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Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'RDJ' Ricky Dale Johnson

With Ricky Dale Johnson (RDJ) back on the announce team tonight, we were in for a wild show... Seven matches, with three Championships on the line... Obviously, Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend were desperate to ask RDJ about the brutal attacks that we've seen from Edd Stone lately... RDJ hasn't been on commentary much for the past few weeks due to Stone's attacks, but the veteran didn't want to make tonight about him... He said it's time to just focus on the night ahead... Speaking of which, we cut to a NOTBPW Legend sat in the crowd: Owen Love, who is currently out injured...

Love was watching the opening contest, which would feature his tag team partner and best friend: The Natural... Natural's new partner is Solomon Gold, and the American Blondes will look to pick up a huge victory, and then go on to face whoever the Tag Team Champions are after tonight... Standing in their way in our opening encounter, will be Mayhem (Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant)... The Ring Generals (Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler)... and Bad Reputation (Dan DaLay and Derek Frost), who STILL haven't revealed the secret that they hold over NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt...

Two rivalries collided in this four-team elimination match! Mayhem have been going after Bad Reputation lately, claiming they don't deserve the opportunities they've been receiving. The Ring Generals and The American Blondes have been on different sides of a war of sorts, in which the four men have been joined by Ernest Youngman, Sean Deeley and Sonny Wildside and others at different times. In this match, the first team out were the American Blondes. Solomon Gold, who struggled to keep up with the exceptional talent in the ring, was pinned following a 'Waldorf Salad Toss' (Pop Up Powerbomb). Waldorf made a good start to the match, but he was the next man pinned, after Derek Frost hit his 'Snow Plow' Spear! Down to two teams, and Mayhem wanted to make sure they were heard. They continued to shout about bad Reputation NOT being deserving of this opportunity! But when Dan DaLay hit his 'DaLay Down' Headbutt on Mutant, and he fell into Aldous, things looked to be in Bad Rep's favour! A second 'DaLay Down' to Mutant put the big man on his back, and DaLay fell into the cover!!

Winners: Bad Reputation (Dan DaLay and Derek Frost)
Rating: 83
Finish: 'DaLay Down' (Headbutt)

After the match, Dan DaLay and Derek Frost celebrated with Logan and Robin DaLay... AND... Dan's sister (Robin's Aunt) Romy DaLay...! Romy was in the crowd, and Logan looked incredibly nervous... The young man has the match of his LIFE later tonight, as he's taking on 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt... A huge win for Bad Reputation though, and they're now the Number One Contenders for the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles... One down, and one to go, for this group... but will Logan even survive tonight?!

Wade Orson has been wanting to get his hands on the man known only as 'POISON' for weeks. POISON returned from a long lay off recently, and made it known that the first man in his sights was Orson! He attacked Orson, and since then Orson hasn't been able to find the poisonous one. Orson attempted to nullify POISON with a number of submission attempts tonight, but POISON kept grabbing the bottom rope to force the break. In the end, when things weren't going his way, POISON decided to deliver a thumb to the eye on the outside of the ring, and roll Orson back in. Instead of getting back inside the ring himself, POISON left the ringside area on purpose, and got himself counted out!!

Winner: 'Awesome' Wade Orson
Rating: 71
Finish: Count Out

Wade Orson will be furious with the outcome of this match... he got the win, but he would have liked to have pinned POISON and sent him packing... Both Orson and POISON will join Aaron Andrews, Edd Stone, Ernest Youngman, Sean Deeley, Sonny Wildside and Thrill Seeker in the One Night Tournament this week on Championship Wrestling...!! A point that needs to be made here is that IF either Sean Deeley, Sonny Wildside or Thrill Seeker win their match, which is next, then Hernandez will replace them in the Tournament with the chance of winning back his Title... IF either Danny Cavanagh or Tim Westybrook win tonight, then Hernandez will NOT get a re-match!!

