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JUNE 2017, WEEK 2...

Show Rating: 88

Pre-Show Match: Erik Strong defeated Hugh Ancrie with a 'Strong Sault' Moonsault 63

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'RDJ' Ricky Dale Johnson

We kicked off tonight's show with an intense altercation in the ring between 'The Outsider' Steve DeColt and 'The Monster' Gargantuan... Last week, Gargantuan interrupted the Main Event battle between Ricky and Jack DeColt, and left them both laying in the ring... Steve DeColt decided NOT to get involved, despite being begged into the ring by Gargantuan... Tonight though, Steve called 'The Monster' to the ring for a fight, and he obliged with little hesitation... A fight broke out almost as soon as Gargantuan stepped over the top rope, and it was very even for a while... But Steve DeColt soon had some help...

Jack and Ricky DeColt hit the ring together, and in what seemed like an orchestrated plan, the three DeColt brothers teamed up to beat Gargantuan down... Steve DeColt did most of the heavy lifting, as Jack directed traffic, but it was very effective! 'The Monster' couldn't handle the three different styles all meshing together in one force... and this week, they left HIM laying in the middle of the ring... They weren't done there either... Jack DeColt ordered his brothers to slam Gargantuan through the announce table, and they did just that!! As they departed the arena though, despite working together very well, Jack DeColt decided to clock Ricky DeColt over the back of the head with his Championship Belt; a bad move according to the announcers!!
Peter Michaels: “Guys, Jack DeColt could have just cost himself his NOTBPW Canadian Title right there!! That one cheap shot to Ricky DeColt could have cost him dearly...!!”
RDJ: “For once I actually agree with you Maggles!! Look at how effective the three DeColts were together... If they just worked together on Saturday Night at Mid Summer Madness, they could take Gargantuan out and then fight to the finish!!”
Tom Townsend: “Yeah but there is no WAY that either Ricky, OR Steve DeColt will trust Jack now...!!”

'The Hillbilly Heartthrob' Solomon Gold [vs] 'Shooter' Sean Deeley w/ Ernest Youngman, Dean Waldorf & Marv Statler

Excellent performance from the young developmental star Solomon Gold. He was never going to win the match, in there against an established former Champion in Canada in 'Shooter' Sean Deeley! Fighting someone with 12+ years of experience is hard at the best of times, but Deeley had his three fellow 'Shooters' at ringside with him. They ensured Deeley didn't need to worry about winning, and they distracted Gold at the right time to make sure Deeley could lock in his 'Seated Stretch Armbar'!

Winner: 'Shooter' Sean Deeley w/ The Shooters
Rating: 73
Finish: 'Seated Stretch Armbar'

After the match, Sean Deeley refused to release the hold, and wanted to break Solomon Gold's arm!! This brought Sonny Wildside to the ring to make the save, and he sent Deeley packing... But this appeared to be Deeley's plan... He sent Ernest Youngman, Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler around the ring, and together they surrounded the two youngsters... Deeley then gave the nod, and his troops slid into the ring to a very easy 4 on 1 beatdown!! Solomon Gold wasn't much help for Sonny Wildside, and he was left in a heap...

So much for Sean Deeley wanting Sonny Wildside at 100% come Mid Summer Madness...

'The Barbadian Barbarian' Donte Dunn [vs] 'The Anvil' Mark Griffin

Donte Dunn and Mark Griffin worked hard in this match, but the crowd couldn't get into it. They both hit some impressive offence towards the end of the match, and the crowd finally came alive. For the finish, a perfectly timed 'Sunny Daze' from Donte Dunn ended the match as Mark Griffin was nearly knocked out!

Winner: 'The Barbadian Barbarian' Donte Dunn
Rating: 56
Finish: 'Sunny Daze' (Spinning Back Fist)

Katie Cameron was backstage with Wade Orson next, asking the young Brit about his rivalry with 'Gentleman' Lord James King... When in walked 'The Man Beast' Akima Brave... Orson said that King punches hard, but that he punches harder!! He said he already beat King once, and he can beat him again... But Akima Brave cut him off... He said HE beat Orson last week, and HE can beat Orson again... TONIGHT... This time, in a singles match!! Orson gladly accepted the challenge, and the match was made for later in the show...!!

