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ONE NIGHT TOURNAMENT for a shot at the NOTBPW Television Title!!

AUGUST 2017, WEEK 3...

Show Rating: 80

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend

Just Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend on commentary again tonight, after Ricky Dale Johnson was again beaten up by Edd Stone... This time, Stone had some help in the form of Tim Westybrook, Cameron Vessey and Christian Price... But with a lot to get to tonight, we kicked off with in-ring action... A ROUND ONE Match from tonight's One Night Tournament... Joining Wade Orson and Sean Deeley in the tournament were Thrill Seeker, Aaron Andrews, Sonny Wildside, POISON, Ernest Youngman and the aforementioned Edd Stone... But up first, Orson and Deeley 1 on 1 for the first ever time...

Wade Orson and Sean Deeley have never fought before, as Orson spent the first six and a half years of his career in the United Kingdom. They had a clash of styles throughout, but Sean Deeley's wrestling skills were there for everyone to see. 'The Shooter' got a little bit cocky late on though, and he allowed Orson a little too much time to recover following a German Suplex. Deeley punched Orson in the mouth when he was up, and the Brit landed on his back. But he suddenly kipped up to deliver the 'Bounce Back'!

Winner: 'Awesome' Wade Orson
Rating: 79
Finish: 'Bounce Back' (Kip Up DDT)

Wade Orson's unstoppable finishing move did the trick yet again... His 'Bounce Back' is a move that is hit out of nowhere, and seems to have no counter to it whatsoever... Arguably, Sean Deeley should have known better than to give the British starlet time to recover in the corner... He should have followed up the German Suplex, but he was too cocky, and now he's OUT of the tournament... Wade Orson moves on, and he'll fight the winner of Thrill Seeker and POISON... If POISON wins, he and Orson will pick up their rivalry where they left off at Summer Smash...

Next up, we took a look at the NOTBPW Canadian Championship picture... 'The Monster' Gargantuan successfully defended his Title at Summer Smash against Steve DeColt in TOTAL WAR, but the question needs to be asked now: Who is next...?! 'Mainstream' James Hernandez, the NOTBPW Television Champion came incredibly close to beating Gargantuan a couple of weeks ago... 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh has also given 'The Monster' a run for his money recently... But it was Angry Gilmore who called his shot following TOTAL WAR... We learned that NEXT WEEK, the three men will compete in a Triple Threat Match... The winner of that match will be Gargantuan's next challenger!!!

Thrill Seeker and POISON have a lot of history as both opponents, and tag team partners (in my previous NOTBPW/CGC diary). Despite their familiarity, POISON wouldn't allow Seeker to hit ANY of his trademark offence. He wouldn't let the Canadian veteran breathe, especially in the closing stages of the match. As Seeker attempted a high springboard cross body, but POISON was on him before he hit the ropes. POISON locked Seeker in his 'Antidote Web' and he tapped out!

Winner: POISON
Rating: 76
Finish: 'Antidote Web' (Tazmission)

Another match booked for next week... The NOTBPW Tag Team Titles will be on the line as the Number One Contenders Bad Reputation (Dan DaLay and Derek Frost) will FINALLY get their long awaited Title shot against Primed For Progress (Cameron Vessey and Christian Price)... NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt had better hope Bad Rep win the Titles... Because if they don't... If they're stopped from winning by unfair means, or by someone interfering... There's every chance Dan DaLay will reveal Alex's big secret... a story that has been running for a long time...

Much like the opening First Round Match, this was fan favourite against in-ring technician, but Aaron Andrews doesn't lack in the chain wrestling or submission skills. He stood toe-to-toe with Ernest Youngman here, and taught the talented 24 year old a few lessons. Edd Stone made an appearance late on, and the distraction allowed Youngman to slam Andrews ribs first into the ring steps! However in the end, Youngman was put down with the 'Standing Hot Shot' by an injured Andrews!