James Hernandez's NOTBPW Television Title reign was in serious jeopardy here. Five of the top Upper Mid Card and Main Event talents on the roster were chomping at the bit to get their hands on the Gold! All five challengers approached the one fall match in different ways. Thrill Seeker flew around the ring, and hit high risk moves on all of his opponents. Danny Cavanagh thought the best way to win the match was to throw his rivals around the ringside area, crashing them into barriers and ring steps! Sonny Wildside took every risk he possibly could, and came perhaps closest to winning the match with a near fall on Sean Deeley. Speaking of Deeley, 'The Shooter' tried to incapacitate his opponents on the ramp in a series of submission attempts! But Tim Westybrook had possibly the best strategy. Stay away from everyone, and off of everyone's radar. Then play possum if they do decide to attack, and gain an unfair upper hand! But despite the odds stacked highly against him, 'Mainstream' James Hernandez somehow fought hard enough for long enough, to pick up the win. He hit his 'Apparition #14' Spear on Sean Deeley!

Winner: and STILL NOTBPW Television Champion: 'Mainstream' James Hernandez
Rating: 81
Finish: 'Apparition #14' (Spear)

'Mainstream' James Hernandez capped an incredible few months with yet another victory here, this time overcoming five men in one match!! The question now needs to be asked if anyone can defeat the young NOTBPW Television Champion!? He'll find out his next challenger as early as this week on NOTBPW Championship Wrestling... Where we'll see EIGHT men compete in a one night, single elimination, tournament... Sean Deeley, Sonny Wildside and Thrill Seeker, who we just saw in action, will join Ernest Youngman, Edd Stone, Aaron Andrews, POISON and Wade Orson in the tournament...

This was an intriguing first-time ever battle between two men with differing experience levels. Having watched his friends Dan DaLay and Derek Frost win earlier tonight, the man known only as Logan knew it would be difficult to follow it with a win for himself. 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt battered Logan tonight. He treated him like a punch bag at times. A punch bag he could throw around the ring and rag-doll from corner to corner! Logan got some shots in, but he was dominated in truth. It was clear that Jack DeColt was a little conflicted once again though. He didn't know if he should be ending the match, or continuing to hurt Logan. In the end, he hit 'End Of Days' after around 7 minutes, finally putting Logan out of his misery.

Winner: 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt
Rating: 70
Finish: 'End Of Days'

The Montero Brothers have made an excellent start to their NOTBPW careers, picking up a couple of wins on NOTBPW Championship Wrestling, and generally impressing with their in-ring skills. However tonight, they took on the NOTBPW Tag Team Champions: Cameron Vessey and Christian Price. The two-time reigning Champs are well decorated members of the NOTBPW roster, and tonight they proved why they're the number one tag team in the company. They isolated Luis Montero Jr., who is the eldest of the two Montero Brothers. Luis couldn't get out of the corner of the cocky 'Primed For Progress', and was desperate for a tag to the fresh Gino! Eventually though, somehow, Luis crawled to his corner following a super kick that rocked Cameron Vessey's jaw! Gino Montero sprung into the ring by flipping over the top rope and over the onrushing Christian Price. Gino kicked and knocked down both of his opponents, but he was in there 2 against 1 because his older brother was in pain on the outside of the ring. Gino was eventually put down by a 'Stud Stopper' from Christian Price, and was pinned as Vessey held Luis Montero Jr. at bay!

Winners: and STILL NOTBPW Tag Team Champions: Primed For Progress
Rating: 79
Finish: 'Stud Stopper' Stunner

A valiant effort from the Montero Brothers, but they were up against an experienced duo in Primed For Progress... Cameron Vessey and Christian Price respectfully left Gino Montero and Luis Montero Jr. in the ring so they could receive a standing ovation from the fans... The announce team asked if this was the last time The Montero Brothers would be seen in NOTBPW...!! They suggested that the two Mexican stars could have only been here in Canada for a one month run, including a NOTBPW Tag Team Title shot... They asked if we'd EVER see them again...

