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Merry Christmas everyone!! Here is the first show of September 2017!!


Show Rating: 80

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'RDJ' Ricky Dale Johnson

The show opened with 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews in the ring, pacing back and forth... The crowd gave him a great reaction, as he spoke about his respect for the man on commentary: Ricky Dale Johnson... He also spoke of his hatred for the actions of 'The Animal' Edd Stone... as well as Stone's friends Tim Westybrook, Cameron Vessey and Christian Price, who seem to hang on every word Stone says... But now, Andrews said that Stone and co. should hang on every word Andrews says...

Aaron Andrews: “For weeks... For months... Edd Stone has done whatever he wants... and now what he wants is for RDJ to pick a team of veterans... But Edd... I'M gonna be on that team!! It's NOT just gonna be veterans... It's gonna be RDJ... Bryan Vessey... one other... and ME!!”

Andrews' words brought Edd Stone and co. out... and they stood on the stage, away from Andrews... Edd was the only one who spoke to 'The Ace' about his comments... He said he was fine with Andrews joining 'Team RDJ' at The Scramble... It's just one more guy for Tim Westybrook to crush... Or for Christian Price and Cameron Vessey to outwrestle... or for Edd Stone to DESTROY!! Edd then wished Andrews luck for his Main Event Match tonight... as he takes on 'The Monster' Gargantuan later on... He said that what ever is left of Andrews can then head to The Scramble to 'help' his team out...

'Awesome' Wade Orson [vs] 'The Man Beast' Akima Brave

Wade Orson has a big match coming up at The Scramble, where he'll fight his rival POISON, but tonight he couldn't overlook Akima Brave. The Samoan 'Man Beast' is a vicious competitor, and he had Orson on the back foot for a long time. But Orson's biggest strength is his ability to take a beating and come back into a match! His finishing move demonstrates this ability better than anything. After being knocked down with a big shoulder tackle late on, Orson hit his 'Bounce Back' and picked up the win!

Winner: 'Awesome' Wade Orson
Rating: 67
Finish: 'Bounce Back' (Kip Up DDT)

Backstage, 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh was sat on a bench, angrily cracking his knuckles... He spoke to the camera about how Angry Gilmore RUINED his chances at being the man to battle Gargantuan... Cavanagh wants to be the man to BEAT Gargantuan too, and now he'll have to wait and see the outcome of Gilmore versus 'The Monster' at The Scramble... Cav is so desperate for Gilmore to NOT be the first man to stop Gargantuan, that he is going to fight the fan favourite 1 on 1 next week LIVE on NOTBPW Championship Wrestling...

Robin DaLay & Logan [vs] The Ring Generals (Dean Waldorf & Marv Statler)

Youngsters Robin DaLay and Logan put in a solid performance here, but they are not ready to compete effectively against a team that's been together as long as Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler have. In the end, Logan was hit with the 'Waldorf Salad Toss' and was pinned by Dean in a fairly one sided outing.

Winners: The Ring Generals (Dean Waldorf & Marv Statler)
Rating: 78
Finish: 'Waldorf Salad Toss' (Pop-Up Power Bomb)

After the match was over, the duo known as Mayhem hit the ring and attacked Robin DaLay and Logan!! Aldous Blackfriar called the shots, and let his big bodyguard Mutant do most of the heavy lifting... Robin DaLay and Logan put up a good fight, and for a moment, it looked like they would be able to fend the attack off... But it didn't take long for Mutant to kick it into a higher gear, and he started knocking people down... Until Dan DaLay and Derek Frost hit the ring to make the save...

The NOTBPW Tag Team Champions: 'Bad Reputation' scared 'Mayhem' away, and stood over their fallen friends and family members... Dan DaLay was furious, and he grabbed a microphone as Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant were stood on the stage... DaLay told Aldous and Mutant that they crossed the line, and that he and Frost will fight Mayhem TONIGHT!! But Aldous had a better plan... He told DaLay that BAD REPUTATION versus MAYHEM should be special... They've never fought 2 on 2 before, and it should be saved for a special occasion... So the match WILL happen... But it'll be on Aldous Blackfriar's terms...!! DaLay and Frost looked furious, but there was nothing they could do... Mayhem were long gone before they could even get out of the ring to chase them down...

'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside was backstage next, with NOTBPW Television Champion: 'Mainstream' James Hernandez... Wildside won the One Night Tournament and has earned himself a TV Title shot against Hernandez... But he was waiting to see the outcome of last weeks Main Event to see what options he had in terms of a date to 'cash in'... Since Hernandez lost the number one contenders match for the NOTBPW Canadian Title last week, he now has a free schedule at 'The Scramble'... a fact that Wildside took great pleasure in pointing out!! Hernandez wasn't best pleased, and warned the youngster to choose the next words that come out of his mouth VERY carefully...

