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AUGUST 2017, WEEK 2…

Show Rating: 82

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend

We opened the show by learning that Ricky Dale Johnson was still not here tonight... But that he'll be here for the pay-per-view this Saturday: Summer Smash 2017!! Edd Stone has attacked him twice now, and he's decided to take a couple of weeks off... We'll hear from Stone shortly... But before that, Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend spent some time bigging up the debut of Angry Gilmore last week!! The mega signing from SWF has deep family roots in Canada, but has never competed for a company North of the Border before!! He defeated Steve DeColt last week, and tonight he'll be in action against 'Shooter' Sean Deeley!! Before all of that though, we had Thrill Seeker and Sonny Wildside going 1 on 1... The two fan favourites will BOTH compete for the NOTBPW Television Title at Summer Smash...

Thrill Seeker [vs] 'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside

This match was book-ended by two respectful handshakes; one before the match, and one after. In between the shows of respect from the two fan favourites, was a hard-hitting match, which both men hobbled out of gingerly. Thrill Seeker showed his experience edge for a while, but he was caught out by Sonny Wildside's pure quickness! In the end, Wildside hit his 'Fear Factor' from the top rope. A move that no one kicks out of!

Winner: 'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside
Rating: 59
Finish: 'Fear Factor' (Moonsault Stomp)

After a short commercial break, the man mentioned at the top of the show: Edd Stone made his way to the ring... He stood in the middle of the ring, and confirmed that he was accepting the challenge of Aaron Andrews for Summer Smash... BUT... He still wants to fight Ricky Dale Johnson... So he slid out of the ring, and sat on a chair next to Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend... Edd began messing with the two veteran announcers... pulling Michaels' tie, and drinking from Townsend's bottle of water... before pouring it out all over the announce desk... The bullying didn't last long... Because Aaron Andrews came flying out from the back!!

Andrews ran down the ramp, and ran around the ring to attack Edd Stone... 'The Animal' ran around the other side of the ring, and thought he'd gotten away... He pointed at his temple, claiming to have outsmarted Andrews... But he turned his back on Andrews, and 'The Ace' had made up a lot of ground on him... Before he knew it, Stone was getting clocked on the back of the head by his rival!! But it didn't take long for Stone to gain the advantage in the fight by using his patented low blow!! Andrews dropped to the floor, and Stone began beating him up... Referees and officials came running out to Aaron Andrews' aid... But they couldn't stop Edd Stone before he kicked 'The Ace' on the back of his head!!!

Backstage, 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh was stood in the locker room... repeating a phrase over and over again... “All I had to do... was ask...!!” Every time he said the phrase, he said it in a different way... Putting a question mark on the end, or emphasising different words, or pausing at a different time... He was referring to the words that NOTBPW Canadian Champion Gargantuan used last week, when speaking about Danny Cavanagh's obsession with beating 'The Monster' for the Title... Tonight, Cavanagh responded to those words...

Danny Cavanagh: “All I had to do was ASK...?! Well Gargantuan... I'm not ASKING you... I'm BEGGING you... FIGHT ME... Whether you win or lose in Total War at Summer Smash... FIGHT ME...!!!”

Danny Cavanagh's words hung in the air a little as we headed back to ringside... Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend spoke about Cavanagh's desperation to be the man to defeat Gargantuan... They also spoke about who else might be a contender for 'The Monster'... 'Mainstream' James Hernandez DREW with the undefeated 'Monster' last week... and the entire active DeColt family will also want to get their hands on the Champion again... But the challenge has been made by Cavanagh... Will Gargantuan accept...?! Or will Alex DeColt make the match...?!

'The Anvil' Mark Griffin [vs] 'Gentleman' Lord James King

Mark Griffin and Lord James King are evenly matched in many ways, but King's experience edge was perhaps the difference in this one. He was able to distract the referee a couple of times, and use under-handed tactics to gain an unfair advantage. For the finish, he ripped a turnbuckle cover off, and the referee had to try to fix it. He then popped his patented brass knuckles out of his trunks, and smacked Griffin in the face with his 'Power of the Punch'!!

Winner: 'Gentleman' Lord James King
Rating: 63
Finish: 'Power of the Punch'

Next up, it was time for Dan DaLay, Derek Frost, Logan and Robin DaLay to head to the ring... Dan DaLay told the world last week, that tonight he'd reveal Alex DeColt's big 'secret'... He began by talking about his sister Romy DaLay... A woman who he looks up to, and respects more than anyone else in the world... He said he'd spoken to Romy about the 'secret', and that she'd given him permission to reveal all... But before he could speak much, Alex DeColt's music hit, and the NOTBPW General Manager headed to the ring with a microphone of his own...