Aaron Andrews is the hero in this story, as he came to the aid of commentator Ricky Dale Johnson when Edd Stone attacked him. Stone's actions were deplorable, and he went even further by going after RDJ's colleagues Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend. All three announcers found it difficult to remain impartial when Edd was on the attack against Aaron Andrews; a man they see as their 'hero', as the man who saved them from Stone not once, but twice!! Both men in the match tried to take the other one out for good with various vicious moves. Stone hit multiple super kicks while Andrews was tied in the ropes, and nearly knocked 'The Ace's' teeth out. Andrews was able to land a brutal spinning forearm, and a DDT onto the ring steps! But the finish came about when Edd blocked Andrews' attempt to jump from the top rope. He joined Andrews up there, and tried to hit a superplex. But Andrews was able to flip Stone over, and hit his 'Hot Shot' from the top rope!! Edd's entire body was rattled, and 'The Animal' was easy to pin!!

Winner: 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews
Rating: 84
Finish: 'Hot Shot' (Spanish Fly)

The match was over, and out of nowhere, Tim Westybrook, Cameron Vessey and Christian Price appeared in the crowd, in three different corners of the audience!! Aaron Andrews was having his hand raised when he spotted Westybrook, and began shouting at the big man... Nobody knew what was going on, but with Andrews' gaze taken by Westybrook, it allowed Vessey and Price to climb into the ring unopposed, and the NOTBPW Tag Team Champions jumped Andrews!! Westybrook soon joined the attack, and it was suddenly 3 on 1... 'The Animal' Edd Stone didn't look surprised by the attack, and began directing traffic... Andrews got some help though...

Ricky Dale Johnson removed his microphone after some loud 'R-D-J' chants, and he slid into the ring... He delivered a hard right hand to Cameron Vessey's jaw, before taking Christian Price down at the knees and mounting the young Tag Team Champion!! Tim Westybrook slammed into RDJ's hip with a vicious looking knee though, that took the wind out of the announcer, and the 47 year old was taken down in one fell swoop... 4 against 2 was never going to go well for Andrews and RDJ, and they received no further help... Nobody could have known this was going to happen... and it left RDJ's fellow announcers Tom Townsend and Peter Michaels asking one simple question... Why??

After a night packed with action, both in the ring, and out of it, it was time for the Main Event!! The TOTAL WAR Cell began to lower and be fixed around the ring... Four large boxes were then transported to the ring and placed in each corner... Two with 'GARGANTUAN' written on them, and two with 'STEVE DeCOLT'... Both men got to choose weapons that would be legal in the match once their box was opened, and the boxes were HUGE... The size of the boxes took up the entire corner, much like a pod from an Elimination Chamber Match... Pin falls and submissions can't occur until ALL FOUR boxes have been opened... and they are they ONLY ways to win...

Four huge boxes surrounded the ring, and both men in the match knew they would need to open them in order to be able to win the contest. Steve DeColt knew he would have to use the weapons inside effectively in order to stand any chance against 'The Monster'! Steve DeColt went for it early on, and delivered some hard shots to Gargantuan's face. Kicks and elbows stunned the big Canadian Champion, but he wouldn't go down. He just kept bouncing off the ropes until he eventually walked onto a drop-toe-hold! Gargantuan was down, and Steve DeColt pounced. The veteran Canadian smothered 'The Monster', and he couldn't get up. Steve was then able to stomp on Gargantuan's left hamstring, and the NOTBPW Canadian Champion was in real trouble. Particularly as DeColt went for his first weapon!! He opened one of his large boxes, and looked disappointed when he revealed the weapon he had chosen. But the announce team asked HOW he can be disappointed with the weapon, when the weapon was a large boot with thumb tacks sticking out the bottom!! Steve DeColt began lacing up the boot over his wrestling boot, and was readying it for another attack, when Gargantuan exploded into life!