'All Business' Harrison Hash [vs] 'Dark Watch' Aldous Blackfriar w/ Mutant

An evenly matched contest throughout here, but there was a CLEAR experience difference! Harrison Hash has been wrestling longer than Aldous Blackfriar has been alive! He used that experience advantage to good effect, and kept the charismatic youngster at arms length! For the finish, Hash hoisted Blackfriar up for the 'Century Suplex' (Delayed Vertical). As he dropped Blackfriar, he made him land on his feet, and Hash then dropped backwards into the 'Montreal Deep Sleeper'!! With the finisher locked in, Mutant slid into the ring and broke the hold up!!

Winner: 'All Business' Harrison Hash
Rating: 74
Finish: Disqualification!!

Aldous Blackfriar suffered defeat for the first time in a singles match here, but he didn't get pinned, and he didn't submit...!! Mutant's interference DID cause Blackfriar's first defeat, so it'll be interesting to see how their relationship develops from here... But it's obviously arguable that had Mutant NOT gotten involved, Aldous would have either tapped out, or passed out, to the 'Century Suplex' / 'Montreal Deep Sleeper' combo!!

We cut to a commotion in the back next, as Dan DaLay, Derek Frost and Robin DaLay had ARRIVED at the building... John Maverick, Julian Watson, the General Manager Alex DeColt, and a group of referees and backstage officials arrived to stop them getting into the building!! The DaLays and Frost claimed they'd been invited to the show to compete in a 'tune up match' ahead of their battle against The Mavericks (John Maverick and Julian Watson) this Saturday Night at Mid Summer Madness!!

Alex DeColt: “Let me tell you something RIGHT NOW... I run this show... and I did NOT invite you here... You don't get a 'tune up' match... You get to go to Mid Summer Madness... with NO warm up... and LOSE... and when you do, you'll be DONE in NOTBPW...”

Dan DaLay had six words for Alex... “Be careful what you wish for!!”... Because if DaLay loses, he will STILL hold the power over Alex DeColt... he will STILL know Alex's 'secret'... In many ways, the only way to end this is for Alex to help DaLay win... and give him what he wants: His job back (as well as his best friend Derek Frost, and his son Robin DaLay)... This Sunday, we'll find out if Alex influences the outcome... Or if he just lets fate decide...

'Awesome' Wade Orson [vs] 'The Man Beast' Akima Brave

Wade Orson and Akima Brave have fought 1 on 1 before, on Orson's debut at Glory last month. They also battled last week in a tag team match. With one victory a piece, it was time for someone to break out of the series the winner. Akima Brave hit a brilliant spine buster on Orson late on, but as the strong Samoan got to his feet, Orson kipped up and hit his 'Bounce Back'!!

Winner: 'Awesome' Wade Orson
Rating: 67
Finish: 'Bounce Back' (Kip-Up DDT)

Wade Orson's 'Bounce Back' finisher is so quick, it's sudden!! It's a seemingly unstoppable move, because it comes out of nowhere!! A big victory for Orson there... and his stock continues to rise... His rival 'Gentleman' Lord James King returns to NOTBPW Television next week though... The 'Power of the Punch' caused Orson's first loss since signing for the company last week, so the 'Awesome' Brit will be out for revenge soon...

We got a medical update next following a difficult couple of weeks for 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh... In the space of two hours two weeks ago, he lost a match to the unstoppable 'Monster' Gargantuan... and then got beaten up by 'The Iron Man' Tim Westybrook... All this after getting beaten up backstage by an unknown assailant... Although the obvious candidate for number one suspect IS Tim Westybrook... Back live tonight... Cavanagh and Westybrook joined the announce team LIVE via satellite...

While Danny Cavanagh appeared via satellite from a hospital in Montreal, Tim Westybrook was coming to us from an unknown location... Alex DeColt announced on Twitter this past week that Westybrook's location would remain a secret for 'his own safety', and to protect 'the match'... Danny Cavanagh wound Westybrook up, and told him he's lucky his location is a secret, because if Cav knew where he was, he'd be straight over there to kick his a$$!! Westybrook just laughed it off, because he knows that Cav isn't anywhere near full fitness...

Danny Cavanagh: “Yu know, you're right Tim... Right now, I'm not at full fitness... It makes a lot more sense to me... to wait until Saturday... Where I PROMISE you... I will be back to my best... and as I've proved to you before... at my best... I'm unstoppable!!”

In August last year, Westybrook began their feud with a win inside a steel cage... After a long lay off due to an injury suffered in that match, Danny Cavanagh returned to defeat Tim Westybrook in March AND April... He beat him at the Ed Henson Memorial Tag Team Cup, a pay-per-view the pair have had success at as a tag team in the past... He also beat Westybrook at the DeColt Wrestle Festival the following month... Since the end of April, it would have appeared that their rivalry was over... But it is fully back on now... and we NEED an outright winner...

