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JULY 2017, WEEK 2…

Show Rating: 83

Pre-Show Match: The Ring Generals defeated Multiple Tag Teams with a 'Waldorf Salad Toss' 76

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'RDJ' Ricky Dale Johnson

We kicked off the 'Go-Home' edition of Championship Wrestling before Jeopardy with in-ring action between 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh and 'Shooter' Sean Deeley... Tonight we're also going to see 'The Best in the World' Sean McFly in action, as he takes on Aaron Andrews... PLUS, Edd Stone taking on James Hernandez... and a no disqualification match we've been waiting for for a long time... 'Awesome' Wade Orson versus 'Gentleman' Lord James King!! But first... big Danny Cavanagh made his way to the ring for an interesting battle...

'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh [vs] 'Shooter' Sean Deeley w/ Ernest Youngman & The Ring Generals

Sean Deeley's cronies Ernest Youngman, Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler were a constant threat at ringside, helping their leader gain unfair advantages over big Danny Cavanagh. Cav has a big NOTBPW Television Title shot coming up this Saturday at Jeopardy, so he had to be careful not to get taken out by all four 'Shooters'. He did that by shoving Ernest Youngman off the apron, and onto the Ring Generals late in the match! And then turning around to hit his 'Sit Out Spinebuster' finisher!

Winner: 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh
Rating: 82
Finish: 'Sit Out Spinebuster'

Danny Cavanagh was able to escape with a victory, but he also crucially escaped a post-match attack from Sean Deeley and co... The main reason for this, was his actions in the match, but just in case they considered an attack anyway, two of their opponents at Jeopardy appeared on the screen... The Natural and Solomon Gold were stood on a theatre balcony, wearing 'Waldorf and Statler' from the Muppets™ masks!! The real Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler were stunned at what they were seeing on the screen... as Natural and Gold mocked them!!

The Natural: “Ooohhh... We are the most BORING 30 somethings in the WORLD!! We love to follow 'Shooter' Sean Deeley around... And do whatever HE says... and not think for ourselves...”

Solomon Gold: “And at Jeopardy... We're going to have to follow Ernest Youngman... Otherwise how will we know what to do, and when?!”

The Natural and Solomon Gold signed off by saying they weren't looking forward to fighting The Ring Generals this weekend... because it'll be boring!! At Jeopardy, it'll be Natural and Gold teaming with one of the hottest talents in all of wrestling: Sonny Wildside... They will take on the aforementioned Ernest Youngman, Dean Waldorf, and Marv Statler... The pre-show Six-Man Tag Team Match will kick us off when we get to this Saturday Night's pay-per-view...

Bad Reputation (Dan DaLay and Derek Frost) desperately want DaLay's son Robin DaLay on the main roster of NOTBPW... But what can they do about it...?! He fought for the opportunity to be promoted from developmental, but he lost... Albeit to Alex DeColt's hand-picked opponent: the undefeated 'Monster' Gargantuan... In truth, Robin stood no chance in the match, and he lost easily in the end... But what can Dan and Derek do to get Robin up to join them...?! They can start by winning their next match: Against The Mavericks... and then they can follow it up by winning the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles this Saturday against Cameron Vessey and Christian Price...

Bad Reputation (Dan DaLay & Derek Frost) [vs] The Mavericks (John Maverick & Julian Watson)

Great tag team match between four veterans here, but Derek Frost had to do a lot of the work in there. This is because Dan DaLay suffered a head injury early on colliding with the ring post on the outside of the match! It was a legitimate injury, and one that caused him to be helped onto a stretcher before the end of the match! For the finish, Derek Frost heroically hit his 'Snow Plow' Spear finisher on Julian Watson to score the win on his own!

Winners: Bad Reputation (Dan DaLay & Derek Frost)
Rating: 77
Finish: 'Snow Plow' (Spear)

After the match, Dan DaLay was helped from the ring by referees and officials... The cameras followed DaLay and Derek Frost all the way up the ramp, and through the curtain... When they got through to the backstage area, Cameron Vessey and Christian Price were stood with very large bags of popcorn... Bad Reputation's opponents for Jeopardy smiled when they saw the state Dan DaLay was in... and they asked Derek Frost what he was going to do ahead of this Saturday's match for the vacant NOTBPW Tag Team Titles... Frost told them not to worry their 'pretty little heads' about it... and that he'd figure something out...

