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AUGUST 2017, WEEK 4…

Show Rating: 85

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'RDJ' Ricky Dale Johnson

Kicking us off tonight, was a NOTBPW Tag Team Title Match... The challengers: Bad Reputation (Dan DaLay and Derek Frost) earned this opportunity a long time ago in truth, and they were here to FINALLY capture the Gold!! Their opponents: Primed For Progress (Cameron Vessey and Christian Price) are two-time Champions, and tonight, they were accompanied to the ring by their new friends 'The Animal' Edd Stone and 'Iron Man' Tim Westybrook...

Bad Reputation (Dan DaLay & Derek Frost) [vs] Primed For Progress (Cameron Vessey & Christian Price) w/ Edd Stone & Tim Westybrook

Bad Reputation are a big, bad, tag team. But this tag team match resembled more of a 3 on 2 handicap match. Edd Stone kept himself to himself, and occasionally attempted to wind Ricky Dale Johnson up on commentary. But Tim Westybrook was a constant thorn in Dan DaLay and Derek Frost's side!! However, RDJ grew weary of Edd's actions, and he smashed a steel chair off the back of 'The Animal's' head! He delivered a chair shot to Tim Westybrook too!! The distraction drew the attention of Cameron Vessey, and he turned his back on the in-ring action. Dan DaLay delivered a 'DaLay Down' Headbutt to Christian Price, and fell into the cover to score the win, and capture the Gold!!

Winners: and NEW NOTBPW Tag Team Champions: Bad Reputation (Dan DaLay & Derek Frost)
Rating: 85 (Match of the Night)
Finish: 'DaLay Down' Headbutt

With a bit of back up from Bad Reputation, Ricky Dale Johnson grabbed a microphone and spoke directly to Cameron Vessey, as well as the fallen Edd Stone, Tim Westybrook and Christian Price... He told the group that he has made some calls, and has an announcement to make to them... He told them he could now officially announce the first legend he had chosen to join his team at The Scramble...

Ricky Dale Johnson: “I have a man who actually called ME... And Cameron... You know this man VERY well... He actually asked me to keep an eye on you when I came here... and that man's name... is BRYAN... VESSEY!!!”

Cameron Vessey's Uncle Bryan Vessey!!! The well-decorated former Champion in TCW, TRAINED Cameron Vessey when he was young, and helped him to become a well-decorated former Champion in NOTBPW himself... Ricky Dale Johnson has named Bryan Vessey for his team of Legends to take on Edd Stone, Tim Westybrook and Primed For Progress (Cameron Vessey and Christian Price) at The Scramble... He has two spaces left, and we'll find out the two names in the coming weeks...

NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt was backstage next, when there was a knock on his door... In walked ALL THREE of Alex's Brothers: Jack DeColt, Ricky DeColt and Steve DeColt... The three DeColt Brothers had differing fortunes at Summer Smash, and Alex wasted little time in getting to the bottom of why he'd called all three into his office... 'The Mind' was furious with Steve DeColt for letting Ricky DeColt be one of his 'weapons' in TOTAL WAR, and then laughed that it backfired on him...

Alex DeColt: “You tried to CHEAT... You tried to get one over on 'The Monster' (Gargantuan)... but justice was served, and BOTH of you lost... So now... You're going back to the very BOTTOM of NOTBPW... Tonight, you'll fight the lowest of the low in a tag team match... It'll be Steve and Ricky DeColt... versus Robin DaLay, and his little buddy: Logan!!”

Alex DeColt then turned his attention to his other brother 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt... who had a great showing against the aforementioned Logan at Summer Smash... Jack beat Logan down and dominated him, and Alex said he was proud of his 'Wild' Brother... For Jack's reward, he'll get a match against 'High Energy' Thrill Seeker later tonight... The winner of that match will earn some much needed momentum in the race to be the next challenger for the undefeated Gargantuan's NOTBPW Canadian Championship...