Sonny Wildside: “Sounds like a threat there 'Main... Stream'... Well don't worry... Because since you LOST last week... and you're now free at The Scramble... me and you can fight 1 on 1 for the first ever time... in a SCRAMBLE MATCH!!”

Sonny Wildside and James Hernandez have teamed up before, and had success as a short-lived tag team... They've also been on opposite sides of the ring before too... Just never in a 1 on 1 match... Hernandez didn't like what he was hearing, and he stormed away with a scowl on his face... 'Mainstream' Hernandez was still annoyed about losing his first match since March (around six months), and was even more annoyed by the way young Wildside spoke to him... He now has to defend his Championship against a man with 'No Fear' in a SCRAMBLE MATCH... Which will be a 20 minute time-limited fight... The match will have unlimited pin falls and submissions, but whoever scored the last fall when the 20 minutes are up will be declared the winner, and walk out as NOTBPW Television Champion...

'All Business' Harrison Hash [vs] POISON

Harrison Hash is an experienced competitor in NOTBPW, but POISON made him look like an amateur here. At times very early on in the match it looked like Hash would tap out at any moment, but he somehow hung in there for almost 8 minutes. POISON eventually put him away when Hash attempted his delayed vertical suplex. POISON slipped out of the move as he was hoisted upwards and he landed on his feet behind the 42 year old veteran. He locked Hash in his 'Antidote Web' and Hash finally tapped out.

Winner: POISON
Rating: 64
Finish: 'Antidote Web' (Tazmission)

Backstage, NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt was backstage with one of his brothers: 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt... Jack was pacing back and forth in Alex's office, and 'The Mind' told him he needs to calm down... because he has a match to prepare for... At The Scramble!! Alex wouldn't tell Jack who his opponent will be, and Jack guessed that it's someone on the level of “that kid, Logan” who Jack fought back at Summer Smash... Alex said it wasn't someone on Logan's level... It was someone with a much higher profile... A former NOTBPW Canadian Champion, no less... Jack was intrigued, but Alex wouldn't reveal the identity of 'Wild Man's' opponent...

Los Monteros (Gino Montero & Luis Montero Jr.) [vs] Donte Dunn & Erik Strong

Incredibly effective tag team work from the two Montero Brothers here in this match. Gino Montero and Luis Montero Jr. have been teaming up for nine years, and are one of the most experienced teams in the world. They are so smooth when double-teaming their opponents, and can hang in the ring with just about anyone. Donte Dunn and Erik Strong are great friends, but they were in there against brothers. Gino and Luis proved that blood is thicker than water when they comfortably won the match following Gino's brilliant 'Destiny Explosion' finisher on Strong.

Winners: Los Monteros (Gino Montero & Luis Montero Jr.)
Rating: 63
Finish: 'Destiny Explosion' (Canadian Destroyer)

Edd Stone, Tim Westybrook, Cameron Vessey and Christian Price were backstage next, talking about, of all things, the attack of Mayhem on Logan and Robin DaLay from earlier tonight... Edd said he loved the attack from Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant... and he loved seeing those two 'old men' Dan DaLay and Derek Frost hobbling to the ring to make the save... The tag team known as 'Bad Reputation' are the current NOTBPW Tag Team Champions, and Stone gave a clue to when the two veterans would next defend their Championships...

Edd Stone: “DaLay and Frost WILL defend their Titles against my boys Cameron Vessey and Christian Price... AFTER The Scramble... Vessey and Price deserve their re-match for the Belts... and they'll get it... But right now, we're just looking forward to seeing which old-timer Ricky Dale Johnson and Aaron Andrews wheel out to join their team AT The Scramble...”

w/ w/
The Natural w/ Solomon Gold [vs] Sean Deeley w/ The Shooters

The Natural knows how to fight any style of opponent, including a mat wrestling specialist like 'Shooter' Sean Deeley, and they've fought many times in the past. However, with all three Shooters in his corner, Deeley is a different animal these days, and he provides a different kind of challenge. Even with Solomon Gold attempting to even the odds, The Natural will have felt significantly outnumbered. Natural lost in the end after falling victim to multiple German Suplexes from Deeley, and was pinned after the sixth.

Winner: Sean Deeley w/ The Shooters
Rating: 73
Finish: 'German Suplex'

Alex DeColt headed onto the stage after Sean Deeley's impressive performance and victory... He told 'The Shooters' that they have been in great form of late, and he wants to reward them with an 'opportunity'... At The Scramble, it'll be the Ring Generals (Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler) taking on the team of Steve DeColt, and Ricky DeColt!! A huge chance for the experienced Ring Generals to compete in a Main Event level match... against a tag team that has been thrown together... Waldorf and Statler have been teaming up for twelve years, and know each other better than they know themselves... And although Steve and Ricky DeColt are brothers, there have been questions about whether they even LIKE each other!!

