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Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'RDJ' Ricky Dale Johnson

We kicked off one of the biggest shows of the NOTBPW Calender, with a huge pyro display, and the announce team on our screen!!

Michaels, Townsend and RDJ spoke about the night ahead, and hyped up the 2017 Super Slam Battle Royale!!

Favourites for the match include Sean Deeley, Tim Westybrook, Mighty Cavanagh, James Hernandez, and of course Ricky DeColt!!

A 'dark horse' for the victory might be the new signing to NOTBPW: 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews!!

The winner of the Battle Royale will go on to Mid Summer Madness to challenge for the NOTBPW Canadian Championship!!

That man, will face the winner of tonight's co-Main Event: Steve DeColt versus Jack DeColt!!

Before all of that though, we had a few other matches to take care of... Kicking us off, a tag team grudge match...

This was an absolutely incredible match, and proof that just because you're on the 'Time Decline' list, doesn't mean you don't have a future here on NOTBPW. The Natural and Owen Love are on that list, and their win/loss record of late is questionable. Tonight, they were up against fellow former NOTBPW Tag Team Champions in Cameron Vessey and Christian Price. The young, flash, competitors out-shone The CanAm Blondes for a little while, as they isolated Natural in their corner. For a few minutes, they focused solely on his back. They injured it by shoving him onto some ring steps two weeks ago. He needed to make the tag to his partner Owen Love, and he fought hard to try to get there. Eventually, Love came in to a huge roar from the fans, and he began taking down Vessey and Price with stiff strikes; particularly elbows! For the finish, once things broke down into utter chaos, Love managed to hit his 'Love Gun' finisher on Price as he came off the ropes!

Winners: The Natural and Owen Love (The CanAm Blondes)
Rating: 87
Finish: 'Love Gun' (Sidewalk Slam)

Many wouldn't have thought, given their form, their age, and The Natural's bad back, that the CanAm Blondes could win this...

But they prevailed... Christian Price and Cameron Vessey weren't happy, but they must go back to the drawing board for now...

Up next, we were backstage where a number of NOTBPW wrestlers were choosing their entry numbers for tonight's Battle Royale...!!

A group of fan favourites were choosing a randomly selected number from Jeremy Stone, when in walked Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant!!

Such has been the star that Aldous and Mutant have made to their NOTBPW careers, many believe they are the favourites to go all the way tonight!!

Neither man looked particularly happy with their numbers, and they tried to bully Mark Griffin into giving up his!!

He didn't seem bothered about giving it up to be fair, but Jared Johnson and Johnny Bloodstone stepped in to stop them...

Aldous and Mutant backed down, and told Griffin they'd see him out there...

Back to the in-ring action next, and the NOTBPW Television Title was on the line in a Triple Threat Match...

This was a hard-hitting triple threat match, with three bright stars of the NOTBPW roster. 'Mainstream' James Hernandez was able to sit back and watch for large portions of the match as Mighty Cavanagh and Tim Westybrook took lumps out of each other. Their feud is far from over, and their hatred for one another is clear. All three of these men had to keep something in the tank, as they're all in the Battle Royale later in the show – the only three men pulling 'double duty' tonight. Hernandez capitalised on a mistake from Westybrook late on, as the veteran attempted a running powerslam on his rival Cavanagh. As he hoisted big Cav onto his shoulder, Hernandez pounced and hit his 'Apparition #14' finisher! Cav hit the deck hard, and rolled out of the ring, and Hernandez rolled into the cover on Westybrook to retain his Championship!

Winner: and STILL NOTBPW Television Champion: 'Mainstream' James Hernandez
Rating: 80
Finish: 'Apparition #14' (Spear)

That's four Title defences for James Hernandez now, and he'll be secretly hoping to move on from facing Mighty Cavanagh and Tim Westybrook...

The two big men are still at war, and he's done well to stay out of their way – particularly tonight!!

We took a look at a video package now highlighting the rivalry between 'Cut Throat' Trent Shaffer, and 'The Monster' Gargantuan...

The two Main Event stars fought 1 on 1 at the DeColt Wrestle Festival, and of course, the undefeated Gargantuan came out on top...

He hasn't lost since he debuted as part of the NOTBPW roster... after signing from CGC as their reigning World Champion over a year ago!

Trent Shaffer has so far proven a worthy challenger, and he believes he knows how to stop 'The Monster'...