'All Business' Harrison Hash [vs] 'Dark Watch' Aldous Blackfriar w/ Mutant

A brutal match here, in which Harrison Hash attempted to torture Aldous Blackfriar and pick up an early submission victory. But it was the involvement at ringside of 'The King of the Wasteland' Mutant that made the difference. A clothesline behind the referee's back nearly took Hash's head off on the outside of the ring, and from then on, Aldous was in control. He won the match with a 'Super Kick'

Winner: 'Dark Watch' Aldous Blackfriar w/ Mutant
Rating: 71
Finish: 'Super Kick'

Aldous Blackfriar ended the match with his arms outstretched... He essentially asked the fans if they were suitably entertained as Mutant climbed slowly into the ring behind him... 'Mayhem' have been a great tag team so far in their young careers, but are they ready to take the next step... Aldous asked for a microphone and told the fans that they are NOT finished with 'Bad Reputation'... He said that the new NOTBPW Tag Team Champions had better watch their backs, because Mayhem will be the NEXT Tag Team Champions!!

Speaking of tag teams, we saw a pre-taped interview with Gino Montero and Luis Montero Jr: 'Los Monteros', who were speaking with Tim Weightman... Lost Monteros spoke about their loss to the now former NOTBPW Tag Team Champions: Cameron Vessey and Christian Price, and how disappointing the loss was... They'd put in work as a tag team for almost ten years, working towards an opportunity like that, in a company like NOTBPW... But they came up short... Ever since the defeat, rumours have been swirling that the Montero Brothers were DONE, and that this was a one off short run with the company... But Gino wanted to set the record straight...

Gino Montero: “We are not here, ta help our Father (Luis Montero Snr.) sell more of his books... We are here... ta become tha BEST tag team in tha history... of NOTBPW... We've dominated South of tha Border... and now we dominate North of tha Border as well... We are here to STAY!!”

Back live, we headed to the locker room, where Sean Deeley was rallying his troops: Ernest Youngman, Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler... 'The Shooter' told his group that they have been AWFUL lately in the ring... Letting him down at every turn... and if things don't change soon, HE might have to make some personnel changes himself...!! Deeley said that tonight, Ernest Youngman will go 1 on 1 against Solomon Gold... He then confirmed that he'd be seeing Alex DeColt later tonight to talk about an opportunity for Waldorf and Statler: 'The Ring Generals'!!

Thrill Seeker [vs] 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt

Thrill Seeker and Jack DeColt put on a very good match here, but it was a little one-sided in truth. The 'Wild' DeColt Brother has been in good form of late, and he continued that here with a dominant display. Seeker had some nice moments, and hit a brilliant dropkick in the corner that almost knocked Jack DeColt out of the ring. But Jack's 'End Of Days' finisher was all it took to put Seeker away to end a fun to watch contest.

Winner: 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt
Rating: 80
Finish: 'End Of Days'


Next up, we learned that next week we're going to see a First Time Ever contest between Aaron Andrews and NOTBPW Canadian Champion Gargantuan!! As the challengers stack up for 'The Monster', a victory for Andrews could lead him to join the long list of men lining up to get a shot... However, standing in Andrews' way is an undefeated BEAST, who has so far been a dominant Champion... This isn't just a first 1 on 1 match between the two... It's the first time they've EVER been in the same match!! Can 'The Ace' be the man to beat 'The Monster'...?!

Also in action next week, 'Shooter' Sean Deeley will compete 1 on 1 with a currently unknown opponent... His friends The Ring Generals (Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler) will also be in the ring next week... Again, their opponents are being kept as a surprise for now... Their partner Ernest Youngman will be in action when NOTBPW Championship Wrestling returns... taking on plucky youngster Solomon Gold, who will be accompanied to the ring by HIS tag team partner The Natural...

w/ w/
Solomon Gold w/ The Natural [vs] Ernest Youngman w/ Sean Deeley and The Ring Generals

Interesting encounter between two young talents here. Ernest Youngman is only 24, but he has SIX years of experience on Solomon Gold. 'The Hillbilly Heartthrob' has only been wrestling with NOTBPW for four months after completing his training, and he was outclassed by Youngman in this match. The Natural did all he could at ringside, but his young friend was soundly beaten when he walked onto 'The Hit' and was pinned.

Winner: Ernest Youngman w/ Sean Deeley and The Ring Generals
Rating: 69
Finish: 'The Hit' (Pounce)

Backstage, Katie Cameron was interviewing young British wrestling star 'Awesome' Wade Orson... Orson was talking about his performance in the One Night Tournament last week, in which after defeating Sean Deeley in Round One, he came up short in Round Two against his rival: POISON... The win over Deeley was a shock, but the loss to POISON may well have been a shock too... Especially after Orson defeated POISON at Summer Smash... But Wade Orson had a theory on the eventual Finals of the Tournament... Where POISON came up short to Sonny Wildside...

