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JUNE 2017, WEEK 1...

Show Rating: 91

Pre-Show Match: Dean Waldorf & Marv Statler defeated Local Enhancement Talents with a 66

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'RDJ' Ricky Dale Johnson

As the show opened, we learned that 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh is NOT here tonight, after a rough night last week... He got attacked backstage... He then lost to Gargantuan... before being attacked AGAIN by his old tag team partner Tim Westybrook!! For his own safety, Westybrook is also not here tonight... But we'll hear from him LIVE next week... Alex DeColt has demanded that Westybrook's location remain a secret... again for his own protection... because Cavanagh will want to find him, and destroy him!! At Mid Summer Madness, the two rivals will go 1 on 1 in one final battle...

The Natural [vs] 'High Energy' Thrill Seeker [vs] 'The Stud' Christian Price

Following on from the triple threat match last week, the tag team partners of last week's competitors did battle here tonight. It was another fast-paced battle, with all three men getting their fair share of offence in. The Natural spent a little time on the outside nursing an injured mid-section, and in the end, he was the man pinned following a 'Studd Stopper' Stunner from Christian Price!

Winner: 'The Stud' Christian Price
Rating: 82
Finish: 'Stud Stopper' (Stunner)

After the match, chaos ensued between the three tag teams... The CanAm Blondes, World's Most Wanted and Cameron Vessey & Christian Price proceeded to fight in an all-out brawl... All six men fell about the ring and ringside area, and Vessey & Price began using weapons to try to gain the upper hand... However, their use of chairs and a trash can inspired World's Most Wanted to go for some hardware of their own... They picked up a LADDER, and began using it as a battering ram on their rivals!! Vessey and Price both felt the force of the ladder, before Thrill Seeker and Jacob Jett turned their attention onto The Natural and Owen Love... Referees and officials finally broke up the free-for-all, so Seeker and Jett slid into the ring with the ladder... They climbed the ladder, and sat together on top of it... Begging their rivals to come and join them in the ring...

NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt arrived on the stage, and shouted that he knew exactly how to handle the three teams... He said he's going to take the vacant Tag Team Titles... and hang them above the ring... Then the three teams can compete in the first ever NOTBPW Triangle Ladder Match!! The CanAm Blondes... World's Most Wanted... and Cameron Vessey & Christian Price... New Champions guaranteed!!

'Rock Solid' Duane Stone was backstage next, and told the NOTBPW fans that he had a message for his brother Edd (Stone)... He said he'd heard Edd's comments from last week, where Edd claimed that everything he's done since he's been back in NOTBPW, and everything he's going to do in the future, is for himself!! Duane said that that's absolutely fine by him...

Duane Stone: “Did I enjoy teaming with my little brother, and winning the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles...?! Of course I did... Was I disappointed that Edd beat me up and ended our alliance...?! Of course I was... But now Edd wants to go it alone... well that's fine... I work better alone anyway... So I'll see you at Mid Summer Madness 'bro'... I'm gonna kick your ass... Just like I have done for the last 25 years!!”

Hugh Ancrie & Mark Griffin [vs] The Mavericks (John Maverick & Julian Watson)

After an impressive month of May, which included three victories and a close loss to then Tag Team Champions: World's Most Wanted, The Mavericks looked to kick start their June with a win. They were up against two young stags who both weigh in at around the 250lb mark. Despite their size and ability, they were no match for the experienced duo of John Maverick and Julian Watson! For the finish, Watson hit his 'Tiger Claw DDT' finisher on Ancrie.

Winners: The Mavericks (John Maverick & Julian Watson)
Rating: 73
Finish: 'Tiger Claw DDT' (Double-Arm DDT)

NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt arrived on the stage next, and Hugh Ancrie and Mark Griffin looked worried... We've seen the power-hungry GM FIRE five wrestlers since his arrival as the man in charge, but he wasn't there for them this time... He was there for The Mavericks... He said that due to their winning form, John Maverick and Julian Watson were an easy choice for his pick as the opponents for Dan DaLay and Derek Frost!!