But this past week on Championship Wrestling, Shaffer tried to facilitate a surprise attack, and he got destroyed!!

Trent Shaffer and Gargantuan went for over 15 minutes in what must have been a gruelling outing for the former. Shaffer used his quickness, and agility to stay out of 'The Monster's' grasp early on, but he eventually came unstuck when attempting a dive from the top rope. Gargantuan swatted him out of the air with a big palm strike to the chest, and Shaffer splatted back first on the mat. From then on, it was one way traffic in terms of offence. Shaffer didn't get many shots in at all as his strikes just seemed to bounce off of Gargantuan's head and torso. Late on though, Shaffer began to come into it a little. He delivered a dropkick from the second rope that sent 'The Monster' staggering backwards, and he then attempted to chop the giant man down with kicks to the knees! In the end though, Gargantuan picked him up with a Military Press, and dropped him onto his knee for the 'Ultimate Backbreaker'. Nobody kicks out of that!

Winner: 'The Monster' Gargantuan
Rating: 82
Finish: 'Ultimate Backbreaker' (Military Press Drop onto Knee)

Trent Shaffer's broken body was left in the middle of the ring as Gargantuan stepped over it to get out...

Shaffer said he had a plan to win, but it was just more of the same from him unfortunately... Will anyone be able to stop Gargantuan's rise?!

It's now FIFTEEN months without suffering defeat in NOTBPW... And he was the World Champion in CGC when he left...

The final match before the EPIC Battle Royale saw the NOTBPW Canadian Title defended...

The Champion: 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt taking on his brother 'The Outsider' Steve DeColt once again...

We've had one instant classic DeColt versus DeColt match in 2017, when Steve DeColt took on Ricky DeColt in the Main Event of Championship Wrestling a few weeks ago. In fact, there has been at least one DeColt in 9 out of the top 10 matches of the year so far! Here tonight, it was no different. The only thing stopping it from being the perfect match, was the hokey finish, but more on that in a moment. Steve DeColt is a clever man, with a lot of size and strength backing him up. Against most men, he's the stronger and larger, but tonight, Jack DeColt matched him for both! Jack just isn't quite as switched on as his older brother, he's more of a brawler who would throw fists with absolutely anyone! It made for an interesting contest, as Steve used a lot of headlocks to try to control Jack, while the 'Wild Man' scratched and clawed and used all kinds of strikes!

It wasn't an overly long match, leading to the announce team suggesting that there could be more to come from one of these men later tonight, but it was long enough to build slowly to a big finish. After around 8 minutes, Jack DeColt hit a brutal low blow behind the referee's back, and got away with it. From then on, the match changed a little, because Steve DeColt lost his 'wrestling mind' advantage, and just wanted to rip his brother's head off. The role reversal was remarkable in many ways, but Jack never lost his 'Wild' edge. Late on, both men entered into a fist fight reminiscent of a hockey brawl! Jack ended up being thrown shoulder first into the ring post! It was an even fight from then on, with Steve still selling the low blow, and Jack's shoulder clearly giving him problems. For the finish, Steve was looking to create separation and hit his 'DeColt Stampede', but Jack unleashed with ANOTHER vicious low blow. This one right in front of the referee!

Winner: BY DISQUALIFICATION: 'The Outsider' Steve DeColt (Jack DeColt RETAINS his Title)
Rating: 99

The referee had no choice but to call for the bell, and call this match off as a 'Disqualification' victory for Steve DeColt...

However, this means that Jack DeColt is STILL NOTBPW Canadian Champion... Much to the dismay of the fans...

On deck next... it was time for the Super Slam Battle Royale...!!!

Featuring 30 of the best NOTBPW wrestlers available, this match will be contested with Over The Top Rope Rules!!

Two men will start... and then every minute and a half, a new member of the roster will enter, until all thirty have done so...

Blah Blah Blah... It's the same as the Royal Rumble... and here we go...

The men who drew Numbers One and Two headed to the ring... and they happened to be tag team partners...


'The Submission Demon' Johnny Bloodstone and 'Double J' Jared Johnson

Johnny Bloodstone and Jared Johnson seemed a little reluctant to fight at first. Both these fan favourites are soon to be moving on to new things very soon, having both separately accepted contracts to work in the USA – in different companies. They fought for a little while, but nothing noteworthy happened until right at the end of the 90 seconds, when they hit a double clothesline, as the buzzer sounded for the third entrant...


