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MAY 2017, WEEK 3…

Show Rating: (81)

Pre-Show Match: Ernest Youngman, Dean Waldorf & Marv Statler defeated Local Enhancement Talents (75)

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'RDJ' Ricky Dale Johnson

NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt kicked tonight's show off, heading to the ring looking nervous... Alex has a big night ahead of him, including naming the FOURTH man in the Main Event of Mid Summer Madness... and he also has 'crunch talks' with the man he FIRED a few weeks ago: Dan DaLay... To open the show though, he called out all three of his brothers... Claiming that they would want to hear what he had to say...

These four men aren't all in the ring together very often... But when they are, there's always tension and unease... The rumours all week have been that Alex DeColt was going to name HIMSELF as his 'representative' at Mid Summer Madness... The mouthwatering prospect of all four DeColt Brothers in a Fatal-4-Way Match for the NOTBPW Canadian Title will officially NOT happen though, because Alex had other ideas...

Alex DeColt: “This was an easy decision for me... I do NOT want to step back into the ring, and I won't... But I WILL be in the corner of this man...”

Alex pointed to the stage, and out walked 'The Monster'... GARGANTUAN!!

The huge, imposing, undefeated beast stomped to the ring... NOTBPW Canadian Champion Jack DeColt couldn't wait to get out of the ring... He shook his head as he climbed the guard rail and walked up the steps through the crowd... Steve and Ricky DeColt waited in the ring, and stood and glared at Gargantuan as Alex raised 'The Monster's' hand... Alex will be in Gargantuan's corner at Mid Summer Madness, and he'll get to watch as 'The Monster' destroys his brothers!! Can any of them stop him...?! Will they team up to get the job done...?! Alex DeColt's night is far from over... Tonight he'll be having a sit down talk with Dan DaLay... The man he FIRED a few weeks ago...

'Mainstream' James Hernandez [vs] 'All Business' Harrison Hash

An impressive win for James Hernandez here against a brilliant fighter in Harrison Hash. Hash was as focused as he always is, never taking his eyes off his opponent, and dishing out constant punishment! Hernandez's resolve was called into question more than once, but he answered with his 'Apparition #14' Spear to score the win after around 11 minutes!

Winner: 'Mainstream' James Hernandez
Rating: 81
Finish: 'Apparition #14' (Spear)

James Hernandez celebrated his win, but he was soon joined by 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews...

Andrews applauded Hernandez's victory, and told him he was great tonight... As he was at Glory this past Saturday... BUT... A crucial point that needs to be made, is that Hernandez did NOT pin Andrews on Saturday... Instead, in Andrews' words, the Champion took the 'Easy Route' and pinned 'Shooter' Sean Deeley... Andrews' comment came as he made it to the ring, and predictably it brought out the aforementioned Deeley, along with his fellow 'Shooters'...

Deeley questioned the validity of Andrews' statement... and asked how he can EVER be the 'easy route'... He listed his accolades... Former CGC Canadian, and former CGC World Champion... Named #104 Wrestler in the WORLD last year... The 'easy route', would have surely been Sonny Wildside... The youngster still has a LOT to learn... and a lot to prove... Aaron Andrews said that if Deeley wants to 'prove' he wasn't the weakest man in the Four-Way Match at Glory, he can fight him later tonight... James Hernandez allowed the argument to continue, but then said that whoever wins out of Andrews and Deeley, can be his Mid Summer Madness opponent!!

'Gentleman' Lord James King headed to the ring ahead of his match with newcomer 'Awesome' Wade Orson... He told the fans that tonight, he's going to prove that Wade Orson doesn't belong here, by beating him!! He said he doesn't need it, but that if it comes to it, he has a special 'helping hand' at his disposal... It's ungentlemanly, but he doesn't care...

'Awesome' Wade Orson [vs] 'Gentleman' Lord James King

Wade Orson lived up to his moniker tonight, as he really was 'Awesome'. As for Lord James King, he was not a 'Gentleman' at all. He used every underhanded tactic he could think of, and then seemed surprised that he was being booed out of the building! In the end, he hit a brutal looking kick to Orson's face, but the young Brit kipped up to hit his 'Bounce Back' finisher!