Steve DeColt was flattened by a huge lariat, delivered by a man with a very injured left leg! But unfortunately for DeColt, that man was still a monster, in the Canadian Champion Gargantuan! 'The Outsider' was down now, and Gargantuan began to remove the boot that was half laced up. He glared at the weapon that DeColt had chosen, and looked disgusted with his opponent. He decided to fling the boot up onto one of his own boxes, which meant DeColt would have to climb up there to get it!! Gargantuan's disgusted look turned into a smile when he hit another lariat, and then scoop slammed 'The Outsider'. Gargantuan stepped on Steve DeColt as he strolled over to one of HIS weapon boxes. He opened it up, and revealed his first weapon: A boat load of tables!! DeColt was soon dropped through a table with a chokeslam!! Gargantuan then wondered over to his second box, but stopped as he arrived at it. He glared over to Steve DeColt's second box, and walked over to that instead! He opened the door, and looked shocked by the weapon he saw. Because what he saw, wasn't a weapon at all!

Steve DeColt's Brother Ricky DeColt leapt out of the box, and began attacking Gargantuan. 'The Monster' was the man who put Ricky on the shelf for the last two months, and Ricky DeColt had not forgotten! 'The Young Gun' not only had a point to prove, but he was also out for revenge. The announcers commented on a genius move from Steve DeColt to choose his Brother as his second weapon! They also referenced Steve's disappointment by his first weapon, suggesting that he wanted to select the box with Ricky in first! Steve DeColt soon got back to his feet, and The DeColt Brothers were in control. A 2 on 1 attack ensued, and then it was Gargantuan's turn to go through a table following a double suplex! Steve pointed at Gargantuan's second box, and the two men approached slowly, knowing that Gargantuan could have chosen a person too! They opened the box and got ready for a fight, but all they found was a LARGE steel chair! The chair was big enough for Gargantuan to sit on, and only Gargantuan was big enough to wield it effectively. But with Steve DeColt AND Ricky DeColt holding the chair, it was in the hands of two strong men who could swing it over their heads and crash it down on Gargantuan's back.

The chair had the desired effect, but Steve DeColt wanted to use his other weapon that Gargantuan had thrown onto his box. While Ricky DeColt continued the beat down of Gargantuan, Steve headed up to where the large boot with thumb tacks was waiting. He grabbed the boot and slowly rose to his feet, but young Ricky had taken his eyes off 'The Monster' in the ring with him. Gargantuan hit a lariat that took Ricky down, and then he hoisted Ricky up. The 'Ultimate Backbreaker' (Military Press Drop onto Knee) was the move that took Ricky out over two months ago, and it did for him here tonight too! But Steve DeColt was still standing tall on top of the weapon box. Steve THREW the large boot with thumb tacks at 'The Monster', and it STUCK in his large arm! Steve slowly climbed down from the box, but Gargantuan pounced and knocked him down, with the boot still hanging out of his right bicep! Gargantuan removed the boot, and then delivered the unstoppable 'Ultimate Backbreaker', and Steve DeColt was done!

Winner: and STILL NOTBPW Canadian Champion: 'The Monster' Gargantuan
Rating: 85
Finish: 'Ultimate Backbreaker'

'The Monster' Gargantuan had his hand raised in victory as he stood over two fallen DeColt Brothers yet again... The announce team asked if anyone can stop the NOTBPW Canadian Champion, as he celebrates over eighteen months undefeated... He's now seen off Steve DeColt... Ricky DeColt... Jack DeColt... and he's put Trent Shaffer on the shelf... 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh came close to beating him recently, but only current NOTBPW Television 'Mainstream' James Hernandez has managed to get a draw against the unstoppable big man... Just as the show looked like it was going off the air, it looked like Gargantuan found out who his next challenger could be...

Angry Gilmore has begun his NOTBPW career with two clean victories, one over 'Shooter' Sean Deeley and one over the aforementioned Steve DeColt... Angry Gilmore stayed on the stage as the cell door was opened for Gargantuan's exit... Gargantuan stood in the doorway, as Gilmore pointed to the Championship that rested on 'The Monster's' shoulder... Gilmore signalled that HE will be the next Champion... and called his shot... But can he be the man to stop Gargantuan...?! The show ended without any further incident...

