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Show Rating: (86)
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Attendance: 30,000 Sell Out!

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend

We kicked off this pay-per-view with in-ring action, and it was an interesting battle between two upper mid card talents in their early thirties. After being thrown to the wolves by Sean Deeley this past week on Championship Wrestling, and being forced into a match with Steve DeColt, Ernest Youngman seemed a little bit insubordinate at times. Deeley had a problem getting his protege to do his bidding, but he still had Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler backing him up at ringside. Danny Cavanagh tried to overcome the odds, and the numbers advantage, but the big man was always up against it. In the end, he succumbed to the 'Front Choke Lock' from Deeley, after Waldorf and Statler had gotten involved yet again!

Winner: 'Shooter' Sean Deeley w/ The Shooters
Rating: 78
Finish: 'Front Choke Lock'

With no real build up, and no clues, the man revealed as Jack DeColt's Mystery Opponent was revealed as the returning Trent Shaffer!! 'Cut Throat' Trent Shaffer was injured almost six months ago in a match against Gargantuan, and has been rehabbing the injury ever since. He made an excellent showing of himself here tonight, but he was in there against one of the men at the very top of the company in 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt. It was a short but very good return for Shaffer, however he walked onto an 'End of Days' from his opponent and was beaten in the end.

Winner: 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt
Rating: 80
Finish: 'End Of Days' (Baron Corbin's Finisher)

Gino Montero and Luis Montero Jnr: 'Los Monteros' will make a HUGE challenge on Championship Wrestling this week... The Mexican brothers have been impressive since arriving in NOTBPW a little over a month ago... They believe they are now ready to take the next step, and become the greatest family in all of Canada... They think their bond is greater than The DeColts... They think they're better wrestlers than The Stones... and a lot stronger than the DaLay Family... They believe they will NEVER split up...

Wade Orson and POISON are no strangers to one another, but Orson has struggled to shake the veteran Canadian off despite beating him back at Summer Smash. That match ended in a count out victory for Orson, so not exactly the defiant win Orson wanted in order to end their feud. Tonight Orson fought harder than ever to try to put the match away early. However, POISON kept trying to duck his rival, and could constantly be found on the outside of the ring taking a breather. Orson was furious with POISON's tactics, but POISON knew what he was doing. He knew he could get in Orson's head, and force him to make mistakes. However, POISON made one crucial mistake. He knocked Orson down with a clothesline and stood over his young rival. Orson kipped up and planted POISON with his 'Bounce Back' finisher, which no one seems to see coming!

Winner: 'Awesome' Wade Orson
Rating: 71
Finish: 'Bounce Back' (Kip-Up DDT)

Wade Orson was declared the winner, and had his hand raised in victory... But POISON wasn't happy about the outcome, and he jumped the young Brit from behind!! Orson was knocked down hard and landed even harder, on his face... POISON delivered stomps to his rival, but seemed to make the same mistake he made in the match... He got too close to Orson as Orson kipped up to hit his 'Bounce Back' finisher!! But as he kipped up, POISON was ready, and delivered what can only be described as 'Green Mist' to Orson's face!! Blinded by the green liquid in his face, Orson was easy pickings for POISON, who locked him in his 'Antidote Web' (Tazmission) finisher!! Referees and officials ran to the ring to break up the melee, but the damage was already done to Orson!! He didn't look like the winner of the match...

Steve DeColt and Ricky DeColt are brothers, but they're 11 years apart, and haven't teamed together very often. Unbelievably they've actually fought 1 on 1 more times than they've teamed up! Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler (The Ring Generals) on the other hand have teamed together for twelve years, and they used their experience to keep Ricky DeColt isolated and away from his corner. Steve DeColt was like a caged animal on the apron. He couldn't get in the match for a long time, but when he finally did, things changed dramatically! Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler were thrown around all over the ring and ringside area, and thrown into the ring steps, ring posts and the announce table! The Ring Generals couldn't keep up, but eventually they were able to hit a double-team suplex on the veteran DeColt brother. However, they hadn't seen the blind tag to Ricky DeColt, who snuck into the ring and delivered his 'DeColt .45' Super Kick to Waldorf! He then caught Statler with the same move after ducking a clothesline, and pinned his opponent to score a big win for himself and his brother!

Winners: Steve DeColt & Ricky DeColt
Rating: 80
Finish: 'DeColt .45' Super Kick

We headed backstage once the tag team exhibition was finished, to where Bad Reputation (Dan DaLay, Derek Frost, Logan, and Robin DaLay) had once again bumped into 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt... Dan DaLay asked Jack if he'd thought about what the veteran had said to him this past week on Championship Wrestling... (we don't know what was said behind the closed door)... but Jack said that he had thought about it... and DaLay should continue to keep Alex's secret... But as DaLay pointed out, it may not be up to him for much longer...