'The Man Beast' Akima Brave

This was the perfect time for Akima Brave to come into the match. Both Johnny Bloodstone and Jared Johnson were down as he hit the ring, and he was able to knock them both back over as they slowly rose to their feet. Not many guys on the NOTBPW roster would have capitalised as well as Brave did, and the powerful Samoan used his power to keep both down. He didn't eliminate either of them, but he was ready as the buzzer sounded...


'The King of the Wasteland' Mutant

It's a good thing Akima Brave was ready, because if he wasn't, he might have gotten eliminated by the 360lb beast that is Mutant! 'The King of the Wasteland' dwarfed the 245lb Akima Brave, and made him look like a small man, which he certainly is not. At the end of the 90 seconds, Mutant was completely in control of all three of his opponents. He didn't even bother to look up when the next man arrived...


'Mr. Impact' Hugh Ancrie

Hugh Ancrie claims to make an 'Impact' every time he steps foot into the ring. He certainly did that, as he got kicked in the face by a big boot from Mutant. The big monster then picked Jared Johnson up over his shoulder, and dropped him out over the top rope! Hugh Ancrie didn't last much longer after that, as Mutant eliminated him too...


Mark 'The Anvil' Griffin

As soon as Mark Griffin got into the ring, Mutant made a statement by throwing Johnny Bloodstone over the top rope! This was a huge moment for the youngster, as Bloodstone is a well-decorated former multi-time Champion in his 15 year career. Mutant proved he's a force to be reckoned with in this match, when he got his FOURTH elimination by throwing Griffin out right before the ten second count down began!


'Lord' James King

An interesting moment for James King to enter the match. The 'Gentleman' hung back a little, and allowed Akima Brave to show his intestinal fortitude and try to take the big Mutant down at the ankles. Unfortunately, this tactic proved fruitless, and it ultimately led to Brave being eliminated. King then slid in behind Mutant and jumped him! But Mutant doesn't believe in wealth or common decency, and King was soon added to the growing list of victims of 'The King of the Wasteland'...


'The Iron Fist' Dan DaLay

A man who will NEVER be a 'victim' headed to the ring next... The former three time World Champion Dan DaLay! At 320lbs, DaLay is a big, big man, and he stood toe-to-toe with Mutant for an awesome staredown. DaLay then unleashed with a barrage of punches, sending Mutant staggering into the corner. A few seconds later Mutant was down on the mat for the first time in the match following a wicked clothesline from DaLay. As the countdown began for the next entrant to arrive, Mutant was back up, and an all-out brawl was beginning... DaLay would have been hoping for some serious back-up!!


'Dark Watch' Aldous Blackfriar

The absolute LAST person Dan DaLay wanted to see come down to the ring was Mutant's 'handler' Aldous Blackfriar. The charismatic youngster strolled out slowly, but deliberately and with a purpose. He climbed onto the apron, and glared at Dan DaLay. DaLay's eyes widened. Anger appearing from his face now, and he ran at Aldous! The youngster didn't know what hit him as he sailed off the apron and into the guard rail. But Mutant capitalised and took DaLay over onto his back! A little ground and pound from Mutant to end this section...


'The Ice Man' Derek Frost

If Dan DaLay could pick a man to come to the ring right then at Number Ten, he'd have picked Derek Frost for sure! His tag team partner and fellow veteran ran out and made a beeline for Mutant! Pretty soon, Aldous Blackfriar joined the fight, and it became two on two in this hard-hitting battle. DaLay and Frost perhaps had the better of the offence overall, but after 90 seconds, they were both down in the ring... Mutant made sure he picked Frost up, and dumped him out over the top rope at the buzzer...!!



Again, Dan DaLay couldn't have picked a better Number Eleven than his own SON Robin DaLay!! Much like his father, Robin is a straight-ahead kind of guy, who hits what's in front of him, hard! What was in front of him was Mutant, and the big monster didn't back down despite a hard shoulder tackle. Robin then sent Aldous crashing into the turnbuckle with a shoulder tackle, and then he had one more for Mutant. Once more, Mutant was not phased by the tackle, and ended up crushing Robin with a hammer blow punch to the top of his head! Both DaLays were hurt!


'The Iron Man' Tim Westybrook

Another big man entered the fray next, but at 290lbs, Tim Westybrook looked small compared to Mutant! The two hard-hitters went at it with a flurry of strikes that left Mutant sat in the corner and holding his face. Westybrook looked at a loss and didn't know who to help and who not to. In the end, he just beat up all four men in the match, and had them all down when the next man entered...