Bad Reputation [def.] The American Blondes, Mayhem & The Ring Generals
Wade Orson [def.] POISON
James Hernandez [def.] Seeker, Cavanagh, Wildside, Deeley & Westybrook
to RETAIN the NOTBPW Television Title
Jack DeColt [def.] Logan
Primed For Progress [def.] The Montero Brothers
to RETAIN the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles
Aaron Andrews [def.] Edd Stone
Gargantuan [def.] Steve DeColt
to RETAIN the NOTBPW Canadian Title

1). With FOUR weapons to be chosen (two each), which weapons will Steve DeColt and Gargantuan choose?: (four choices, point for each correct one) - TABLES... HUGE CHAIR... BOOT WITH THUMBTACS... and RICKY DECOLT!!

2). What will be the final rating of the show?: (within 5 gets a point. Spot on gets 2 points) - 85

3). Which Match will be the Match of the Night?: - Steve DeColt vs Gargantuan

Originally Posted by BigJay2003 View Post
NOTBPW Television Match:
James Hernandez (c) [vs] Thrill Seeker [vs] Danny Cavanagh [vs] Sonny Wildside [vs] Sean Deeley [vs] Tim Westybrook
Comments: I am torn here. I think Hernandez needs to move on, but I don't think he eats a pin here and shouldn't get his first loss in the tournament coming up. So I think he continues to carry it before dropping it in a three-way down the road.
Yeah this was not the place for Hernandez to lose his streak... It's a streak almost as long as Gargantuan's!! On one hand, a six way match is a good place to lose because someone else can take the fall... In other ways, as the booker, I'd want it to be more 'special', using it for part of a feud for example

Originally Posted by John Lions View Post
Grudge Match:
'Awesome' Wade Orson [vs] POISON
Comments: This is a tough one. A win for Orson would be a big deal, but would probably permanently push POISON into a gatekeeper role. I think you are still unsure what you have with POISON so you keep him going strong until you can evaluate him better. Orson's a future star so losses like this "bounce" off of him pretty easy.
Perfectly put with a lovely pun based on his finishing move to end it. POISON deserves the chance to run with this character. When he came in as Joey Poison, I had big plans for him, but the concussion he suffered after just a few matches (all wins) kept him out for over a year!! Now that he's back, the popularity levels of my entire roster have risen to such a point that he's now one of the least popular workers I have. Going in to this match, he was less popular than Orson, who is still a fairly new arrival from the UK!!

Originally Posted by XMultiGames View Post
Grudge Match:
'The Ace' Aaron Andrews [vs] 'The Animal' Edd Stone
Comments: Aaron hasnt had a significant win since coming to NOTBPW, he needs to wins this feud more than Edd Stone.
I've tried to make Aaron Andrews and James Hernandez a little bit different from one another. They've had similar career paths, and arrived in NOTBBPW around the same time. But with Hernandez's streak, I needed 'The Ace's' fortunes to be totally different. Up to this point, he's lost most big feuds and most big matches he's been in..

Originally Posted by King Bison View Post
TOTAL WAR Match for the NOTBPW Canadian Title:
'The Outsider' Steve DeColt [vs] 'The Monster' Gargantuan (c)
Comments: Ganrgantuan should hold the title forever
Forever is a long time. I'll admit, it's going to be hard to build someone up enough to take the Title from him.. But I have plans...

Originally Posted by Leion View Post
First Time Ever Match:
Logan [vs] 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt
Comments: Poor Logan, but this will further the narrative, why do I get the feeling Alex is Logan's father.
This would be an interesting story. The son of the match maker of NOTBPW would give Logan a huge advantage. But then why would he have been put into a match against what would be his 'Uncle', Jack DeColt?! The 'Wild Man' was only ever going to rip his head off!!

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