Wade Orson: “If I had gotten past POISON, I think I could have beaten Sonny Wildside on that night... and then it would be ME challenging James Hernandez for the Television Title... But at The Scramble... I want ONE MORE MATCH against POISON... He tried to take me out, and I want to take HIM out...!!”

Steve DeColt & Ricky DeColt [vs] Robin DaLay & Logan

Steve and Ricky DeColt are awesome singles wrestlers, but together they create an intense opposition for whoever is in the ring against them. They don't seem to let up at all, and they threw Robin DaLay and Logan around the ring for almost the entire match here. It was a short match, and a dominant victory following a 'DeColt .45' from Ricky DeColt to Logan!

Winners: Steve DeColt & Ricky DeColt
Rating: 79
Finish: 'DeColt .45' (Super Kick)

Following a successful performance in the One Night Tournament last week, Sonny Wildside will now face James Hernandez for the NOTBPW Television Championship... 'The Man Without Fear' won three matches in one night last week, and will now challenge the man in incredible form for the Title, whenever he wants... Depending on the result of tonight's Main Event, that match may happen at The Scramble... Next week, Wildside will be HERE to name the time and the place for the Title shot, and should Hernandez win tonight, he could choose next week for his shot...!!

Winner Receives a NOTBPW Canadian Title Match:

Angry Gilmore [vs] 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh [vs] 'Mainstream' James Hernandez

After a double suplex on the ramp from Angry Gilmore and James Hernandez, Danny Cavanagh spent most of the first few minutes on the outside of the ring, lying on his back and regaining his composure. But he knew that the first man to gain pinfall or submission would win the match, so he couldn't stay out of the ring for long! He jumped Hernandez from behind, right when the NOTBPW Television Champion was beginning to roll and beginning to look like he would put Gilmore away! From then on, big Cav was in control, throwing his two opponents around the ring, and using his superior strength to his advantage. His performance was great, but he lost focus late on, such is his desire to be the man to stop Gargantuan. He took his eye off Angry Gilmore, and he soon found himself locked in the brutal 'Anger Management' Arm Bar, and he had no choice but to tap!

Winner: Angry Gilmore
Rating: 80
Finish: 'Anger Management' (Arm Bar)

So Angry Gilmore will be the man to go on to face Gargantuan at The Scramble... The NOTBPW Canadian Title will be on the line... Just six weeks after Gilmore's debut with the Canadian promotion... He won't have faced a man like Gargantuan before though... 'The Monster' is HUGE, and freakishly strong, and it's arguable whether Gilmore will be able to lock in his 'Anger Management' Arm Bar finisher... If he can't, the newcomer will have to think of something else he can do to stop his large opponent and capture the extremely coveted Championship for the first ever time...

Bad Reputation [def.] Primed For Progress
to WIN the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles
Aldous Blackfriar [def.] Harrison Hash
Jack DeColt [def.] Thrill Seeker
Ernest Youngman [def.] Solomon Gold
Steve & Ricky DeColt [def.] Robin DaLay & Logan
Angry Gilmore [def.] James Hernandez and Danny Cavanagh

PGHW have risen to National Size!! The company are hot on the trail of NOTBPW, in the race for 6th biggest company!! The current Top Five is: USPW... 21CW... SWF... SOTBPW... TCW..., in that order!! It helps PGHW that PRIDE Koiso defeated Yoshimi Mushashibo in a recent Main Event 100 Rated Match!!

So... They just won the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles... and Derek Frost is now injured... He's only out for 21 days, and can still wrestle in that time with a 'Bruised Eye Socket'... So I'm just going to leave it, and pretend it didn't happen... My tag team division is CURSED!!

BHOTWG have a group of American Wrestlers under contract, who I'm saying have teamed up to form their own version of 'The Bullet Club'... Helikaon (KC Glenn) is the leader of the group, and he has enlisted the help of Big Bruiser Findlay (O'Farraday), Zero (Simon Flemmingway), Jimmy Cox, The Keith Twins (Greg Gauge & Matthew Keith) and Rhino Umaga, the cousin of current NOTBPW star Akima Brave... KC Glenn's stats are ridiculous by the way... If he becomes available, I will be signing him straight away!! It would be 'Too Sweet' to have him on my roster...

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