Dan DaLay: “This week... on Championship Wrestling... My sister Romy (DaLay) is coming to the arena... and she's told me, she's going to lift the lid on things... I... I don't think I can stop her Jack...”

Jack DeColt didn't know what to say in response at first... But said that he would go and see Romy as soon as she arrives... and try to talk some sense into her... However, he said that it might help him know what to say, if HE was able to know what the secret was... Dan DaLay said that Jack would find out when everyone else, including Jack's brother Alex, does... DaLay showed a little bit of remorse, and suggested that it's all a bit unfair on Alex... But he said that it's gone on too long... and Romy DaLay believes that more than most...

This 4 on 4 Elimination Match came about when Edd Stone and his group (Tim Westybrook, Cameron Vessey and Christian Price) began picking on veteran commentator Ricky Dale Johnson. Aaron Andrews has come to the rescue for RDJ, and he's also relied upon some old friends from across the border in Sam Keith, and Cameron Vessey's Uncle Bryan Vessey. And unfortunately, it was the eldest man in the match who was eliminated first, as Keith was pinned following a brutal Lariat from Tim Westybrook! Bryan Vessey and Cameron Vessey found themselves in the ring next, and the crowd were ready for Vessey versus Vessey. Then, in a strange situation that caused the crowd to erupt into a chorus of boos and whistles, Bryan Vessey dropped to the floor, and allowed his Nephew Cameron Vessey to pin him!! All of a sudden, it was 2 versus 4, and Andrews and RDJ were in real trouble! Bryan Vessey remained at ringside, and Ricky Dale Johnson couldn't believe what his 'friend' had done to him!

Aaron Andrews did well next, as he was able to score an elimination over Christian Price after some miscommunication between Price and his tag team partner Cameron Vessey! However, Andrews soon followed Price out of the match, after falling victim to a 'TNT Whirlwind' (Deep Six) from Tim Westybrook! This left Ricky Dale Johnson in there alone against three men, and an almost impossible task. The veteran was able to somehow eliminate Cameron Vessey, right in front of his Uncle Bryan with a sleeper hold that made Cameron fall asleep!! Tim Westybrook battered RDJ after that, and Edd Stone hit all of his trademark offence too. For the finish, Edd hit TWO 'Party's Over' Elbow Drops, and then locked the veteran in his own vicious 'Southern Justice' Texas Cloverleaf! Edd threatened to break RDJ's back with his own damn move, and screamed at him to quit! RDJ had no choice but to tap out, and the 4 on 4 Elimination Match was done!

Winners: Edd Stone, Tim Westybrook, Cameron Vessey and Christian Price
Rating: 81
Finish: 'Southern Justice' Texas Cloverleaf

After the match, Edd Stone, Bryan Vessey and Tim Westybrook weren't finished with Ricky Dale Johnson... Edd began to re-apply the 'Southern Justice' Texas Cloverleaf... Aaron Andrews sprinted back to the ring but he was intercepted by Cameron Vessey and Christian Price, who dragged 'The Ace' back through the curtain at the orders of Westybrook... Edd wrenched back on RDJ's legs and bent the 47 year old over double... Bryan Vessey climbed in to the ring with a microphone, and shouted at RDJ to quit again... and this time, he should quit NOTBPW for GOOD!! If he didn't, Edd would break both of his legs... RDJ defiantly held on as long as he could, but he shouted 'OKAY', and tapped and tapped... Edd, Westybrook and Vessey left RDJ in a heap in the middle of the ring as they walked away arrogantly...

Sonny Wildside and James Hernandez began this match at a frantic pace in their first 1 on 1 encounter ever! They knew they had to go 20 minutes, but whoever was the last man to make a fall when the time limit expired, would walk out as NOTBPW Television Champion. Unbelievably, in under five minutes, we had our first fall! James Hernandez attempted an 'Apparition #14' Spear in the corner but hit his head, hard on the turnbuckle! Wildside grabbed Hernandez's legs, and rolled him backwards into a pinning predicament that he couldn't wriggle out of! From that point on, 'Mainstream' Hernandez was furious. He dominated proceedings, but couldn't find that 'killer blow' that would allow him to pick up a fall! He hit an 'Apparition #14' Spear after around twelve minutes, but somehow, Sonny Wildside flipped over on the landing, and rolled Hernandez into ANOTHER pin! Hernandez began to get desperate around the 17 minute mark, and he STILL couldn't score a fall himself. Late on, he attempted a desperation Superplex from the top rope, but Sonny Wildside fought him off. 'The Man Without Fear' was then able to turn around up there, and deliver his 'Fear Factor' Moonsault Stomp finisher, to score another fall!! He didn't need to, as he was already the most recent, but as the 20 minute time limit expired, James Hernandez had made zero falls, and Sonny Wildside had made three, and he was declared the NEW NOTBPW Television Champion!

