEEEEVER let MY sister, do my talking... But with the NOTBPW Tag Team Champions at their weakest... With a LOT on their minds... They are vulnerable... and my boys: Cameron Vessey and Christian Price, are going to capitalise... Because next week... DaLay and Frost, put their Championships on the line, against PRIMED FOR PROGRESS!!”

'Awesome' Wade Orson [vs] 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt

Wade Orson is riding a wave of momentum right now, but he came up against a vicious competitor in 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt. The young Brit found some success early on, using his quickness to stay out of Jack's grasp. He also outweighs Jack DeColt, but that didn't seem to bother the big Canadian, as once he got his hands on Orson, it was all downhill for 'Mr. Awesome'. Jack scratched at Orson's upper body, and used the ropes to his advantage to focus his attack on Orson's left arm. But late on, Orson managed a brilliant comeback. He rallied well, and used his good arm to deliver a collection of clotheslines and back elbows! In the end though, as he was closing in on victory, his rival POISON appeared at ringside, and delivered 'Green Mist' to Orson's face behind the referee's back!! Orson was blinded, and Jack DeColt was able to hit 'End Of Days' to score the win!

Winner: 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt
Rating: 77
Finish: 'End Of Days'

Jack DeColt remained at ringside and grabbed a front row seat for the 'Main Event' of the evening... because Dan DaLay's sister Romy DaLay made her entrance to deliver what could be a HUGE announcement... She could legitimately shake up NOTBPW from it's very core, and reveal a big secret about NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt... Before she could get her words out though, she was interrupted by first, Alex DeColt himself... and then by her brother Dan DaLay, who brought Derek Frost, Robin DaLay, and Robin's friend Logan out to the ring with him...

The six men, and Romy DaLay, argued and argued, as Alex DeColt, Dan DaLay, Jack DeColt and Romy all tried to get a word in... Eventually, the DeColts and the DaLays began arguing, and Alex got aggressive... The youngster Logan seemed to be the one keeping the peace, but Alex wasn't having any of that, and he shoved the youngster down, hard... Jack then delivered a right hand to Robin DaLay, and sent him flying... Romy held Dan and Derek Frost back, but Alex picked Logan up and started hitting him... This prompted Romy to get back on the microphone...

Romy DaLay: “Alex... ALEX... STOP... STOP IT!! HE'S YOUR SON ALEX!! STOP!!”

Everyone in the ring suddenly stopped... Alex DeColt stood there, holding Logan by the scruff of his shirt... a blank look on his face... Romy DaLay wasn't finished with what she was saying... Logan isn't just Alex's son... he's HER son too... The secret Dan DaLay has been keeping FOR Alex is that he had a son at 17 years old, with Dan's sister Romy... It's the reason Dan had a near 20 year career in Alex's Father's promotion: CGC, and then came over to NOTBPW when Alex got the book... Alex knew he had a son, but he had no idea it was Logan...

The break in the anarchy in the ring didn't last long, as Dan DaLay ran over to Jack DeColt and punched him in the face for his attack on Robin DaLay... The melee began again, but Alex DeColt dragged Jack out of the ring, and the two of them stood huddled by the announce desk... Romy DaLay once again saw the opportunity to speak to Alex... and in front of the world, she shouted that he owes her a LOT of money... She's raised Logan all by herself, and Alex hasn't paid her a penny to help... He's a famous star on Television, and it's time for him to pay his way... Alex demanded that the show go off the air, and it did... More on this developing story next week!!

Trent Shaffer [def.] Ernest Youngman
The Mavericks [def.] Donte Dunn & Erik Strong
Thrill Seeker [def.] Akima Brave
Mayhem [def.] Robin DaLay and Logan
Aaron Andrews [def.] Tim Westybrook
Jack DeColt [def.] Wade Orson

No news from outside NOTBPW this week... I just wanted to get your thoughts on the 'big reveal' from Romy DaLay... It's a story I've been building since May, when Dan DaLay tweeted that he had a secret over Alex DeColt... I've teased the reveal a few times, but now felt like the right time to reveal it properly... I toyed with a fair few ideas throughout the last six months, and there are still a lot of ways I can go with it now... For those wondering, Logan is played by Intrepid Ian Identity, which is a name I hate, but a performer with great skills, and DeColt like abilities...

So yeah, your thoughts and feedback are welcome...

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