Cameron Vessey and Christian Price headed to the ringside area next, to join the commentary team ahead of the co-Main Event... They were delighted to be out there, especially as they got to watch World's Most Wanted and the CanAm Blondes tare lumps out of each other!! We're just three nights away from Mid Summer Madness, where the three aforementioned tag teams will do battle in a Triple Threat Ladder Match for the vacant NOTBPW Tag Team Titles...

World's Most Wanted (Thrill Seeker & Jacob Jett) [vs] The CanAm Blondes (The Natural & Owen Love)

All four men worked hard in this match, and all four men showed up in a big way. However, the star of the match was 'The Amazing' Jacob Jett. The energetic fan favourite spent a long time in the ring in terms of total minutes, but he also spent some time watching his tag team partner Thrill Seeker get picked apart by the veteran tandem of The Natural and Owen Love. However, when Jett came in off the hot tag, things changed dramatically. He knocked both veteran tag team specialists down repeatedly. For the finish, he hit his 'Emergency Landing' on Owen Love and pinned him!

Winners: World's Most Wanted (Thrill Seeker & Jacob Jett)
Rating: 81
Finish: 'Emergency Landing' (450 Splash)

Responding to comments made by Aaron Andrews last week on NOTBPW Championship Wrestling, NOTBPW Television Champion James Hernandez was speaking to Katie Cameron backstage... Hernandez said he was looking forward to the challenge of taking on Aaron Andrews this Saturday at Mid Summer Madness... But he heard Andrews' comments from one week ago, and 'Mainstream' wanted 'The Ace' to hear what HE had to say...

James Hernandez: “Yu know something Katie... I don't trust Aaron Andrews... He can rest assured that I will NEVER trust him... But if 'The Ace' wants the Television Title, then he'll have to through the BEST wrestler North of the Border!! 'Mainstream' James Hernandez!!”

We cut back to the ringside area following 'Mainstream' James Hernandez's comments, to where the aforementioned Aaron Andrews was making his entrance to the ring... His opponent in this hotly anticipated Main Event was 'The 24 Hour Party Animal' Edd Stone, who hasn't done much partying of late... The last time we saw the youngest of the four Stone Brothers compete in a match, he was low blowing World's Most Wanted to capture the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles... He also low blowed his own brother Duane (Stone) and caused them to end their run as Tag Team Champions!!

'The Ace' Aaron Andrews [vs] 'The 24 Hour Party Animal' Edd Stone

Two evenly matched competitors, who both signed for NOTBPW from TCW in the United States. Over there, Aaron Andrews was a former TCW World Heavyweight Champion, while Edd Stone dominated the Tag Team Division. It's hard to think of Edd Stone with a tag team partner for a long period of time, because he simply can't be trusted. Trust has been the key word in the budding rivalry between Aaron Andrews and NOTBPW Television Champion James Hernandez. Tonight, Edd Stone's in-ring intelligence was the difference. He got into Andrews' head and caused him to be a little off his game. It was all Stone needed, and he used a low blow behind the referee's back, using Andrews' anger against him! He then won it with his 'Party's Over' finisher!

Winner: 'The 24 Hour Party Animal' Edd Stone
Rating: 90
Finish: 'Party's Over' Elbow Drop

Edd Stone thought he was so clever for the way he beat Aaron Andrews tonight, but as he had his hand raised, he didn't see his brother Duane Stone climb into the ring behind him!! 'Rock Solid' Duane Stone clubbed Edd in the back, and knocked him over... Standing over his brother looking as intense as he's ever looked... Duane Stone has a point to prove this Saturday at Mid Summer Madness... He wants to prove he's the better Stone Brother, and that Edd made a huge mistake turning his back on him... He attempted to make that point tonight, but Edd wriggled out of an attempted heel hook, and slid out under the bottom rope!! Duane was furious, but he knew he'd get his chance to hurt Edd this coming Saturday at Mid Summer Madness!!

Sean Deeley [def.] Solomon Gold
Donte Dunn [def.] Mark Griffin
Harrison Hash [def.] Aldous Blackfriar
Wade Orson [def.] Akima Brave
World's Most Wanted [def.] The CanAm Blondes
Edd Stone [def.] Aaron Andrews

Big week for NOTBPW... But not for the rest of the wrestling world... They seem to be 'leaving us to it' in some ways... Slow news week, but I'm sure next week will more than make up for it...

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