Winner: 'Awesome' Wade Orson
Rating: 59
Finish: 'Bounce Back' Kip-Up DDT

Wade Orson scored the win, but Lord James King wasn't finished there... He reached into the inside pocket of his jacket, and pulled something out of it... Nobody could quite make out what he had, as he was also holding his top hat... He threw the hat at Orson, who caught it with ease, and then King blasted him in the face with a left jab!! Orson went down like cement falling off a shovel, and was out cold!! The dastardly Lord James King then revealed he was wearing brass knuckles!! Delighted with himself, he sauntered out of the ring as medical personnel attempted to revive Orson...

Officially, Duane and Edd Stone are NOTBPW Tag Team Champions, after defeating World's Most Wanted (Jacob Jett and Thrill Seeker) at Glory this past Saturday... However, after the match, Edd used his patented low blow, just like he did IN the match, on his own brother Duane!! Neither man is here tonight, however World's Most Wanted are... and so are the CanAm Blondes... and Cameron Vessey and Christian Price...

World's Most Wanted argued that Edd Stone cheated in their match, which he did, with a low blow to Thrill Seeker... They also argued that The Stone Brothers don't deserve to be Tag Team Champions, after Edd turned on Duane right after they won the Titles... The CanAm Blondes won the incredible Main Event from Glory this past Saturday, while Cameron Vessey and Christian Price believe they are twice the tag team the Blondes are... Price and Vessey also ended World's Most Wanted's FIRST reign as Tag Team Champions!! Nothing was settled tonight, but all three teams said they'd go and see Alex DeColt within the week!!

Donte Dunn & Erik Strong [vs] 'Mayhem' (Aldous Blackfriar & Mutant)

This was a re-match from Glory, which Mayhem won comfortably on that night. Tonight, things were a little closer, but Donte Dunn and Erik Strong came up against a brick wall in Mutant. A charismatic brick wall, but a brick wall nonetheless. He dominated the two fan favourites at times, and was on hand to squash Dunn on the outside of the ring with a splash while Aldous Blackfriar made Strong tap out to his 'Batwing' finisher.

Winners: 'Mayhem' (Aldous Blackfriar & Mutant)
Rating: 72
Finish: 'Batwing' (Crossface Chickenwing)

Backstage, 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh was packing up his bag after a fitness test, wincing as he stuffed a hoodie into the top... In walked his former tag team partner and former friend: Tim Westybrook... 'The Iron Man' mocked Cavanagh for 'Being the man that FINALLY defeated Gargantuan'!! Which of course, Cavanagh was not able to do... He suggested that instead of mocking him, Westybrook should try fighting Gargantuan himself, and see if he can do any better... He then mocked Westybrook himself, saying he lost to a man HALF the size of Gargantuan (Ricky DeColt)...

Danny Cavanagh: “Sure... Ricky is great... But come and see me when you've been in the ring with Gargantuan... Then we can see how much of an 'Iron Man' you really are... Iron sharpens Iron... But Monsters BREAK Iron... and if you come for me again, so will I...!!”

Westybrook took his leave, but not before glaring at Cavanagh and looking right into his eyes... The tag team of Westybrook and Cavanagh split up months ago, but their feud as singles competitors and former friends looks FAR from over...

Hugh Ancrie & Mark Griffin [vs] The Mavericks (John Maverick & Julian Watson)

A one-sided match here in which The Mavericks proved how good they are as a duo. John Maverick and Julian Watson isolated High Ancrie, and kept Mark Griffin on the apron. Eventually, Griffin came in off the hot tag, but after a short flurry, he was rendered helpless by Maverick's 'Deadly Silence' Sleeper Hold. Ancrie got back in to break it up, but Watson hit him with his 'Tiger Claw DDT'. Griffin passed out, and the match was over!

Winners: The Mavericks (John Maverick & Julian Watson)
Rating: 73
Finish: 'Deadly Silence' Sleeper Hold

Backstage, Sonny Wildside was talking to fellow youngster Solomon Gold, when the veteran Steve DeColt walked up... Gold said he'd love the chance to wrestle Wildside, and test his skills against an established talent like him... Steve liked what he was hearing, and told the two youngsters that their attitudes are excellent, and they'll go far in NOTBPW... But just as he was talking, a seething Tim Westybrook walked up...

Westybrook said that while he lost to a DeColt at Glory, he wants the chance against a different DeColt tonight... He wants Steve 1 on 1 in the Main Event... Gold and Wildside got ready for a fight, in case Westybrook decided to try and get the jump on Steve DeColt, but he knew he was outnumbered, and he told Steve he'd see him in the ring tonight...