'All Business' Harrison Hash

Harrison Hash hit the ring, and dished out some punishment to his eclectic mix of opponents. Robin DaLay and Aldous Blackfriar both received the 'Century Suplex' (Delayed vertical suplex) from Hash, but he then attempted the same move on Tim Westybrook. This naturally didn't work, and Westybrook countered the move into a front suplex that left Hash down as the next entrant arrived...


'The Shooting Star' Erik Strong

Erik Strong, much like Harrison Hash, dished out some punishment to the men in the ring. All of them were starting to get tired, particularly Mutant, who had been in the match for some time by this point. Strong couldn't take advantage on his own though, and he enlisted the help of Hash and the DaLays to try and get rid of the big man. But Tim Westybrook and Aldous Blackfriar stopped them from eliminating Mutant. Westybrook probably thought he'd be the next target if it worked!


'Deadly' Dean Waldorf

More of the same when Dean Waldorf entered the ring. It was starting to fill up in there a little at this point. Time for some eliminations surely...


'Mighty' Cavanagh

Mighty Cavanagh's arrival spelled the end for poor Erik Strong. He hadn't lasted long at all, but he was in the way of the big man. Aldous Blackfriar tried to fight Cavanagh on his own, and he too was thrown out over the top rope. Then came the fight between the two big men; Cavanagh and the dominant Mutant, who had at that point made SEVEN eliminations. He was exhausted though, having been in the ring for over 25 minutes! Cavanagh eventually tipped him up over the top rope right at the end of the 90 seconds!


'Rock Solid' Duane Stone

All of a sudden, the ring had three genuine contenders for winning the entire Battle Royale in it. Tim Westybrook, his rival Mighty Cavanagh, and the veteran Stone brother Duane Stone all had a legitimate claim to being the most decorated, and most talented, man in the ring. But Dan DaLay and his son Robin were really coming into their own at this point. They almost had Harrison Hash eliminated twice, but the buzzer sounded for the next entrant before they could get him over a third time!


'The Amazing' Jacob Jett

Business picked up in a big way again next, with the arrival of one half of the NOTBPW Tag Team Champions: Jacob Jett. The high flier sprung into action, taking down Harrison Hash, Robin DaLay and Duane Stone with head scissor take downs, before delivering well-placed kicks and strikes to Dan DaLay, Tim Westybrook and Dean Waldorf. To end the 90 second spell, Jett had an interesting fight with big Mighty Cavanagh, but nobody was eliminated.


'The Silent Threat' John Maverick

John Maverick doesn't say much, but when he hits you you feel it! Forearm smashes and knees to the chest and face followed, as Maverick began to dominate everyone. Suddenly, his old friend Dan DaLay rose to his feet across the ring from him. DaLay and Maverick are former CGC World Tag Team Champions together, and former members of 'The Elite', a stable that ran roughshod through that promotion! But tonight, they traded blows as we counted down to zero...


'The Ace' Aaron Andrews

Aaron Andrews is finally HERE in NOTBPW!! He made an instant impression on the match when he tipped Robin DaLay up and over the top rope. Before he could eliminate him though, Dan DaLay threw himself in the way of Andrews to save his son! Unfortunately for Dan DaLay, Andrews eliminated him, and then got rid of Robin too! An impressive showing from both DaLays! Mighty Cavanagh also got in on the eliminations in this period, as he ended the stay of Harrison Hash – another decent showing.


'Marvellous' Marv Statler

Marv Statler arrived just in time to save his tag team partner Dean Waldorf from Jacob Jett, who was about to eliminate him! That was about the only noteworthy thing that happened in this period, and the ring began to fill up again with our next entrant...


'The Assassin of the Squared Circle' Ernest Youngman

Youngman joined his fellow 'Shooters' Marv Statler and Dean Waldorf in the ring, and with their 'leader' Sean Deeley still to come into the match, the group looked like a strong unit to perhaps make a bold prediction on... Again, nothing particularly noteworthy happened, and we soon got Number 23...


'The 24 Hour Party Animal' Edd Stone

Yet another genuine potential winner entered the match next in the form of Edd Stone. The youngest Stone brother has had an interesting start to his NOTBPW career, including getting one over on Dan Stone Jr, Jeremy Stone AND Sean McFly inside his first six months back. Tonight, he and his brother Duane worked together and set to work taking down 'The Shooters', among others. It was time for some potential winners to eliminate each other next: Mighty Cavanagh and Tim Westybrook added fuel to the fire of their epic, long-running feud by stopping each other winning the match! It was a shame for Cavanagh, who was looking good up to that point.