'Dark Watch' Aldous Blackfriar and 'The King of the Wasteland' Mutant were sat backstage next, in a darkened room... Aldous had a lot to say about his previous rivalries with Erik Strong, Donte Dunn, and more recently, Harrison Hash... He said his resume speaks for itself, and that he's building something here in NOTBPW... With the 360lb Mutant by his side, he has the potential to go to the very TOP of the company... He then had a message for everyone who will be competing at Jeopardy...

Aldous Blackfriar: “This Saturday... There are a number of matches... However WE... are not in any of them... At least... not on paper anyway... To all of the fans of 'MAYHEM', I say this... Look out for us at the pay-per-view... Because although we're not ON Jeopardy... Someone... will be IN Jeopardy!!”

Next up, we finally got a singles match between 'Awesome' Wade Orson and 'Gentleman' Lord James King... Orson made his debut against LJK two months ago, and beat the 'Gentleman' in a decent match... LJK decided to gain revenge for the loss by using brass knuckles to knock Orson out!! For weeks, King has been ducking Orson, and then arranging tag team matches against each other... Orson has only lost once since his debut here, but tonight, with NO RULES in this No Disqualification Match, can he get the job done against his big rival...?!

No Disqualification Match!

'Awesome' Wade Orson [vs] 'Gentleman' Lord James King

For Wade Orson, this is what he's wanted for months!! But sometimes, one should be careful what they wish for!! He spent almost the entire match on the back foot, as Lord James King set the stage to completely destroy his young opponent. King had set up an arena whereby everywhere he went, he found a strategically placed weapon. Kendo Sticks, Trash Can Lids, and Steel Chairs were all used in abundance, but the deciding factor in the match was the moment that King brought out his patented Brass Knuckles. He lined up the 'Power of the Punch' on Orson, but the young Brit ducked the move twice! He then kicked the knuckles off of King's hand, and the match opened right up into a back and forth contest from then on. In the end, King knocked Orson down with a shoulder tackle. As the 'Gentleman' slowly rose to his feet, Orson kipped up to hit his 'Bounce Back' finisher, and score a huge victory!

Winner: 'Awesome' Wade Orson
Rating: 66
Finish: 'Bounce Back' (Kip Up DDT)

Katie Cameron was stood backstage with her guest Tim Westybrook next, talking about Westybrook's 'Open Challenge' he has made for this Saturday's Jeopardy Event... The burly 290lber was boasting about how big, and strong he is... He claimed that he wasn't afraid of ANYONE, so it really didn't matter who accepted his challenge... He claimed to be the baddest man in the locker room... Until the actual baddest man in the locker room walked up...

'The Monster' Gargantuan walked around the corner, proudly holding his NOTBPW Canadian Title aloft... He didn't get in Westybrook's face or anything, because 'The Iron Man' took off as fast as he could; trying not to look too scared!! Gargantuan told Katie Cameron that he was looking forward to Jeopardy... Because he gets to take two DeColts, and smash their skulls together... Steve and Jack DeColt are in for the fight of their lives come Saturday... If they didn't know it already, they know now...

Harrison Hash & Mark Griffin [vs] Cameron Vessey & Christian Price

A fantastic tag team match in which Mark Griffin would have learnt a lot from! He was in there for a long time against the two Studs Cameron Vessey and Christian Price, and made a good showing of himself. He also made a brilliantly timed tag to the experienced Harrison Hash, who flew in to the ring to make the difference!! He couldn't stop the momentum of Vessey and Price though, and was put away with Price's 'Stud Stopper' Stunner!

Winners: Cameron Vessey & Christian Price
Rating: 81
Finish: 'Stud Stopper' Stunner

We took another look at the video package for Joey Poison next, who is seemingly now known simply as just 'Poison'... He's been on the shelf for over a year after suffering a career threatening concussion in June of 2016... But he's coming back soon... In every video so far, we've not known a date for his long awaited return... but tonight, we learned that it'll be NEXT WEEK!! He'll be in singles action on Championship Wrestling after a long lay off... How will 'ring-rust' affect him...?! Or will he come back just as dangerous as when he left...?!

