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Originally Posted by Bad News Fryer View Post
James Hernandez & Aaron Andrews [vs] The Ring Generals
Not convinced Hernandez has actually lost a match yet
Despite my next couple of sentences, I think you may actually be right on that one... He's certainly lost matches since he's been here; he's a two time Television Champion. He's been with us nine months now However... since I started writing this diary full time, I think he may be undefeated!!

On another note, sorry to have taken so long to post the show guys. Genuinely thought I'd just posted a show, and not quick picks on the 21st haha!! So here's the next show...

MAY 2017, WEEK 4…

Show Rating: 86

Pre-Show Match: Hugh Ancrie defeated Solomon Gold with a 'Crying Game' (Rolling German Suplex) 64

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'RDJ' Ricky Dale Johnson

We kicked off the show with a graphic showing that 'The 24 Hour Party Animal' Edd Stone would be HERE tonight... The youngest Stone Brother hasn't been seen for two weeks, since he and his brother Duane Stone won the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles from World's Most Wanted following a low-blow from Edd... Right after their victory, Edd inexplicably low-blowed his own brother Duane too, before attacking him with one of the Championship Belts!! Neither man has been seen since, but will we get some answers from Edd Stone tonight...?!

James Hernandez & Aaron Andrews [vs] The Ring Generals w/ Sean Deeley & Ernest Youngman

We learned on Twitter that James Hernandez and Aaron Andrews would compete as tag team partners tonight! Just weeks before their meeting at Mid Summer Madness for the NOTBPW Television Title, Hernandez and Andrews got along just fine against the experienced Ring Generals. They tried to outdo each other, and it allowed them to control the pace of the match. In the end, Hernandez tagged HIMSELF in to the match, in order to hit his 'Apparition #14' finisher on Dean Waldorf.

Winners: James Hernandez & Aaron Andrews
Rating: 76
Finish: 'Apparition #14' (Spear)

Aaron Andrews wasn't exactly happy with James Hernandez's actions at the conclusion of the match, but their argument was put on hold when Sean Deeley and Ernest Youngman began circling the ring... They wanted a 4 on 2 attack, but 'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside intervened to even things up a little... and he had a lot to say to Deeley and The Shooters...

Wildside said he wanted to respond to Sean Deeley's comments last week, where 'The Shooter' had said that said Wildside 'wasn't ready', had 'a lot to learn', and 'a lot to prove'... Wildside believed that he could beat Deeley TONIGHT, and said that it was time for Deeley to “WALK... ON THE WILD SIDE!!”... but Deeley wasn't in any kind of mood to wrestle tonight... He said that Ernest Youngman could fight Wildside in his place... He then also agreed to take his fellow Shooters to the back, IF James Hernandez and Aaron Andrews did the same...

'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside [vs] 'The Assassin of the Squared Circle' Ernest Youngman

Both Sonny Wildside and Ernest Youngman going it alone out there tonight, and it made for a truly compelling encounter. Both men are young and hungry, and have the rest of their careers ahead of them. They met a few months ago on the night Youngman joined Sean Deeley's 'Shooters' Stable, and have had tension between them ever since. Tonight was Wildside's night though, as the youngster who has no fear hit his 'Fear Factor' (Moonsault Stomp) on 11 minutes!

Winner: 'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside
Rating: 84
Finish: 'Fear Factor' (Moonsault Stomp)

Backstage, NOTBPW Canadian Champion 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt was stood cutting a promo... He spoke about his opponents at Mid Summer Madness in turn... His older brother Steve DeColt was in last week's Main Event, and impressed with a victory over Tim Westybrook... Tonight, 'The Monster' Gargantuan will also Main Event, as he takes on 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh in a re-match from Glory!! He said that next week, the real STAR of the Fatal-4-Way Match at Mid Summer Madness will do battle to end the show...

Jack DeColt: “You see I'M the CHAMP!! I'M the MAN around here... So next week, I'm going to take my younger brother Ricky (DeColt)... And I'm going to rip his head off!! It'll be our VERY, FIRST, meeting 1 on 1 in NOTBPW... And I cannot wait!!”

'Dark Watch' Aldous Blackfriar headed to the ring next, along with his bodyguard 'The King of the Wasteland' Mutant... Set for singles action here tonight, Blackfriar had a microphone with him, and he spoke about their opponents back at Glory, Donte Dunn and Erik Strong... Along with a mention for his opponent tonight: 'The Anvil' Mark Griffin, who was already in the ring...

Aldous Blackfriar: “We are DUNN, with Donte... And we've proved that WE... Are STRONG-er... Than Erik... BUT... There's one question that simply NEEDS to be answered... Can I make my MARK... Against (Mark) Griffin...?!”