'High Energy' Thrill Seeker

The other half of the NOTBPW Tag Team Champions: World's Most Wanted – Thrill Seeker hit the ring. He joined his friend Jacob Jett, and they began battling The Shooters (Dean Waldorf, who had been in the match for a long time now, Marv Statler, and their newest member: Ernest Youngman). Nobody got eliminated in this section of the match...


'The Barbadian Barbarian' Donte Dunn

A late number for Donta Dunn, and although his occasional tag team partner Erik Strong had already entered and left the match, Dunn stood a good chance of winning it! He did an excellent job of taking Duane Stone down with his 'Sunny Daze' finisher – A brutal spinning back fist! With Duane down and out, the three 'Shooters' capitalised, and eliminated the veteran from the match!! Jacob Jett soon followed that up by pulling the ropes down to get rid of an onrushing John Maverick, right as the countdown began!


'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside

A brilliant young prospect with a catchy entrance theme, and some great in-ring moves, arrived next! Sonny Wildside is just 22 years old, and is one of the youngest men on the roster. He immediately headed up to the top rope upon his arrival, and delivered a jaw-dropping moonsault to almost the entire ring full of talent as they brawled in the middle of it!! Widlside had taken almost everyone out, but the crafty Edd Stone almost took advantage of the youngster's inexperience and threw him out over the top rope as he celebrated!! Luckily for Wildside, he held on to the rope, and skinned the cat to get back in!


'The Maverick' Julian Watson

Julian Watson hit the ring not long after his tag team partner John Maverick got himself eliminated. Nothing noteworthy happened upon his arrival, but a few moments into this 90 second period, Aaron Andrews managed to eliminate Ernest Youngman!! The other 'Shooters' were furious their friend was thrown out of the ring, and they tried to get Andrews up and over. But Sonny Wildside came up from behind, and Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler were simultaneously removed from proceedings!! Andrews gave a knowing look to Wildside, and thanked him for his help.


'Shooter' Sean Deeley

Unbelievably, Sean Deeley arrived right at the moment his entire team of fellow 'Shooters' were eliminated!! In all likelihood, if all four had been in the ring together, it would have resulted in one of them winning the match. Deeley was not happy, and he took his anger out on both Aaron Andrews, and Sonny Wildside. He nearly had Wildside up and over, but Andrews intervened and saved him. In the ring now, we had Jacob Jett, Aaron Andrews, Edd Stone, Thrill Seeker, Donte Dunn, Sonny Wildside, Julian Watson and Sean Deeley, with just two more entrants to arrive...


'The Young Gun' Ricky DeColt

Another guy with a real chance of winning the whole thing entered next, and made it nine men in the ring. Ricky DeColt may be the youngest of all his brothers, but he's an impressive athlete with a bright future. He showed his ability by hitting multiple 'DeColt .45' Super Kicks to his opponents. Before long, all eight of his rivals were down in the ring, and we finally learned the identity of the 30th entrant... Even though most could work it out...


'Mainstream' James Hernandez

James Hernandez made it ten men in the ring, and we had the last eight to enter all still alive in the match. It didn't take long for a couple of eliminations to occur though. Edd Stone got rid of Jacob Jett, who had had an impressive showing. Stone then followed that up by dumping Jett's tag team partner Thrill Seeker out! Then Ricky DeColt, not to be outdone by the young Stone brother, eliminated both Julian Watson and Donte Dunn! Sean Deeley once again almost had Sonny Wildside out, but he couldn't quite finish the job!

With the final six comprising of Aaron Andrews, Edd Stone, Sonny Wildside, Sean Deeley, Ricky DeColt and James Hernandez, it was incredibly hard to pick a winner. With an average age of under 30, this group could represent the future of NOTBPW! Edd Stone didn't enjoy sharing the spotlight with so many fan favourites, and at one point, he slid out under the bottom rope and let the other five fight. He played a big part in Sean Deeley finally eliminating Sonny Wildside, as from the outside of the ring, he caused the distraction! Deeley didn't last long after that elimination, as Aaron Andrews almost immediately avenged his new friend Sonny!