Winner: 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews
Rating: 79
Finish: 'Standing Hot Shot' (Spanish Fly)

Aaron Andrews was badly hurt by the altercation caused by the arrival of Edd Stone... 'The Animal' remained at ringside, as HIS First Round Match was on deck next... Andrews was helped to the back by medical personnel, fearing for his chances of going the distance in tonight's One Night Tournament!! 'The Ace' will battle the winner of Sonny Wildside and his rival Edd Stone in the Semi Finals, and that match was on deck next...!!

This match was on it's way to being the pick of the First Round battles. Sonny Wildside and Edd Stone have only ever been in the ring together during battle royales, and so tonight was their first ever 1 on 1 match. 'The Animal' Edd Stone was able to control Wildside for large portions of the match, but it's hard to keep a dynamic performer like him controlled for long! The fight back was on, but Ricky Dale Johnson's music hit when Edd had delivered an illegal low blow behind the referee's back. RDJ sprinted to the ring, and Edd got the heck out of dodge! He hopped the guard rail, and was eventually counted out!

Winner: 'No Fear' Sonny Wildside
Rating: 78
Finish: Count Out

Wade Orson's victory over Sean Deeley, and now Sonny Wildside defeating Edd Stone, two huge upsets in Round One, and we now have two mouthwatering Semi Finals... Wade Orson and POISON will renew their feud from Summer Smash... On that night, Orson picked up the win, but that was their only meeting in a singles match... Sonny Wildside and Aaron Andrews will compete in our other Semi Final... They too have never fought 1 on 1 before... But with Andrews' injured ribs, he could well be hampered...

Gino Montero and Luis Montero Jr. had a great showing at this past weekend's Summer Smash Event... but rumours have been swirling ever since that they are DONE in NOTBPW... Was it a one off run that ended because they didn't capture the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles...?! Were they here to help promote their Father's new autobiography, and the promotion he is the Head Booker for: EMLL...?! We're going to find out the answers to all of these questions, and more, next week as Los Monteros will sit down with Timothy Weightman for an EXCLUSIVE interview!!

Wade Orson hates POISON, and the veteran multi-coloured haired POISON isn't a massive fan of Orson either. But due to POISON's experience edge, he was able to use Orson's hatred to his advantage. Orson went too far a few times, and was pulled away by the referee, and POISON delivered a thumb to the eye on the third separation. For the finish, partially blinded in one eye, Orson began swinging wildly! He missed three huge right hands, and on the fourth, POISON pulled the Brit in his 'Antidote Web'!

Winner: POISON
Rating: 74
Finish: 'Antidote Web' (Tazmission)

POISON through to the Finals of the One Night Tournament... But next up, the announce team spoke for a while about the DeColt Family... Due to a Family Wedding, NO members of the most powerful family in NOTBPW (Except maybe The Stone Family) were here tonight... Alex DeColt booked a One Night Tournament and has allowed it to play out... Jack DeColt beat up and then beat Logan at Summer Smash this past weekend, but what did he gain from doing it...?! What was the purpose of the match...?! As for Ricky and Steve DeColt, they arguably BOTH lost to Gargantuan inside TOTAL WAR... In what was essentially a handicap match with NO rules, the Brothers came up short... Where do they go from here...?! With none of them here tonight, they will ALL be back on NOTBPW Championship Wrestling next week...

Aaron Andrews began and finished this match with his ribs heavily taped. Despite having a distinct disadvantage due to a previous injury, he was still the favourite in there against 'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside. He dominated to begin with, but Wildside was soon in control, following a couple of well placed stiff kicks to the mid-section. The finishing move was the 'Fear Factor' Moonsault Stomp, and that move finished Andrews' ribs off for the night! He couldn't kick out of the resulting pin!