Alex DeColt: “At Mid Summer Madness, The Mavericks will battle Dan DaLay and Derek Frost... If DaLay and Frost somehow win, I will honour my word, and re-instate them as NOTBPW in-ring competitors... But remember... Win OR lose... DaLay must keep my secret a secret... Not that I'm bothered about it... It means nothing to me... I'm just... protecting other people...”

'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside [vs] 'The Hillbilly Heartthrob' Solomon Gold

Two youngsters with bright futures battle 1 on 1 here for the first ever time. There was a lot of mutual respect between the two men in their early 20s tonight, and both men could have won the match. Solomon Gold hit a brilliant suplex, and followed it up by locking Sonny Wildside in his 'Gold Standard' Sleeper. The move almost earned Gold his first victory in NOTBPW, but Wildside made it to the ropes! From then on, 'The Man Without Fear' unleashed some high-flying and high-impact moves. Ending it eventually with his 'Fear Factor' Moonsault Stomp!

Winner: 'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside
Rating: 72
Finish: 'Fear Factor' (Moonsault Stomp)

Sonny Wildside wanted to thank Solomon Gold for the match, and helped his friend to his feet... But before they could shake hands, 'Shooter' Sean Deeley and his friends headed onto the stage... Ernest Youngman, Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler looked like a pack of rabid dogs, as Deeley told them all to stay back, and let Wildside and Gold have their moment... Because this could be the last time they're in the ring together...

Sean Deeley: “I'm ready Sonny... It's time for me to WALK... on the WILD side!! See I think you're ready to face me, at Mid Summer Madness... But you can't walk with me... You can't stand side by side with greatness... You're just another stepping stone on my path... WALK on the WILD side...?! I'll walk OVER you Sonny Wildside...”

Sean Deeley ordered his troops to let Sonny Wildside rest up tonight... He told them tonight was not the night to attack him... As he wants him at 100% ahead of their battle at Mid Summer Madness... Reluctantly, Ernest Youngman, Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler agreed with their leader... They left Sonny Wildside alone tonight... But with a little under two weeks to go until MSM 2017, anything can still happen...

Wade Orson & Harrison Hash [vs] Lord James King & Akima Brave

Excellent work in this tag team match, just two weeks after Wade Orson made his debut in a singles match against Lord James King. On that night, Orson won, but King used dastardly tactics and a set of brass knuckles to knock Orson out. Tonight, Orson was furious with King, and King cleverly used that anger against the young Brit. He used his tag team partner Akima Brave a lot more effectively than Orson used Harrison Hash. In the end, King punched Orson with the brass knuckles again, behind the referee's back, and it allowed Akima Brave to make the pin!

Winners: Lord James King & Akima Brave
Rating: 71
Finish: 'Power Of The Punch'

Next up, we took a look at a promo video for the tag team known as: Mayhem! The charismatic youngster Aldous Blackfriar and his 'Bodyguard Beast' Mutant!! The team have looked unstoppable together, but Aldous has grown into an impressive performer in his own right since his debut in NOTBPW just over three months ago... After defeating Erik Strong and Donte Dunn last month at Glory, Aldous and Mutant are now searching for their next feud, and their next big pay-per-view moment...

'Mainstream' James Hernandez [vs] 'The Shooting Star' Erik Strong

This was an exceptional match between two potential future mega stars. The story of the battle was James Hernandez's inability to hit his 'Apparition #14' Spear on Erik Strong, who blocked the effective finishing move three times in a variety of ways. He used a DDT, a front face lock, and a brilliantly timed knee strike! For the finish, Strong leapfrogged the spear attempt, but as he turned around, Hernandez exploded back at him and planted him with the move! Big finish, and a big win!

Winner: 'Mainstream' James Hernandez
Rating: 81
Finish: 'Apparition #14' (Spear)

Backstage, Aaron Andrews was shown watching his Mid Summer Madness opponent James Hernandez in action... He seemed impressed with the NOTBPW Television Champion... But was keeping his cards close to his chest when Katie Cameron walked up with some questions... In the end, she asked him if he trusts his fellow upper mid carder... He didn't know how to respond at first, and seemed taken off guard by the question...

