Comic Book Hero Latest Patch 2.1

A patch is a small replacement program that is used to quickly and efficiently deal with any issues that are found. It allows us to solve errors without requiring a full patch and the associated big download. It is highly recommended that you download the latest patch whenever a new one is released.

Please note that these patches are only available for the Elicense version of the game. Steam users will get full patches when they are released.

Retail Version Patch 2.1 (03 February 2017)


Download and unzip the patch.

– Inside you will see CBH.exe. Copy (or Cut) this file and go to your CBH folder (normally Program Files \ GDS \ CBH). Use Paste to replace your existing copy. CBH must be closed before you do this! If you have done it correctly then you will see the latest version number in the taskbar when you run the game.

If you haven’t installed Comic Book Hero, you can download the main files here first:

Main install

Free demo

You can get more information about the latest patch in our forum here.