'The Anvil' Mark Griffin [vs] 'Dark Watch' Aldous Blackfriar w/ Mutant

Whether Aldous Blackfriar wanted to make a 'Mark' or not, he certainly made an impact tonight. He also cheated. In truth, it wasn't he who cheated, it was Mutant, who hit a brutal big boot to Mark Griffin's jaw as the fan favourite hung out of the ring. The kick knocked Griffin loopy, and he soon fell prey to Blackfriar's 'Batwing' finisher!

Winner: 'Dark Watch' Aldous Blackfriar w/ Mutant
Rating: 67
Finish: 'Batwing' (Crossface Chickenwing)

'The Outsider' Steve DeColt was being interviewed by Katie Cameron, who asked the former 7-Time World Champion what his thoughts were about stepping into the ring with 'The Monster' Gargantuan at Mid Summer Madness... His response was simple... Gargantuan is big, he's tough, he's strong, and he's unstoppable... But so is the legendary DeColt brother!!

Steve DeColt: “I've fought guys like him before... But he has NEVER been in the ring with a guy like ME... He doesn't have the experience that I have... I'll be watching him in the Main Event tonight Katie... Watching VERY closely...”

There was a commotion next, with Katie Cameron cutting Steve DeColt off... and we rushed to a disturbing scene in another part of the building... 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh was found unconscious by a passer by, resulting in medical personnel rushing to the scene...

It transpired that Cavanagh was attacked while getting ready for his aforementioned Main Event clash with Gargantuan, but nobody could work out who was the assailant... Obviously the announce team pointed the finger at Tim Westybrook initially, but it was confirmed earlier tonight that he wasn't here on the show at all... An interesting theory from Tom Townsend was that perhaps Cavanagh's opponent for later tonight: Gargantuan was involved!! Although Peter Michaels thought that 'The Monster' wouldn't need to do that...

Donte Dunn & Erik Strong [vs] The Mavericks (John Maverick & Julian Watson)

The Mavericks don't mess about in the ring. Everything they do has meaning, and they don't waste any time in their matches. Their 'all business' approach makes them difficult to like, but as Donte Dunn and Erik Strong found out tonight, it also makes them difficult to beat. John Maverick locked Dunn in his 'Deadly Silence' Sleeper to finish the match on around 9 minutes.

Winners: The Mavericks (John Maverick & Julian Watson
Rating: 70
Finish: 'Deadly Silence' Sleeper Hold

We caught up with 'Gentleman' Lord James King next, in a cocktail bar he often frequents... Last week, King knocked out newcomer Wade Orson with a set of brass knuckles, which he proudly showed off to the camera as he spoke about the lesson he taught Orson one week ago... Despite Orson's win in their singles match, next week, King promised to teach Orson another lesson, in a tag team match... Orson will team with Harrison Hash, while King will pair up with the big Samoan 'Man Beast' Akima Brave... Orson will be out for revenge, but King will use Orson's anger against him...

Alex DeColt was in his office next, with a message for all the tag teams that keep coming to him with 'claims' to the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles... The Titles are OFFICIALLY vacant, due to the implosion of the most recent Champions: Duane and Edd Stone... and as far as Alex DeColt is concerned, there are only three teams with genuine claims for the right to battle for the Gold...

Alex DeColt: “The top three teams as I see them... The three teams that would have been fighting it out to face the Stone Brothers... are as follows: The CanAm Blondes... whose performances in and around the Main Event scene have been exceptional... Cameron Vessey and Christian Price... who seem to have the CanAm's number lately... And then there's World's Most Wanted...”

As the former Champions, World's Most Wanted never got their re-match... They were cheated out of it by the dastardly acts of Edd Stone, and then when The Stones split up, again thanks to Edd, their contractual re-match went away... So Alex made a decision... At Mid Summer Madness, the three teams would battle it out in a Triple Threat Match... But... Before that, tonight there will be a triple threat singles match between members of each team!! He then sent us to the ring for said triple threat singles match...

'The Amazing' Jacob Jett [vs] 'Dr. Love' Owen Love [vs] 'The Second Generation Superstar' Cameron Vessey

Incredible Triple Threat Match here featuring members of three of the best tag teams NOTBPW has ever seen! Jacob Jett took to the air in this one, relying on his speed and high-flying ability to cause the stronger Owen Love and Cameron Vessey to remain on the back foot. Love is no slouch when it comes to high-flying though, and he was able to hit multiple axe-handle smashes to Vessey late on; really rolling back the years! Love would eventually hit his 'Love Gun' sidewalk slam on Jett, but Vessey then grabbed Jett and planted him with his 'Vessey Driver II' finisher!

Winner: Cameron Vessey
Rating: 81
Finish: 'Vessey Driver II' (Package Piledriver)

In the back, 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh was refusing medical help, as medics and doctors tried to convince him to sit down... NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt arrived on the scene, and was furious with Cavanagh for his attitude... But he also admired Cavanagh's resolve... The big fan favourite said he was 'good to go' tonight and would fight Gargantuan again... DeColt didn't agree that he should, but said that as long as Cavanagh signs an 'Insurance Waver', he could compete... He told Cav he'd be right back with the paperwork...