Aaron Andrews: “To be honest Katie, I... I don't NEED to trust him... Do I trust him? It doesn't matter if I do... I don't NEED to... All I need to do, is BEAT him at Mid Summer Madness, and win my first NOTBPW Television Title... When it comes to trust... All I know for sure is that James Hernandez shouldn't trust me...”

For the first time EVER in NOTBPW, 'The Young Gun' Ricky DeColt was set to go 1 on 1 with 'The Wild Man' Jack DeColt... Brother versus Brother... The two DeColt Brothers have been on the same side of many battles in their eighteen months with the company, but at Mid Summer Madness they will be on opposite sides of the ring in a Fatal-4-Way Match for Jack's NOTBPW Canadian Title... Tonight, with the chance to gain some momentum, it's Ricky and Jack, 1 on 1...!!

'The Young Gun' Ricky DeColt [vs] 'The Wild Man' Jack DeColt

When two wrestlers compete 1 on 1 for the first time, there are varying levels of potential instant chemistry. Ricky and Jack's instant incredible chemistry is due in part to the fact that they are brothers, and also due to their years of teaming up as a tag team. In an open and even first half of the match, both men had opportunities to pick up a huge win. However, around the seven minute mark, Jack DeColt suddenly took control! He slammed Ricky's head into any and every hard surface he could find both in and around ringside. Every time he slammed Ricky's head down, he shouted at his younger brother that things could have been different. He still blames Ricky for ending their relationship, when Ricky entered, and won, the Super Slam Battle Royale! Things were looking good for a Jack DeColt victory, but the match ended as a contest when Gargantuan arrived!

Winner: DRAW
Rating: 91
Finish: Interference from Gargantuan!!

When Gargantuan's music hit, and the 'Monster' made his way through the curtain, Jack DeColt grabbed Ricky DeColt, and pulled him to his feet... A battered and beaten Ricky stood up next to his brother Jack, ready to fight side by side one last time... If they didn't, they'd be crushed by the fresh Gargantuan, after competing in a brutal 14 minute fight... Gargantuan climbed into the ring, and Jack saw his opportunity to escape... He threw Ricky into 'The Monster', and made his exit out the back of the ring... He grabbed his Championship Belt, but as he turned around, the incredibly quick Gargantuan was on top of him!! For the next couple of minutes, Gargantuan hit his 'Ultimate Backbreaker' (Military Press Drop onto Knee) on both men, leaving them in a heap in the middle of the ring...

The crowd chanted for Steve DeColt over and over again... And finally, after Gargantuan looked like he was finished with Jack and Ricky, 'The Outsider' made an appearance... Steve was shown standing up in the bleachers, wearing a leather jacket and jeans... He glared at the ring as Gargantuan begged him to come on out of the crowd and fight him... But Steve just stood there, glaring... We have just one more episode of NOTBPW Championship Wrestling before Mid Summer Madness... The card is filling up fast... and in the Fatal-4-Way for the NOTBPW Canadian Title it's looking increasingly unlikely that anyone can stop 'The Monster' Gargantuan!!

Christian Price [def.] The Natural & Thrill Seeker
The Mavericks [def.] Hugh Ancrie & Mark Griffin
Sonny Wildside [def.] Solomon Gold
Lord James King & Akima Brave [def.] Wade Orson & Harrison Hash
James Hernandez [def.] Erik Strong
Ricky DeColt and Jack DeColt [DREW]

USPW have today risen back to a National Sized Company... The official #2 Company in the World have celebrated by offering their top heel: Rich Money a new mega-contract... Interest in Rich Money is thought to be high, with a lot of big companies taking a look at him... They've also offered a contract to SWF star: 'Blue Blood' Paul Huntingdon... They see the man formerly known as 'Aristocrat' as a future Main Eventer...

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