Alex DeColt told Dan DaLay that he doesn't have to do this... He said he understands DaLay's point of view, and understands why he feels people deserve to know the truth... He said he knows that Dan and his family have kept a secret for him for so so long... and he knows he owes DaLay a LOT... and he's willing to spend some time... no... spend the rest of his CAREER, making sure he looks after Dan DaLay and his family, and his friends... if he just keeps the secret for a little longer... until HE is ready to reveal it...

Alex DeColt: “I owe you Dan... I do... And that's why... this Saturday at Summer Smash... I'm adding YOU, and Derek Frost... to the Number One Contendership Match for the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles!! It'll now be Mayhem... versus The Ring Generals... versus The American Blondes... VERSUS... BAD... REPUTATION!!”

As soon as the words left Alex DeColt's mouth, Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant (Mayhem) appeared behind Bad Reputation, Logan and Robin DaLay... Logan and Robin were thrown over the top rope, and Mayhem began attacking Dan DaLay and Derek Frost... It was revealed that Mutant had a steel chain wrapped around his fist, and he was delivering bombs to Derek Frost's mid-section!! DaLay then walked onto a right hand from the big 'King of the Wasteland'... It was 4 on 2, but the 2 were winning... until they got some help from a very unlikely source...

'Wild Man' Jack DeColt ran out and scared Mayhem off... Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant shouted abuse at Jack, and dared him to come for them again... He wanted to, but Alex DeColt was on hand to hold his brother back... The NOTBPW General Manager told Jack to 'be smart', and not do anything he'd regret... He then informed Jack of his upcoming match at Summer Smash... He reiterated his desire to help Dan DaLay, his family, and his friends, to get ahead in North of the Border Pro Wrestling... and his willingness to give them chances to earn opportunities...

Alex DeColt: “So at Summer Smash... It'll be JACK DeCOLT... Against LOGAN!!!”

'The Montero Brothers' (Gino Montero & Luis Montero Jr.) [vs] Donte Dunn & Erik Strong

The Montero Brothers are an absolute joy to behold when they're in this form. Their cohesiveness is almost impossible to deal with, no matter how experienced their opponents are. Donte Dunn and Erik Strong are both talented in-ring performers, but neither of them could handle the quickness of Gino Montero either! For the finish though, the more experienced brother Luis Montero Jr. hit his 'Flying Forearm' finisher on Dunn to score the win!

Winners: 'The Montero Brothers' (Gino Montero & Luis Montero Jr.)
Rating: 59
Finish: 'Flying Forearm'

The NOTBPW Tag Team Champions Cameron Vessey and Christian Price were shown watching The Montero Brothers in action again next, and they told each other that they should be fully focused on victory at Summer Smash... Vessey and Price agreed that if they weren't, they would LOSE their Championships... Vessey said that The Montero Brothers were 'very good'... But that they'd be no match for 'Primed For Progress' come Saturday night...

'Awesome' Wade Orson [vs] 'Mr. Impact' Hugh Ancrie

Wade Orson has the biggest match of his short NOTBPW career this Saturday, as he'll go 1 on 1 with the man known as POISON. Tonight he had to survive a match against Hugh Ancrie, and 'Mr. Impact' wasn't about to let the young Brit walk out with an easy victory. Ancrie probably had around 70% of the offence, but in the end it was a vicious lariat from Ancrie that caused Orson to end up on his back. It was from that position that Orson hit his 'Bounce Back' (Kip Up DDT)!

Winner: 'Awesome' Wade Orson
Rating: 66
Finish: 'Bounce Back' (Kip Up DDT)

The man that attacked Wade Orson a few weeks ago: POISON appeared on the stage next, peering out from a hidden position... The camera picked him out, but Orson didn't know he was there... The announce team confirmed to us that at Summer Smash this Saturday, Orson and POISON WILL go 1 on 1 for the first ever time!! POISON is undefeated since signing for NOTBPW, over one year ago, but he missed almost 13 months through injury... Wade Orson has only lost once since arriving in Canada... a tag team match on his second night with the company... Something's got to give this weekend!!

'Mainstream' James Hernandez came very, very, close to defeating 'The Monster' Gargantuan last week... The NOTBPW Television Champion knew he was in dangerous territory in the ring with the huge NOTBPW Canadian Champion... But he more than held his own, and by the end of the match, would have been disappointed not to have picked up the win... Had the 'ten count' been allowed to be an 'eleven count', Hernandez would have been the first man in NOTBPW to defeat Gargantuan!! That's how close he was to climbing back into the ring and beating the count... Is he the next in line for a Championship Match...?! Will he be the man to fight the winner of Steve DeColt and Gargantuan at Summer Smash, in Total War...?!