In a pre-taped segment, Dan DaLay and Derek Frost were shown training for their upcoming Mid Summer Madness battle against currently unknown opponents... They two veterans will be fighting for their jobs, and also fighting for Dan's son Robin's job as all three men were recently fired by Alex DeColt... If you could describe their condition in one word, it would be 'READY', because both legendary Canadian competitors looked ready to fight anyone!! Next week, Alex DeColt will reveal who their MSM opponents will be... If DaLay and Frost can win, the three of them will be re-hired by NOTBPW...

The vicious Edd Stone was backstage next, as a camera slowly zoomed in on his face... He said he had a story to tell everyone, and that they should all sit comfortably, and shut their mouths... to listen to what he had to say... He said that this is NOT the story that everyone thinks it is... Or everyone thought it would be...

Edd Stone: “When I came back to NOTBPW... You all thought it was a redemption story... I was promised I'd be fighting alongside my brothers... Defending NOTBPW from the DeColts... Defending my father's honour... But after Winter War, Dan and Jeremy disappeared... They went back to their office jobs... Leaving me and Duane to fend for ourselves... (Sean) McFly tried to stick his big, fat, nose in our business... as he always does... So I BROKE it... And then Duane said something that stuck with me... He said winning the Tag Team Titles would bring 'honour back to the family'... and it hit me... I don't give a DAMN about our family... I was here for ME... and now at Mid Summer Madness... I'm going to END Duane Stone's career... And I'm going to do it for ME!!”

A defiant Edd Stone stood up... He said that Duane's fight will be over come Mid Summer Madness... and Edd would have completed the set... Having gotten rid of Dan Stone Jr... Jeremy Stone... Sean McFly... and now Duane Stone... and then after that, it would be on to the next mission... Again, he'd do it for HIM... and nobody else...

'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh [vs] 'The Monster' Gargantuan

Danny Cavanagh is a big, strong, man. He's a tank. He's unstoppable against most men. However, Gargantuan is not most men. In fact, some think 'The Monster' is not even a man. Potentially manufactured in a lab somewhere, the 7 foot plus Gargantuan used his 350lb frame to keep Cavanagh on the back foot. Cav was still clearly hurt by the attack on him from earlier tonight. It was still unclear who attacked Cav earlier in the show, but he knew exactly who was beating him up tonight. Gargantuan didn't let up, and he ended up putting Cav away with his 'Ultimate Backbreaker', just like he did at Glory!

Winner: 'The Monster' Gargantuan
Rating: 80
Finish: 'Ultimate Backbreaker' (Military Press Drop onto Knee)

After the match was done, Danny Cavanagh's former tag team partner Tim Westybrook headed out!! Even though we were told he WASN'T here in the building tonight!! He passed Gargantuan on the ramp, and then proceeded to climb into the ring!! Cavanagh had been attacked earlier tonight, and then beaten up by the unstoppable Gargantuan, so he was no match for big Westybrook... The announce team reminded us that moments ago, Cavanagh signed an 'Insurance Waver', and therefore Westybrook could do ANYTHING he wanted!!
Peter Michaels: “Nothing can stop Westybrook from having his way with Cavanagh here guys... He's completely at Westybrook's mercy!!”
RDJ: “He sure is Maggles... Sheer brutality from 'The Iron Man'... Sheer LEGAL brutality...”
Tom Townsend: “We're just a couple of weeks away from Mid Summer Madness... Will Danny Cavanagh even make it...?! And if he does, will a re-match with Tim Westybrook be on the cards...?!”
Tonight we created more questions than we did find answers about Mid Summer Madness... Tune in next week to see if the card begins to take shape...

James Hernandez & Aaron Andrews [def.] The Ring Generals
Sonny Wildside [def.] Ernest Youngman
Aldous Blackfriar [def.] Mark Griffin
The Mavericks [def.] Donte Dunn & Erik Strong
Cameron Vessey [def.] Jacob Jett & Owen Love
Gargantuan [def.] Danny Cavanagh

After years of toiling around in the mid card of some big promotions, Sammy Bach had a breakout year in TCW in 2016... He won countless matches, (20 out of 36) but also made it to the Number One spot on the Wrestler of the Year poll... That was due to THREE 100 rated, 5* matches! One as tag team partner to Wolf Hawkins against Joshua Taylor and Bryan Vessey... One a loss to Eric Eisen, who had just signed from SWF... and one a loss to Wolf Hawkins!! His hard work has FINALLY been rewarded now, with a Championship victory over former TCW World Heavyweight Title: Scout!! Finally, Bach is a World Champion for a major promotion!!

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