Main Event time next, and the much anticipated first time ever meeting between 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews, and 'The Monster' Gargantuan... Since he arrived in NOTBPW, Aaron Andrews has struggled to get 'big victories' in the 'big matches'... In contrast, since Gargantuan arrived in Canada, he's been unstoppable... He's currently undefeated... He's the NOTBPW Canadian Champion... He RUNS the company... Nobody can stop him... But can Andrews upset the odds and be the 'one'...?!

'The Ace' Aaron Andrews [vs] 'The Monster' Gargantuan

It's fair to say Aaron Andrews wasn't the favourite going into this match. In fact, nobody facing Gargantuan 1 on 1 right now would go in as the favourite. But what Andrews did do well, was play on his role as the 'underdog' here. He kept fighting while on the back foot, and gave Gargantuan a few problems. Problems that Angry Gilmore will have seen, and will consider using in his upcoming NOTBPW Canadian Title Match against 'The Monster'. Andrews used low kicks to Gargantuan's ankles and knees, which staggered the Champion, and made him vulnerable. However, Gargantuan's power is unmatched, and he dominated 'The Ace' in the end with a choke-powerbomb, followed by the unstoppable 'Ultimate Backbreaker'.

Winner: 'The Monster' Gargantuan
Rating: 80
Finish: 'Ultimate Backbreaker' (Military Press Drop onto Knee)

Gargantuan stood victorious over another fallen opponent in Aaron Andrews, as we cut to the back to reveal Edd Stone, Tim Westybrook, Cameron Vessey and Christian Price snarling and laughing at Andrews' fate... Edd Stone saw it coming anyway, but he still revelled in Andrews losing so heavily... Before this week's show went off the air, we learned of a match taking place next week, featuring 'The Animal' Edd Stone himself... in a first time ever 1 on 1 meeting of his own... against Thrill Seeker:

These two men are no strangers to one another, but they've never fought 1 on 1 before... Thrill Seeker and his tag team partner Jacob Jett lost to Edd and his brother Duane Stone back at Glory in May of this year... On that night, Edd turned on Duane, and despite capturing the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles from Seeker and Jett, split up!! From that night on, Seeker and Jett's career trajectory took a downward turn... Jett picked up a career, and even life, threatening injury at Mid Summer Madness, and Seeker has yet to kick on as a singles competitor... This is his chance to change that though... A win over Edd Stone next week will do wonders for his confidence and his momentum...

Wade Orson [def.] Akima Brave
The Ring Generals [def.] Robin DaLay & Logan
POISON [def.] Harrison Hash
Los Monteros [def.] Erik Strong & Donte Dunn
Sean Deeley [def.] The Natural
Gargantuan [def.] Aaron Andrews

Continuing their domination in the 'free agent' market, United States Pro Wrestling have just completed one of the signings of 2017... Joining USPW's roster in the next few weeks will be former WLW mega star Magnum Kobe!! The Japanese star broke his neck in 2016, but after a year out, he's back, and ready to re-start his career in the USA!!

Unbelievably, 21st Century Wrestling have closed their doors today, after racking up insurmountable debts... NOTBPW stepped in to pillage some of their talent, and a few young Brits will be making their way to NOTBPW's developmental territory... As for the likes of Tommy Cornell, Dark Angel, Edward Cornell, and Harry Wilson, they will be available to sign by any other promotion, so expect to hear about where they end up very soon!! I'm resisting the temptation to sign Tommy Cornell as I did for my previous NOTBPW/CGC Diary, and of course, he was the top guy in my 21CW Diary... It'll be interesting to see where all four and others end up...

Ugh!! I love TEW because it throws things like this next news item up unexpectedly... Then sometimes I hate the game, for the exact same reason... In this case, I feel I should have seen this coming and planned better for it... Just under 11 months ago, I replaced my 'Figurehead' Sean McFly because he was on the time decline list... I replaced him with Steve DeColt, who I'm yet to find out if he's any good as a Figurehead, as it takes 12 months... Well now DeColt is on the Time Decline!! He's 44... I should have known this was coming... I'm going to stick with him though, as I want to feel the benefits of him as the 'Ace', and he truly is the best option I have... Believe me, I've checked...!!

One last thing, I almost finished this show, and then took around 6 weeks off writing, so the next show might not be quite as succinct and in tune as it could be... Apologies in advance... If I 'do a WWE' and forget a storyline, please feel free to let me know as I can always revisit it... unless I forgot it for a reason haha!!

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