Winner: 'No Fear' Sonny Wildside
Rating: 80
Finish: 'Fear Factor' (Moonsault Stomp)

So it'll be Sonny Wildside versus POISON in tonight's Final... But we saw Edd Stone, Tim Westybrook, Cameron Vessey and Christian Price backstage next... The group of four were talking about WHY they teamed up back at Summer Smash... Edd Stone lead everything, and the other three just nodded along with what he was saying... Edd spoke about 'so called veterans' like Ricky Dale Johnson, and their need to just retire... Edd has already gotten rid of guys like Duane Stone... Sean McFly... Dan Stone Jr, and Jeremy Stone... and he could do that on his own... But now, there's a new problem...

Edd Stone: “To Aaron Andrews... I say one simple word... “SORRY”... I'm sorry, that you got in the way of my quest to take out Ricky Dale Johnson... I'm sorry, that you ended up getting hurt tonight, as a DIRECT result of your friendship with him... And I'm sorry, that you're just in the way... But RDJ has gone too far this time... So I'm begging you... RDJ... Pick a team of four... Bring some veterans... bring some legends... and at The Scramble, we will destroy you all!!”

After a long night for both men, POISON came in to this match with a slight advantage due to his Semi Final Match being first, giving him a longer rest in between Semi Final and Final. Sonny Wildside therefore, was the underdog for the THIRD match in a row! He won the first two, so anything can happen in NOTBPW. POISON was on the offence right from the beginning, using throws and slams to keep the slightly smaller Wildside on the back foot. But just like earlier in the show, Wildside didn't spend long with his back against the wall. Wildside delivered two big clotheslines, and then as POISON headed to the outside of the ring, he hit a suicide dive to the rainbow haired veteran! He threw POISON back into the ring, but then walked onto a DDT. A near fall followed, and then POISON decided to attempt a superplex. Wildside somehow fought POISON off of him, turned around, and then delivered the amazing 'Fear Factor' Moonsault Stomp!!

Winner: 'No Fear' Sonny Wildside
Rating: 77
Finish: 'Fear Factor' (Moonsault Stomp)

The underdog in every match he fought in tonight, Sonny Wildside showed absolutely NO FEAR in all of them!! He also won them all, and ended up becoming the winner of tonight's One Night Tournament!! His victories over Edd Stone, Aaron Andrews and now POISON have earned him a NOTBPW Television Title shot against 'Mainstream' James Hernandez... No doubt Wildside will be the underdog in that match too... But he WILL get to name the time and the place of the match!! He'll have to wait until after next week's show though... Because Hernandez might find himself in a NOTBPW Canadian Title Match come 'The Scramble'... He'll have to beat Angry Gilmore and Danny Cavanagh in a Triple Threat Match, but with his win/loss record, Hernandez may well be the favourite!!

Round One:
Wade Orson [def.] Sean Deeley
POISON [def.] Thrill Seeker
Aaron Andrews [def.] Ernest Youngman
Sonny Wildside [def.] Edd Stone

Semi Finals:
POISON [def.] Wade Orson
Sonny Wildside [def.] Aaron Andrews

Sonny Wildside [def.] POISON

Who will be the Runner Up in the Tournament?: POISON

Who will be the eventual Winner of the Tournament?: Sonny Wildside

PGHW and WLW have come to terms on a 'non-aggression pact' which will allow the two Japanese companies to stay away from the other's talent while under contract!! Potentially huge news for the Japanese wrestling scene... Speaking of PGHW, two of their top stars suffered injuries during last night's tapings: Gonnohyoe Kada picked up a nasty cracked sternum, while Kazushige Matsuki will take time off in order to heal a dislocated shoulder... Neither man are expected to be out long, but it's still a big blow to the company... After I'd written all this down, the 6th best wrestler in the world of last year: Kozue Kawashima injured his back... The decorated PGHW Main Event star will miss almost three months of action!!

The Supreme Wrestling Federation have finally pulled the trigger on promoting Scythe from their developmental company... The 25 year old weighs over 325lbs, and stands 6'10... Rhode Island Pro Wrestling will miss him as he debuts for the SWF... But thoughts are he'll go very, very far with the company...

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