Angry Gilmore [vs] 'Shooter' Sean Deeley w/ Ernest Youngman, Dean Waldorf & Marv Statler

Sean Deeley attempted to kill all the momentum Angry Gilmore built up in his historic debut last week, by overwhelming the former SWF World Champion! Deeley thought he could outwrestle Gilmore, but the big, strong, fighter refused to allow it. At one point, Gilmore threw Deeley over the top rope, and he landed on all of his 'Shooter' friends!! Gilmore followed him out, and delivered big boots to all three of them. He rolled Deeley back in, and 'The Shooter' was able to lock the newcomer in his 'Front Choke Lock'. Gilmore was close to the ropes though, and forced the break! He then countered a German Suplex attempt, and rolled Deeley into the 'Anger Management' Arm Bar!! Deeley tapped almost straight away!!

Winner: Angry Gilmore
Rating: 81
Finish: 'Anger Management' Arm Bar

Ernest Youngman, Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler all held various parts of their bodies as they dragged their leader out under the bottom rope!! Angry Gilmore stood defiant in the ring after another victory!! He won't be competing at Summer Smash, but thoughts are, the 'Angry One' will make an appearance of some kind at the event... As for Sean Deeley, he has the chance to win the NOTBPW Television Title this Saturday, as a participant in the 6-man match for James Hernandez's Title... Then next week here on NOTBPW Championship Wrestling, Deeley will compete in the One Night, Single Elimination, Tournament for a future shot at the Title... The entrants into the tournament are:

Aaron Andrews, Edd Stone, Ernest Youngman, POISON, Sean Deeley, Sonny Wildside, Thrill Seeker and Wade Orson... A number of rivalries will collide in the tournament, but one point to make is that IF either Sean Deeley, Sonny Wildside or Thrill Seeker capture the Championship on Saturday at Summer Smash, then the former Champion James Hernandez will replace them in the tournament!! There are a couple of experienced guys in the field of eight, and a couple of young dark horses... But a lot depends on what goes down this weekend... The darkest of dark horses might just be Ernest Youngman... He doesn't have a match this weekend, so he'll be going in to next week 100% fresh!!

The Natural [vs] 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt

The Natural and Jack DeColt are two names synonymous with Canadian Wrestling in the last 20+ years. They haven't fought many times though, and this match showed how skilled they both are, but how unfamiliar they are with one another! Jack DeColt also seemed a little conflicted. His thoughts looked elsewhere, and the announce team speculated that he was confused by his upcoming pay-per-view match with the man known as 'Logan'. For the finish to this one, after The Natural had scored a number of 2 counts, he walked onto an 'End Of Days' from the 'Wild Man'!! There was no kicking out at 2 of that one!!

Winner: 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt
Rating: 80
Finish: 'End Of Days'

The show ended with Jack DeColt having his hand raised, but the 'Wild Man' still looked a little conflicted... He doesn't seem to understand the Dan DaLay / Derek Frost / Robin DaLay / Logan situation... Or what they know about his brother Alex DeColt... He does know, that this Saturday he'll fight Logan 1 on 1 for the first ever time... The youngster arrived as a friend of Robin DaLay's... But not much is known about him... We'll find out a heck of a lot as he battles Jack DeColt in the biggest match of his young career, that's for sure...

Sonny Wildside [def.] Thrill Seeker
Lord James King [def.] Mark Griffin
The Montero Brothers [def.] Erik Strong & Donte Dunn
Wade Orson [def.] Hugh Ancrie
Angry Gilmore [def.] Sean Deeley
Jack DeColt [def.] The Natural

Just thought I'd share this to show you how well the other big companies are doing... TCW have slipped dramatically, and we're hot on their heels for that 5th spot... The signings of Eric Eisen, Vengence, Johnny Bloodstone and Primus Allen have done little to stem the flow of losing huge names like Wolf Hawkins, Rocky Golden, Bryan Vessey, Jay Chord, Danny Fonzarelli, and of course, Aaron Andrews and Edd Stone!! However, 20 year old Harvey Robbinfield looks to be a star in the making... He's now the current TCW International Champion!!

As for 21CW... What a year they're having...!! Obviously it helps that Tommy Cornell is having a real stand-out year, with an average match rating of 90 over his 20 outings... But Buff Martinez, Jonathan Faust, Phillip Cooper, Adam Matravers and J-B Cash (current 21st Century World Champion) continue to impress and improve...!! SOTBPW look to have the best Main Event and Upper Mid Card scene... The average age of their top stars is well below the likes of SWF and USPW... 21CW have the edge here though, as not many companies will be interested in most of their top talents if they become available... Except me...

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