Once we had our final four, two separate fights broke out on opposite sides of the ring. Ricky DeColt was fighting Aaron Andrews, and Edd Stone was beating up James Hernandez. At the same time, the youngest brothers of their respective legendary families decided to Irish Whip their rivals across the ring. Hernandez ducked the clothesline attempt from Andrews, and when they hit the ropes, DeColt and Stone BOTH pulled the top rope down!! Hernandez and Andrews were both eliminated from the match in an unbelievable scene!!

With three eliminations a piece, Edd Stone and Ricky DeColt were the finalists in the epic Super Slam Battle Royale. Who would have thought that it would come down to a Stone and a DeColt in the final two? With only three out of the thirty entrants members of the two illustrious families. The battle lines were drawn, and Stone and DeColt glared at one another across the ring. Their eyes didn't waver for a couple of moments, as they were both fixated on the other as they paced around the ring in a kind of 'war dance'. They finally locked up, and then all hell broke loose! Both men hit forearm smashes to the other's face, while landing high knees, and low kicks too! It got a little brutal for a moment, and Edd Stone suffered a bleeding nose due to a cut right across the bridge. It wasn't particularly severe, but you could see genuine hatred between the two young men.

Through gritted teeth, Edd Stone flew at Ricky DeColt with what can only be described as a vicious lariat. The young DeColt brother looked like he'd been decapitated, and his torso, legs and arms landed with a thud! His head was, somewhere nearby, while Edd Stone licked his wounds in the opposite corner of the ring. He then mustered up the strength to dead lift the 240lb DeColt in a 'Gut Wrench' lift, and carry him over to the ropes. DeColt held on though, and he countered an attempted elimination with a brilliant spinning DDT! A knee in the corner, followed by another DDT put Stone down on the mat, but both men had taken a lot of punishment at the hands of the other by this point.

Once they were up, Edd Stone delivered a super kick reminiscent of Ricky DeColt's finishing move, and then had the idea to head to the top rope. DeColt looked knocked out as Stone signalled for his 'Party's Over' Elbow Drop as he climbed, but DeColt remarkably kipped up onto his feet! Stone begged him not to, but DeColt didn't listen. He super kicked Stone's left leg out from under him, and he crashed down hard onto the turnbuckle. DeColt then shoved Stone over and out of the ring, while the bell rang, and DeColt was declared the winner!!

Winner: 'The Young Gun' Ricky DeColt
Runner Up: 'The 24 Hour Party Animal' Edd Stone
Final Four: James Hernandez and Aaron Andrews
Most Eliminations: Mutant
Rating: 83

The emotion poured out of Ricky DeColt's eyes, and he welled up a little as he celebrated...

The announce team didn't know what to make of the victory...
Peter Michaels: “Guys, where does this leave Ricky DeColt's relationship with his brother Jack?!”
Tom Townsend: “Well, Jack is NOT going to be happy with this one... He didn't even WANT Ricky in this match... and now he's won it...?!”
RDJ: “For my money, Ricky deserved that win!! He worked damn hard out there, and was in the ring with some amazing talent... and he overcame them all!! Bravo I say!!”
They continued to heap praise on the young DeColt brother, but the NOTBPW Champion Jack DeColt has a difficult few weeks ahead of him now...

Not only did Ricky DeColt earn a Title shot against him at Mid Summer Madness... But he also scored a controversial win over his other brother, Steve earlier in the show!!

With enemies to his left, and enemies to his right, the 'Wild Man' had better think of something soon...

His Canadian Championship reign has never been in more jeopardy...

The CanAm Blondes [def.] Christian Price and Cameron Vessey
James Hernandez [def.] Tim Westybrook and Mighty Cavanagh
[i] to RETAIN the NOTBPW Television Title [i]
Gargantuan [def.] Trent Shaffer
Steve DeColt [def.] Jack DeColt by Disqualification
Ricky DeColt [def.] 29 Other Men in a Battle Royale
to earn a shot at the NOTBPW Canadian Title

Bonus Questions:

1). Who will be the Runner Up in the Super Slam Battle Royale?: EDD STONE
2). Who else will make up the Final Four?: AARON ANDREWS & JAMES HERNANDEZ (point for each)
3). Who will get the most eliminations in the Battle Royale?: MUTANT
4). What will the overall rating of the show be?: 88 (within 5 gets a point. Spot on gets 2 points)
5). Which match will be the highest rated of the show?: STEVE DeCOLT versus JACK DeCOLT

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