'Mainstream' James Hernandez [vs] 'The Animal' Edd Stone

Speaking of dangerous, 'The Animal' Edd Stone was in a violent mood here, taking on the NOTBPW Television Champion: 'Mainstream' James Hernandez for the second time in two weeks! Stone's impressive agility is only matched by his intensity, and he set out to punish James Hernandez for sticking his nose in 'The Animal's' business. But Hernandez is a talented competitor, and he wasn't about to let Stone have his own way. Stone kept Hernandez close, and controlled the pace of the match through efficient rest holds. He attempted to put his opponent away with his 'Party's Over' Elbow Drop on around 12 minutes, but Hernandez got his knees up! Edd was hurt, holding his tricep and trying not to show how much pain he was in. Hernandez then exploded with his 'Apparition #14' (Spear) and almost cut Edd Stone in half!!

Winner: 'Mainstream' James Hernandez
Rating: 82
Finish: 'Apparition #14' Spear

The entire NOTBPW Roster had better take notice of the video package that played next... Two Mexican megastars will be arriving on Championship Wrestling in just a few short weeks, beginning their run North of the Border as a tag team... But the plans for at least one of these two is to become a future NOTBPW Canadian Champion... One is 33 years old, and has a ton of experience in his homeland... He is a consistent, athletic, performer who has good amounts of star quality... The other is just 27, with time on his hands... He oozes star quality, charisma and sex appeal... and his performance and physical skills put him up there in the top 3 or 4 names on the roster... It's no surprise that HE is being groomed for greatness here in Canada!!

Speaking of greatness... We were backstage when we came back live, to Steve and Jack DeColt... The two brothers were arguing about their upcoming fight against Gargantuan at Jeopardy... They blamed each other for their count out draw last week, in which if one of them had won, they would have fought 'The Monster' 1 on 1... But they drew, and now it'll be a Triple Threat Match!! Neither man would want to fight Gargantuan on their own though, as they know that together, they have a chance of taking the big man down... If they can take him OUT together, then they can fight 1 on 1 to see who the better brother is...

'The Ace' Aaron Andrews [vs] 'The Best in the World' Sean McFly

A back and forth match that could have gone either way. Aaron Andrews is building up a reputation in NOTBPW of a guy who impresses in big matches but is unable to get the win. Sean McFly may have had his mind on something else tonight, perhaps his impending 'farewell match' against Edd Stone at Jeopardy, because he kept letting Andrews back into the match. Just when it looked like McFly was going to finally put his young opponent away with his 'Delorean Driver' (Tornado DDT), Andrews managed to somehow block the move! He then hit his 'Standing Hot Shot' finisher on the veteran McFly, and picked up a huge win to buck the trend of his NOTBPW career so far.

Winner: 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews
Rating: 80
Finish: 'Standing Hot Shot' (Spanish Fly)

Before the show went off the air, a battered and beaten up Sean McFly had enough wherewithal to stand up, and stop Aaron Andrews from leaving the ring by grabbing his shoulder viciously, and pulling him away from the ropes... McFly and Andrews stood face to face... and McFly outstretched a hand... Andrews reciprocated the gesture, and McFly proceeded to raise Andrews' hand!! In the back, 'Shooter' Sean Deeley AND Edd Stone, Andrews' and McFly's respective opponents were watching the action in different locations in the building... Both seemed angry with what was transpiring in the ring... The show ended there... and next up, it's July's pay-per-view Jeopardy...!!!

Danny Cavanagh [def.] Sean Deeley
Bad Reputation [def.] The Mavericks
Wade Orson [def.] Lord James King
Cameron Vessey & Christian Price [def.] Mark Griffin & Harrison Hash
Edd Stone [def.] James Hernandez
Aaron Andrews [def.] Sean McFly

Balls... As if my Tag Team Division couldn't be any weaker... Now Dan DaLay of Bad Reputation has suffered a minor concussion!!! It means he'll miss 27 days of action, including this Saturday's Jeopardy pay-per-view, and their scheduled Title Shot against Cameron Vessey & Christian Price... I'm going to probably just replace him with his son Robin!! Damn it!!

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