Winner: and NEW NOTBPW Television Champion: 'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside!!
Rating: 87 (Match of the Night)
Finish: 'Fear Factor' (Moonsault Stomp) – [Time Limit Over]

'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside couldn't believe he'd won the match, and captured the NOTBPW Television Championship... In a feel good moment, he jumped and skipped around the ringside area, and leapt onto the announce table to jump around some more... Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend needed a moment like this to talk about, after watching their colleague Ricky Dale Johnson tap out twice, and quit the company in the middle of the ring... But James Hernandez was furious, and seemed to change his demeanour and character in front of our very eyes... The normally cool, calm, and collected former Television Champion looked absolutely furious...

Angry Gilmore has only been with NOTBPW for a short time, and he has already found himself facing the most dangerous man on the roster in Gargantuan. 'Man' is probably not the right word. The right word, is of course, 'Monster'. Gilmore is a fierce competitor who likes to impose his will on his opponent. But tonight, he couldn't even move Gargantuan around the ring. Let alone impose his will. Gargantuan on the other hand imposed his will on Gilmore, over and over again. He slammed into the 39 year old charismatic performer, and threw him all over the ring with hip tosses and just general throws. Gilmore isn't one to stay down without a fight though, and he used every trick in his arsenal to try and take the big man down. Finally, after around fifteen minutes, Gilmore had a rush of adrenaline, and was able to tackle 'The Monster' low, and take him down to the mat! Suddenly, Gilmore and Gargantuan were the same size, and with Gilmore's superior wrestling skills, Gargantuan looked in real trouble for possibly the first time in his Title reign. Gilmore began to twist and tie Gargantuan up in knots! However, even at the same height as Gilmore, Gargantuan is stronger, and he was able to power out of a 'Full Nelson'. As the two men returned to their feet, Gargantuan landed a strong back elbow to Gilmore's jaw, and he hit the mat hard on his face. He looked out cold and Gargantuan then lifted him up into a Military Press, and dropped him hard onto his knee for the 'Ultimate Backbreaker' – a move nobody has been able to kick out of.

Winner: and STILL NOTBPW Canadian Champion: 'The Monster' Gargantuan
Rating: 84
Finish: 'Ultimate Backbreaker' (Military Press Drop onto knee)

The show ended like most recent big NOTBPW shows have... With 'The Monster' Gargantuan standing tall in the ring, raising his NOTBPW Canadian Championship high above his head with both hands... and the announce team asking the question: “Can anyone stop Gargantuan?!”; He's now gone nineteen months unbeaten since signing with the company... Tonight's slight difference, was that the announce team was one short... Ricky Dale Johnson appears to have quit the company in light of his tap out following Edd Stone locking his own finishing hold on him... We also crowned a new NOTBPW Television Champion tonight, in 'No Fear' Sonny Wildside...

This week on NOTBPW Championship Wrestling, we have a couple of unknowns to look forward to... Firstly, the experienced tag team of Gino Montero and Luis Montero Jnr. (Los Monteros) will be making a challenge to currently unknown opponents... and secondly, Dan DaLay's older sister Romy (DaLay) will be on the show... and Dan DaLay believes Romy will lift the lid on Alex DeColt's massive secret that Dan and his family have been keeping for a long time... All this, plus following their attack on Solomon Gold last week, Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant will be in tag team action against Robin DaLay and his friend Logan!!

Sean Deeley [def.] Danny Cavanagh
Jack DeColt [def.] Trent Shaffer
Wade Orson [def.] POISON
Steve DeColt and Ricky DeColt [def.] The Ring Generals
Edd Stone, Tim Westybrook, Cameron Vessey & Christian Price [def.] RDJ, Aaron Andrews, Bryan Vessey & Sam Keith
Sonny Wildside [def.] James Hernandez
to WIN the NOTBPW Television Championship
Gargantuan [def.] Angry Gilmore
to RETAIN the NOTBPW Canadian Championship


1). How many Championships will change hands (0, 1, or 2)...?: ONE
2). What will the overall rating of the show be...?: 86 (within 5 gets a point. Spot on gets 2 points)
3). Which Match will be the Match of the Night...?: Wildside versus Hernandez
4). Who is Jack DeColt's Mystery Opponent (current roster member)...?: Trent Shaffer

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