Number One Contender for the NOTBPW Television Title:

'The Ace' Aaron Andrews [vs] 'Shooter' Sean Deeley w/ Ernest Youngman and The Ring Generals

This was a fantastic clash of styles. 'Shooter' Sean Deeley can outwrestle almost anyone, but uses his three fellow 'Shooters' at ringside to gain unfair advantages. He did that in abundance tonight, and caused the charismatic brawler Aaron Andrews to lose his focus and get angry on occasion. Deeley thought he had Andrews beaten, and so he took his foot off the gas late on. For the finish, he whipped Andrews off the ropes, attempting a back body drop. Andrews leapt over Deeley, and then from the other ropes, he springboarded back off them. He hit Deeley with a 'Flying Body Press', and rolled him up on landing! Deeley kicked and kicked but he couldn't get a shoulder up in time, and Andrews scored the win!

Winner: 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews
Rating: 78
Finish: 'Flying Body Press'

Sean Deeley was furious after the match, and sent his 'Shooters' after Aaron Andrews... But 'The Ace' was expecting it, and he got away... Deeley was left seething in the ring as Ernest Youngman, Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler came back to his side... Andrews will now head to Mid Summer Madness to take on James Hernandez for the NOTBPW Television Championship!!

Finally, it was time for the 'crunch talks' between Alex DeColt and Dan DaLay... DaLay, along with his friend Derek Frost, and his son Robin, were all FIRED by Alex a few weeks ago (along with Johnny Bloodstone and Jared Johnson, but they were kayfabe out of contract), and DaLay was here to talk to Alex about re-instating the three of them... His bargaining tool, was a 'secret' he seems to know about the General Manager of NOTBPW... To get things moving along to a favourable outcome for HIM, Alex suggested that Dan fight against his SON Robin at Mid Summer Madness... Winner gets their job back...

Dan DaLay: “No... If you don't give me what I want... I will tell the WORLD what I know... The ball is in your court Alex... You're the boss... But I, have all the power right now... My terms are as follows: You let me and Derek fight in a tag team match at Mid Summer Madness... We win, you let us keep our jobs, and you also re-hire Robin (DaLay)... If we lose, we leave quietly... Either way, your secret remains safe... Hell... You can even choose our opponents...!!”

Alex knew he was backed into a corner, and he agreed to the terms... He said he'd name DaLay and Frost's opponents next week, and he's going to choose a team that is hard to beat... Before the two old friends, and older enemies, left the room, Alex made DaLay promise that he'd keep quiet about what he knows... DaLay said he had his word... As long as Alex is fair with him, and his friends and family, his 'secret' will stay safe...

'The Outsider' Steve DeColt [vs] 'The Iron Man' Tim Westybrook

Steve DeColt and Tim Westybrook brawled all over the arena tonight, almost getting counted out a few times. Westybrook knew he could overpower the DeColt brother outside the ring, and slammed him into the ring steps and ring post. He also used the guard rail to his advantage, including trying to crush DeColt's windpipe across it! 'The Outsider' fought back though, and didn't allow Westybrook to bully him. The former seven time World Champion hit his 'DeColt Stampede' finisher to finish Westybrook off after around fourteen minutes.

Winner: 'The Outsider' Steve DeColt
Rating: 78
Finish: 'DeColt Stampede' (Big Boot)

Steve DeColt celebrated a win after an eventful show... With the huge Mid Summer Madness just around the corner, the DeColt brothers all need momentum, including Alex DeColt, who has had a mixed few weeks as General Manager of NOTBPW... His pick for the Mid Summer Madness Main Event is the seemingly unstoppable Gargantuan, who is undefeated since arriving in the company almost 18 months ago...

James Hernandez [def.] Harrison Hash
Wade Orson [def.] Lord James King
Mayhem (Aldous Blackfriar & Mutant) [def.] Donte Dunn & Erik Strong
The Mavericks (John Maverick & Julian Watson) [def.] Mark Griffin & Hugh Ancrie
Aaon Andrews [def.] Sean Deeley
Steve DeColt [def.] Tim Westybrook

Who will Alex DeColt name as his 'representative' in the Fatal-4-Way at Mid Summer Madness...? GARGANTUAN

In the same week we put on an 81 rated show that was decent but unspectacular, United States Pro Wrestling (USPW) would put on their 'American Wrestling' show, which runs the same night as us, and score an 86! They cheated though, because their Main Event was a Double Count Out Tag Team Match featuring Rich Money, Remo, Steve Frehley and Enygma! It scored a 94!

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